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cabal - vocabulary

cabal - verb
To hatch a scheme, to plot.noun
A small group of plotters who hatch a scheme against the government or persons in authority. The word also refers to the sch...

cacophony - vocabulary

cacophony - noun
A harsh and discordant sound; a meaningless mixture of sounds. Poets who know no better rhapsodize about the peace of nature, but a well-populated marsh is a cacop...

Caesar - correct spelling

Caesarproper noun
Example: Julius Caesar was emperor of Rome and died on March 15 in 44 B.C. when he was murdered by a group led by Cassius ...

cafeteria - correct spelling

Example: The committee met in the cafeteria....

calculator - correct spelling

Example: Students may not use a calculator in math class....

calendar - correct spelling

Example: Mark down this date on your calendar....

Calfs vs. Calves

Some English words form plurals easily. Words like rock, tree, and riverbed can be made plural by adding an ...

calumny - vocabulary

calumny - noun
A false and misleading statement designed to destroy the reputation of someone or something; the act of uttering calumnies. It is harder to kill a whisper than even a shoute...

camouflage - correct spelling

camouflagenoun, verb, and adjective
Example: The soldier wore camouflage to hide in the bushes....

campaign - correct spelling

campaignnoun and verb
Example: He ran a brilliant campaign for the Senate. noun

Can vs. May

These two words cause a lot of confusion in English and leave writers—and speakers especially—unsure about w...

can, may

Both words are auxiliary verbs
.Our teachers in high school insisted that can expresses ability and that may grants permission. But child...

Canceled vs. Cancelled

There’s no doubt that those of us who live in a snowy area are familiar with these two words. Each and every...

Cancelled vs. Canceled

A student’s best friend and a party lover’s worst enemy, cancel, has two possible forms of past tense, cancelled/canceled. Consider this: The English class has been cancelled...

candidate - correct spelling

Example: The candidate tried to cover up her indiscretion....

cannot, can not, cannot but

Use one word, not two. Thus: cannot.Can’t is the contracted form of cannot, meaning the negative of can. In formal writing, it is...

Canon vs. Cannon

Do you ever wonder how much difference one single letter in a word in English language? Embrace yourself! Canon and cannon are two different words with entirely different meanings. One is a law while the other one is a weapon. In this article we ...

cant - vocabulary

cant - verb
To talk in a singsong, preaching, whining tone; to speak tediously with affected solemnity.noun
Monotonous speech crammed with platitudes; the special vocabu...

cantaloupe - correct spelling

Example: He added salt to his slice of cantaloupe....

capital - correct spelling

capitalnoun and adjective
Not capitol (the building)’s section on Problem Words discusses ca...

Capital vs. Capitol

The legislators ...

capitol - correct spelling

capitolnoun (capitalized when referring to the building inWashington)Not capital (the city, plus other meanings)’s secti...

capitol, capital, capital (money)

The word capitol should be used only to describe an actual governmental building. (My fourth-grade teacher taught us that the building is spelled with an “o” as in “dome,” something that most capitols...

captain - correct spelling

captainnoun and verb
Example: “O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done ….” —Walt Whitman. noun
Example: He served as ...

captious - vocabulary

captious - adjective
One who finds fault, is difficult to please; designed to perplex or confuse, as in captious questions. Pat Oliphant's cartoon is notable because of the c...

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