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Now in my 80ies, I'm a lifelong student with a love of writing and interests in history and genealogy. For more than 40 years I have served in a volunteer capacity writing/editing such things as my own family history, non-profit newsletters, grant proposals and pro se legal briefs. For the past nine years I have enjoyed working with two remarkable people who have no voice but important stories that desperately need to be told. My role is to edit and post their work, chapter by chapter, on my blog:

  December 2022     7 months ago

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It makes more sense to me to write Miles' but I suspect either would be acceptable. To hear someone speak an extra 's' sound makes me cringe as well.

9 months ago

My impulse would be to ask: What is the writer saying in his book?

10 months ago

I frequently see statements like this and the it just sounds wrong to me. "The dog was unable to be saved from the fire." Here I'm told it is correct. Wouldn't it be better to write. "The firefighters were unable to save the dog." ? 

11 months ago


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