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Multiple meaning words

Word number 1: SpareFirst meaning: Spare someone's life-let someone liveE.g. The knight decided to spare the dragon's life.Second meaning: Spare as in spare tire-additionalE.g. Do you have a spare t...

1 year ago

Discreet and discrete difference

Discreet means to be careful, undetected, example: a discreet cough. Discrete means to be individual, detached, for example, the grammar discrete is ...

1 year ago

Difference between glimpse and glance

The difference is that a glance is deliberate. For example, you glanced at the new toy yearningly. A glimpse is also a short look just like glance, but its not on purpose-its accidental. For example, out of the corner of my eye, I caugh...

1 year ago

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