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E.g. vs. I.e.

E.g. vs. I.e.Abbreviations are always a great solution for people who type or write fast and need to shorten th...

e.g., i.e.

Both abbreviations are actually for Latin, not English words.Id est (i.e.) is Latin for “that is.”Exempli gratia (e.g.) is the Latin “for example.”If the ph...

Eager vs. Anxious

Eager vs. Anxious: Navigating Emotions in Language When expressing anticipation or excitement, the terms "eager" and "anxious" are often used interchangeably, but they convey different emotional states. This article aims to clarify the di...

earnest - correct spelling

earnest adjective and noun
Example: The earnest young worker received a Christmas bonus. adjective...

easily - correct spelling

easily adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here ...

easy - correct spelling

easy adjective
Example: Learning how to spell is easy.Example: Now we’re on ...

Eatable vs. Edible

With “eatable” and “edible”, it is clear that the matter isn’t about similar spelling or about doubting whether one word is correct and the other is wrong, invented or misspelled. Both words are known as correct, and probably every English user can d...

ebullient - vocabulary

ebullient - adjective
Showing enthusiasm or exhilaration of feeling; excited; high-spirited. The world was kept informed of Pavarotti's joie de vivre, his ebullient flirtatio...

eccentric - vocabulary

eccentric - noun
One who goes his own way and cares little about the norm.adjective
Deviating from customary or recognized character; erratic; odd; peculiar. An insi...

Economical vs. Economics

Introduction The words 'Economical' and 'Economics' are closely related but serve different linguistic purposes and are often used in different contexts. In this article, we will delve into their differences and similarities, with a focus...

Economize vs. Economy

Introduction The words 'Economize' and 'Economy' are often used in discussions related to saving resources or managing finances. However, they serve different linguistic purposes and have unique grammatical features. In this article, we w...

ecstasy - correct spelling

ecstasy noun
Example: His ecstasy caused him to shout with glee....

ecstatic - correct spelling

ecstatic adjective
Example: After the thrilling performance, the audience was ecstatic....

education - correct spelling

education noun
Example: He wanted to further his education by attending night school....

Education vs. Experience: Where to Place What, Where on Your Resume

When it comes to deciding if you should place education before experience or vice versa on your resume, the truth of the matter is that it depends on a number of considerations. ...

efface - vocabulary

efface - verb
To wipe out, do away with, obliterate, expunge, as in She effaced her most dreadful memories.Note: The related terms self-effacement and self-effacing mean...

effect - correct spelling

effect noun and verb
Not affect (which is usually a verb, but sometimes a noun). For a discussion of affect vs. effect...

Effect vs. Affect

The cause and effect story ...

Effective vs. Affective

Another pair of words that can generate a lot of confusion if used wrongly, is represented by “effective” and “affective”. Misspelling or replacing them one with the other is an often mistake, easy to make, because the only difference between them is...

effete - vocabulary

effete - adjective
Lacking in wholesome vigor, degenerate, decadent; exhausted of energy or support, worn out. A spirit of national masochism prevails, encouraged by an effete corps o...

efficacious - vocabulary

efficacious - adjective
Capable of having the desired result; effective as a method, means, or remedy.Note: The noun form efficacy means effectiveness. For exampl...

Efficacy vs. Efficiency

If you find it hard to remember when to use "efficacy" and when "efficiency" is preferred, then the explanations we prepared for you below will certainly help you. In fact, it is actually easy to remember when you are spelling it correctly and when i...

efficiency - correct spelling

efficiency noun
Example: The new computer system increased the company’s efficiency....

efficient - correct spelling

efficient adjective
Example: The efficient workers increased the company’s productivity....

effrontery - vocabulary

effrontery - noun
Unblushing impudence or boldness; barefaced audacity; “nerve.”Note: Do not confuse the noun effrontery with the verb and ...

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