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Gage vs. Gauge

English has a lot of confusing words in it. Words that are spelled the same but pronounced differently; word...

gallon - correct spelling

gallon noun
Example: The price for a gallon of gasoline will one day exceed $5.00....

gamut - vocabulary

The whole range, sequence, or scale, as in the gamut of emotion from joy to grief.Note: Way too often you will hear people say runs the gambit. Careful. It’s run the gamut...

Gaol vs. Jail

As language evolves, some words drop out of common usage or change with the language. This could result in s...

garden - correct spelling

garden noun
Example: My wife’s garden is a sight to behold....

gardener - correct spelling

gardener noun
Example: The gardener planted bulbs in the fall....

gauge - correct spelling

gauge noun and verb
Example: The gauge of the tracks permitted larger trains to run. noun


Gender is a grammatical concept, though most people today use gender when they mean sex. In other languages, various endings indicate whether a noun or pronoun is a masculine, feminine, or ...

Gender - Masculine, Feminine, Neuter

He or SheOur forbears on the Pronoun Committee had a sinister goal in mind: They set out to wreak havoc on people in the late 1900s and early 2000s. They invented one set of pronouns for men and another set ...

general - correct spelling

general noun and adjective
Example: The general addressed the troops. noun
Example: ...

generally - correct spelling

generally adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that dis...

generic - vocabulary

Referring to or applicable to all members of a group, kind, or class. In biology, of or referring to a genus. In law, a word not protected by trademark, as in The word “cola” is a generic term....

genius - correct spelling

genius noun
Not genious.Example: His musical genius impressed the audience.See ingeni...

germane - vocabulary

Significantly or closely related, relevant, pertinent. Quotes from Mao, Castro, and Che Guevara . . . are as germane to our highly technological, computerized society as a sta...


A gerund is a present participle (-ing verb) used as a noun
. If the ‑ing verb acts as an adjective, it is not a gerund but a participial adjective. Thus, the expression a win...


Lets first understand the syntax – To form a gerund, use the infinitive + -ing. For example,...

get, got, “got milk?”

The word “get” means “to receive or come to have possession, use, or enjoyment of.” It also means “to cause to be in one’s possession or succeed in having available for one’s use or enjoyment; obtain; acquire.”Some people insist that the expr...

gibe, jibe, jive

Gibe means “to taunt” (verb
) or “a caustic remark” (noun
).Jibe is generally used only as a verb, and it means “to accord wit...

Gist vs. Jist

English has many words that are spelled differently and have different meanings, but which, when spoken, sou...

Glamor vs. Glamour

English is a very sophisticated language and there are many confusing words in this language which even the natives find hard to understand and comprehend. Along with homophones, homonyms and synonyms, there exist different spell...

Glossary of Grammatical Terms

Here’s the Glossary of Grammatical Terms. Click any word for a complete definition along with examples. acronym, initialism...

gnat - correct spelling

gnat noun
Example: The gnat distracted the golfer....

gnaw - correct spelling

gnaw verb
Example: He liked to gnaw on the corn cob....

good, well

As a noun, well is a hole in the ground or a ship’s compartment. Well is also an adverb used to modify a ...

government - correct spelling

government noun
Example: “It is rather for us the living, we here be dedicated to the great task remaining before us--that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which...

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