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What is generally a compound relative, including both the antecedent and the relative, and is equivalent to that which; as, "This is What I wanted;" that is, that which, or, the thing which I wanted. What is compounded of which ...

1 year ago

Figure of Speech

Figures of Words are called Tropes, and consist in a word's being employed to signify something that is different from its original meaning; so that by altering the word, we destroy the figure.When we say of a person, t...

1 year ago


GRAMMAR instructs us how to express our thoughts correctly.RHETORIC teaches us to express them with force and elegance.The former is generally confined to the correct application of words in co...

2 years ago

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Identify the sentence with correct use of the gerund as the object of the preposition:
A She avoids speaking in public.
B He is not capable of understanding the situation.
C They are good at playing the guitar.
D I am interested in reading books.