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Cleft sentences and inversion

Inverted sentences – Consider the following example – ...

2 days ago

Insist vs. Persist

Insist To insist is to demand something forcefully or urge someone to do something. It can be used in positive as well as ne...

6 days ago

The ^caret symbol

Origin of the caret symbol Caret is a Latin word which means ‘to be separated’. It is also called as ...

12 days ago

Subjunctive mood

What is mood? – a mood is a form a verb takes to show how it (the verb) should be regarded. For example, command, wish, request etc… Subjunctive moods tell about a wish or su...

17 days ago

Relive vs. Relieve

Relive Relive is to live an experience or memory again (re+live). Relive can be written with the ‘-‘ symbol as re-live as we...

20 days ago

Clearer vs. More Clear

Clear (adjective) When something is understandable or transparent, we say it is c...

25 days ago

Restrictive vs. Non-restrictive adjective clauses

Restrictive clause Restrictive clauses include information that are essential for the purpose of the sentence. Without these...

1 month ago

The correct way to use commas with names and titles

Case 1 Look at the sentences below – ...

1 month ago

How to form correct sentences – basic grammar

Let us say the verb is “go”. The second form is “went”. The third form is “gone”. ...

1 month ago

A handy note to have tenses at your finger tips


1 month ago

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