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especially - correct spelling

especially adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that di...

Essence vs. Essential

Essence Essence is a noun that refers to the quality of something that determines its uniqueness or character, or a gist of something. For example,      •  The essence of this skit is ...

essential - correct spelling

essential adjective and noun
Example: The ability to write is essential to your success. adjective...

estimable - vocabulary

Worthy of respect, deserving esteem and admiration. But this is truly a wonderful occasion, the culmination of years of hard work and remarkable generosity, and all of which was due to the goo...

Ethics vs. Morals

Ethics vs. Morals: Navigating Distinctions in Values Understanding the differences between "ethics" and "morals" is essential when discussing principles and values. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between "ethics" and "moral...

Eulogy vs. Elegy

Eulogy vs. Elegy: Navigating Expressions of Remembrance When it comes to expressing words of remembrance or honoring the deceased, the terms "eulogy" and "elegy" are often used. However, they serve distinct purposes and convey different f...

euphemism - vocabulary

A figure of speech by which a less offensive phrase is substituted to convey a harsh thought. For example, pass away is a euphemism for die. Euphemisms abound...

Euphemism vs. Euphuism

Euphemism vs. Euphuism: Navigating Distinctions in Language Understanding the differences between "euphemism" and "euphuism" involves recognizing variations in language and communication. This article aims to clarify the distinctions betw...

Evade vs. Invade

Evade ...

Eve vs. Even vs. Evening

Evening (noun) – is the time between afternoon and night. The exact time can vary, but essentially it is the time from 4pm-7pm...

evening - correct spelling

evening noun
Example: They sat on their front porch every evening....

Every day vs. Everyday

When do I use the words: “every day”?“Every day may not be goodBut there is good in every day.”  Alice Morse EarleThe words every day describe the fr...

everyday, every day

Everyday is an adjective used to describe things that are “common” or “ordinary.”Every day describes things that happen daily; it’s a ...

evident - correct spelling

evident adjective
Example: His red face made his anger evident to all....

evince - vocabulary

To make manifest or evident; to show clearly, to prove; to reveal the possession of a quality or trait. Presidents and prime ministers everywhere, I suspect, sometimes wonder how history will deal with ...

evoke - vocabulary

To call up or summon forth memories or feelings; to elicit, draw forth; to summon. Railroad iron is a magician’s rod, in its power to evoke the sleeping energies of land and water....

Evoke vs. Invoke

Evoke vs. InvokeOnly because they end in the same four letters ("-voke"), it doesn't mean that "evoke" and "inv...

Evoke vs. Invoke vs. Provoke

Evoke Evoke means to recall a memory. It could be related to old incidents or emotions. Evoking ‘something’ is not a cons...

ewe - correct spelling

ewe noun
Example: My grandchildren love to look at the ewe and the baby lambs....

exaggerate - correct spelling

exaggerate verb
Example: He always seems to exaggerate his abilities and successes....

exaggeration - correct spelling

exaggeration noun
Example: The candidate’s promises were a complete exaggeration of the truth....

examine - correct spelling

examine verb
Example: The doctor planned to examine the patient carefully....

Examining "My Team Is" versus "My Team Are"

In English grammar, the choice between "my team is" and "my team are" depends on whether "team" is perceived as a singular or plural entity. Let's explore the usage of these constructions. 1. "My Team Is" When "team" is considered ...

Examples of Nondangling Participles

Check out these examples. Notice that the introductory adjective points directly to the grammatical subject: Enacted in 1964, the Civil Rights Act transferred power to the federal gov...

exceed - correct spelling

exceed verb
Example: The results will exceed our expectations....

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