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Childish vs. Childlike

Childish vs. Childlike: Navigating Distinctions in Behavior Understanding the differences between "childish" and "childlike" involves recognizing variations in behavior and connotations. This article aims to clarify the distinctions betwe...

chili - correct spelling

Example: We washed down his award-winning chili with cold beer....

chocolaty - correct spelling

Not chocolatey.Example: The chocolaty drink delighted the children....

Choir vs. Chorus

A pair of very often misspelled words in English is represented by the “choir” and “chorus”. In fact, it’s not necessarily a problem of misspelling, but more of a problem of misunderstanding, of confusion. They are used in the wrong contexts, with th...

choose - correct spelling

Not chose
.Note: The verb to choose uses choose in various tenses, e.g., She will choose...

Choose vs. Chose

Chose" is the past tense of "choose". These two words can be used differently in sentences to express certain meanings.Beginning with "choose", a verb that can be expressed in both transitive and intransitive forms.Transitive form...

Chord vs. Cord

Can one letter change the entire message of a word? Yes, it can. An amazing example to illustrate this is the pair of words "chord" and "cord". Simply adding or not adding the letter "h" will result in completely distinct definitions of these nouns....

chose - correct spelling

choseverb (past tense of the verb choose; chosen is the past participle
)Not ...

chose, choose

The word chose is the past tense of the verb choose. Often, writers will incorrectly spell choose...

Chronic vs. Acute

Chronic vs. Acute: Navigating Medical Terminology Understanding the differences between "chronic" and "acute" involves recognizing variations in medical terminology. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between "chronic" and "acu...

cigarette - correct spelling

Example: Please go outside to smoke the cigarette....

circumlocution - vocabulary

circumlocution - noun
A roundabout way of speaking, usually using more words than necessary; evasion in speech or writing. Whatever was required to be done, the Circumlocution...

circumscribe - vocabulary

circumscribe - verb
To draw a line around, to encircle, as in to circumscribe a village on a map; to enclose with bounds, to delimit, as in His ambition is circumscribed by his lack of drive ...

circumspect - vocabulary

circumspect - adjective
Watchful, discreet, cautious, prudent, as in a circumspect investment strategy. I smiled, I waited, I was circumspect; O never, never...

circumstance - correct spelling

Example: We must consider every circumstance before making our decision....

citizen - correct spelling

Example: She taught her child to be a good citizen....


A clause is a group of words with a conjugated verb in it. Clauses come in two types: (1) independent and (2) dependent
. An independent clause is a full sent...


A sentence in English language can be divided into various parts. Each part of a sentence serves its relativ...

Clearer vs. More Clear

Clear (adjective)When something is understandable or transparent, we say it is clear. Some examples would be – ‘The water is crystal clear’¸ The concept is ‘clear’.Clearer, clearly is the comparative degree made in a similar ma...

Cleft sentences and inversion

Inverted sentences – Consider the following example – ...

climactic, climatic

Climactic relates to the word climax as in “the climactic scene” of a movie.Climatic relates to the weather as in “climatic condi...

climbed - correct spelling

climbedverb (past tense and past participle of the verb climb)Example: This song ...


Clipping is a type of word-formation in which a short piece is extracted from a longer word and given the same meaning. Examples include bra from brassiere, gym from gymnasium, flu from influenza, cello ...

Closer vs. Closure

Homophones are words in English language that are pronounced the same way but have different ...

cloth - correct spelling

clothnoun (plural cloths) and adjective’s section on Problem Words discusses cloths and clothes. ...

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