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Evade vs. Invade

Here is an interesting article that will tell you the difference between evade and invade, so that whenever you are confused whether someone is invading your privacy or you are evading their attention, you can read this article and get rid of your confusions!

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  Ramya Shankar  —  Grammar Tips
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The word evade has originated from the Latin word evadere which means to move away. Evade means to avoid or escape from a person, problem or a situation through tricky ways. For example

·         Don’t evade your responsibilities towards your family in the pretext of work.

·         He tried evading taxes but was eventually caught by the police.

·         The politicians evaded the questions related to the promises done by them before elections.

·         Some cunning builders evade the laws and regulations by offering huge bribes.

·         She evaded the questions on her personal life during the rapid-fire round of the show.

·         The husband evaded answering her calls as he knew she would ask him to come home early.

·         Try to evade controversial questions using your wit.

From the examples, you would have got the hang of how and when the word should be used. It is as if you are trying to get away from a problem rather than facing or solving it. The antonym of evade is to confront or reveal.


Invade has originated from the Latin word invadere, meaning in (into) + vadere (go) or go into. Invade is to go into or enter another territory in a group with an intention to capture it. Invasion (noun) is fundamentally a forced entry. Some examples

·         The king of the princely states was deceived by the cunning Alauddin Khilji who invaded his provinces without declaration.

Evade vs. Invade

·         The cancerous cells have invaded her body to an irreparable extent.

·         Don’t invade their privacy.

·         The workers invaded and demolished the site, forcing the villagers to move out.

·         The army invaded another country’s air space thereby violating the peace treaty.

Invading is used in a negative sense, because one is encroaching or capturing another’s space for a personal gain. The antonym of invade is to protect, assist or leave alone.

Here are few examples where both evade and invade have been used. These will help strengthen your understanding and know the difference better –

·         By invading on the private matters of the opposition party, you are evading the questions posed by the public to you.

·         Don’t question the authenticity of the invasion on the terrorists, you will grab lot of media attention which will be difficult to evade.

·         You can evade the media from invading your privacy by not being active on social media for some time.

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