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Noun Function 9 - Noun Adverbs

Words we think of as nouns often act like adverbs.9. Noun AdverbsOur model sentence shows a noun adverb: The professor, John Smith, is the noun expert, so yesterday he gave th...

Noun functions - What They Do - A Closer Look

Above, we learned about three functions of the noun: subjects, objects, and complements. But nouns perform 10 functions in our language, and good writers take advantage of all of them. When you finish this more detailed discussion, you’ll start playi...

Noun Functions 1-5 - Verb Dependent

Take a look at the first five noun functions:1. subject of the verb 2. complement of to be or a linking verb 3. direct object of a transitive verb 4. object of a verbal phras...

Noun Functions 1-6 - Dependent Nouns

Noun Functions - Dependent on Verbs and PrepositionsA noun has a hard time jumping up on the back of a sentence without some help. It turns to the verb for its first five functions, to the preposition for its sixth. Its remai...

noun modifier

A noun can act as an adjective
. When it does, we call it a noun modifier. Indeed, in the expression noun modifier, the word noun acts as a noun modifier. We have hundreds of these expressions in our...

Noun Modifiers

Noun Acting as an AdjectiveIronically, another word often acts as a modifier of nouns. The noun itself often modifies another noun.Our language overflows with noun modifiers: football ...

noun substitute

This is not an official grammatical term. Rather, I made it up to refer to three structures in our language that can step in and perform the roles of the noun: (1) nominal clauses, (2) infini...


In his great work, Modern English Usage, Henry Fowler referred to a “nouny abstract style.” I took that adjective nouny and turned it into the noun nouniness.The term nouniness describes the style of many w...

Nouns - Definition, Overview, and Lists of Examples

WelcomeWhat's a noun?Below you’ll find links to our discussion on nouns. We recommend that you start with the first topic,Nouns - Words That Name
. At the bottom of...

Nouns - Words That Name

Let’s start with the noun. Here, you’ll learn about the nature of the noun and three of its main functions in our language: (1) subjects, (2) objects, and (3) complements. Then, in later sections, we’ll explore the 10 functions that nouns perform in ...

Now let’s fix the chapter title…

The chapter title "There's lots of these subject-verb disagreements" should read:There are lots of these subject-verb disagreements.The expression "there is" should alw...

now, know, no

Now means “at the present time,” “immediately,” or “at this point.” Know means “to perceive” or “to understand.” No means “no.”Example: Ri...

nowadays - correct spelling

nowadays - adverb and noun
Example: Few people grow their own food nowadays. adverb...

nuance - vocabulary

A slight degree of difference in anything perceptible; a very slight variation or difference in color or tone. Throughout these eight or ten volumes he proves himself to be one of those rare writers who...

nuisance - correct spelling

nuisance - noun
Example: The barking dog was nothing but a nuisance....


The concept of number applies to nouns, verbs, and pronouns
. Number distinguishes “oneness” and “more-than-oneness,” that is, it distinguishes the singular from th...

Number - Singular or Plural

More than OneWhen the Pronoun Committee met in Amber and Igor’s cave, it realized another universal truth:Often there would be more than one speaker, more than one listener, and more than one unfortunate soul ...

Numbers in Lists Within Text

Use parentheses to enclose numerals or letters marking divisions or enumerations within the text of your writing. Remember, in indented and vertical lists, the period sets off the number or letter: He discovered the various abuses in ...

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