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ketchup, catchup, catsup

In British English, ketchup is the only form in use. American English still uses all three forms, though ketchup is the recommended form for American writers....

kind of

If you mean “rather, somewhat, or somehow,” use those terms, not kind of. When you use the expression what kind of, you ...

kindergarten - correct spelling

kindergarten - noun
Not kindergarden.Example: The little girl could read and write when she entered kindergarten....

kitchen - correct spelling

kitchen - noun
Example: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” —A favorite statement by President Harry S. Truman....

knee - correct spelling

knee - noun and verb
Example: The surgery on his left knee repaired the torn cartilage. noun...

Kneeled vs. Knelt

If you doubt the correct form of the past tense of the verb “to kneel”, that’s a normal confusion that English users commonly experience when they see both “kneeled” and “knelt” written in several publications or articles. Is it a common misspelling,...

knew - correct spelling

knew - verb (past tense of the verb know)  Example: I knew him way back in high school....

Knew vs. New

It's important that you never confuse "knew" and "new" because first of all they function as different parts of speech and secondly, of course, they carry completely different significations. Though it's understandable why people are so often tempted...

knickers - correct spelling

knickers - noun
Example: Don’t get your knickers in a twist every time she calls. British slang....

knife - correct spelling

knife - noun and verb
Example: He cut the rope with a sharp knife. noun
Example: ...

knit - correct spelling

knit - verb and noun
Example: He wanted to knit a scarf for his granddaughter. verb

Knit vs. Knitted

Seeing a verb spelled the same in present tense, past tense and future as well can only reflect that it’s an uninflected, irregular verb. This means it never changes its form, no matter what tense it’s used in. This is also the pattern followed by ve...

knock - correct spelling

knock - verb and noun
Example: The linebacker tried to knock down the quarterback. verb...

know - correct spelling

know - verb
Example: He wanted to get to know her....

knowledge - correct spelling

knowledge - noun
Example: Our knowledge of computers was woefully inadequate....

knuckle - correct spelling

knuckle - verb and noun
Example: A bump appeared on his finger’s knuckle. noun

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