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narrative - correct spelling

narrative - noun and adjective
Example: The writer’s narrative recounts the plight of immigrants in 1900. ...

natural - correct spelling

natural - adjective and noun
Example: She insisted on buying natural foods. adjective...

naturally - correct spelling

naturally - adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for...

Naught vs. Nought

The source of some of the most confusing spelling differences in English can be placed in the evolution of the English vocabulary over the past decades.American English and British English vary a lot in pronunci...

nausea, nauseate, nauseous, nauseating - vocabulary

nausea, noun
; nauseate, verb
; nauseous, nauseated, and nauseating, adjectives
.Note: Purists insist that nauseou...

nauseated - correct spelling

nauseated - adjective and verb (past tense and past participle of the verb nauseate)  Note: For a di...

Nauseated vs. Nauseous

Nauseated vs. Nauseous: Navigating Descriptions of Feeling Unwell Choosing between "nauseated" and "nauseous" can be a matter of precision when describing feelings of discomfort. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between "naus...

nauseous - correct spelling

nauseous - adjective
Note: For a discussion of the differences among nauseous, nauseating, and nauseated, see’s section on Problem Words....

nauseous, nauseated, nauseating

Using nauseous for nauseated is incorrect but so common that we can no longer call it an error.But careful writers observe traditional meaning. The word nauseous de...

naval, navel

Your navel is your belly button. Naval is a synonym for nautical, which is used to describe anything having to do with the Navy or ships.Example: The ...

necessary - correct spelling

necessary - adjective and noun
Example: The weather caused a necessary change in our plans. adj...

necessity - correct spelling

necessity - noun
Example: He viewed his laptop computer as his one necessity....

Need vs. Knead

I need to knead ...

needle - correct spelling

needle - noun and verb
Example: The gentle nurse slipped the needle into the child’s arm. noun...

nefarious - vocabulary

Wicked or villainous in the extreme; vile, heinous. One of the most nefarious aspects of the court of Constantinople (known as the Seraglio and the Sublime Porte) was the all-...

negligence - correct spelling

negligence - noun
Example: His negligence on the highway caused him to lose his license.Example: The lawyers brought...

neighbor - correct spelling

neighbor - noun and verb
Example: Their neighbor mows his lawn at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. noun...

Neighbor vs. Neighbour

New neighbors just moved in the big white house. Consider this sentence for a moment. Does the word neighbors make you think again that maybe the spellings of neighbor aren’t re...


When neither serves as a pronoun, it is typically singular, that is, it requires a singular verb
and a singul...

neither - correct spelling

neither - correlative conjunction, adjective, and pronoun
Example: Neither...


A neologism is a newly coined word, or a new use for an old word. An example of a neologism is the word webinar, for a seminar on the web or the Internet....

Nerve Wracking vs. Nerve Racking

With today’s hectic schedules, everyone in their life experience at least one stressful situation every day. Anything which causes a feeling of stress or anxiety to an individual is referred to nerve-racking. However, there is another similar word in...

Net vs. Gross

Gross” and “net” are complex English words. More exactly, both come with their own, unique significations, multiple meanings and uses. The words aren’t spelled similarly, so it’s quite logical and easy to distinguish them and use them correctly. But ...

neutron - correct spelling

neutron - noun
Example: The tiny neutron has slightly more mass than a proton....

Never mind vs. Nevermind

Never mind vs. Nevermind: Navigating Common Expressions When expressing dismissal or indicating that something is not worth further consideration, the terms "never mind" and "nevermind" are often used interchangeably. However, there are s...

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