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Vacate vs. Evacuate

Evacuate Evacuate (verb) is a stronger term...

Vaccinate vs Vaccine

Vaccinate vs. VaccineIt’s quite obvious how the confusion between “vaccinate” and “vaccine” occurs, as the first six letters of both words are completely identical. But the explanation is also quite simple and easy to remember. The m...

vacuous - vocabulary

Empty, without content; lacking in intelligence or ideas; without purpose, idle. Television was not invented to make human beings vacuous, but is an emanation of their vacuity...

vacuum - correct spelling

noun, adjective, and verb
Example: The vacuum of space was a mystery to us. noun...

Vacuum vs. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum vs. Vacuum CleanerThose who know the meaning of the phrase “vacuum cleaner”, may naturally assume that “vacuum” is just a shorter version, referring to the same cleaning device. But actually, it’s this meaning, and more. Using...

Valentine vs Valentine's Day

Valentine vs. Valentine’s DayAlthough it’s clear that the latter is the name of a day of celebration, beginners may still be confused by the contexts where these two words are used. And that is because there’s more about them than me...

valley - correct spelling

Example: The soldier sat on the side of the mountain and looked at the valley below....

valuable - correct spelling

adjective and noun (often plural
)Example: He gave us some valuable advice. ...

Valuable vs. Invaluable

At a first sight, “valuable” and “invaluable” seem to be pretty clear regarding their meanings. But in fact, they are some of the most commonly misunderstood words. People tend to use them with the wrong meaning, quite often, due to the confusions th...

vapid - vocabulary

Having lost sparkling quality and flavor; insipid; flat; dull or tedious. A society in which everyone works is not necessarily a free society and may indeed be a slave society; on the other ha...

variety - correct spelling

Example: The restaurant offered a variety of food....

Vegan vs. Vegetarian

Vegan vs. VegetarianBoth “vegan” and “vegetarian” refer to a diet that consists of products that are not derived from animals. The best clue to remember this is the beginning of the words, which both start with “veg-”, just like ‘veg...

vegetable - correct spelling

noun and adjective
Example: He ate only one vegetable each day. noun
Example: She prefer...

vehement - vocabulary

Very eager or urgent; zealous, ardent; characterized by rancor or anger; consisting of great exertion or energy. It is very natural for young men to be vehement, acrimonious a...

vein - correct spelling

noun and verb
Example: The nurse finally found a vein for the IV. noun
Example: New houses wi...

Venal vs. Venial

Catholics everywhere are confused: do they commit venal sins or venial sins? And what is a venal/venial sin anyway? Whether they're Catholic or not, many writers are just as confused. Consider...

venal, venial

Venal means “open to corruption or without honor.”Venial means “easily forgiven” or “minor.”Example: The venal officer was guilty of more that just ...

venal, venial - vocabulary

Venal: willing to sell one’s influence in return for a bribe; associated with bribery. From what we already know, . . . some churchmen had dealings with the ...

venerable - vocabulary

Meriting or commanding high esteem because of age or high dignity; impressive or interesting because of great age; hallowed or historic. Heaven and earth are grand; father and...

vengeance - correct spelling

Example: The father of the missing child wanted vengeance....


The most important word in the English language is the verb. Without it, we could not write sentences. In fact, if you want to write a one-word sentence, that one word must be a verb.We have four kinds of main verbs: (1) ...

verb "to be"

The verb to be is unique in the English language. It can serve as a main verb (I am a writer) and as a primary auxiliary ver...

Verb "To Be"

To Be or Not To BeThe eBook Developing a Powerful Writing Style thoroughly discusses the problem of overusing the verb to ...

Verb Conjugation

Verb Conjugation in EnglishEvery verb in the English language has two states or dimensions—two realms, if you will. In the infinitive state, the verb reveals only the activity described: to hit or to run. Fr...

Verb Function 1 - Conjugated Verb

The conjugated verb performs the most crucial role in English: It forms the sentence. Without the conjugated verb, we would have no complete grammatical sentences.When conjugated, the verb forms two kinds of clauses. The independent clause ca...

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