Found 15 articles starting with K:

kind of

If you mean “rather, somewhat, or somehow,” use those terms, not kind of. When you use the expression what kind of, you ...

kindergarten - correct spelling

kindergarten - noun
Not kindergarden.Example: The little girl could read and write when she entered kindergarten....

kitchen - correct spelling

kitchen - noun
Example: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” —A favorite statement by President Harry S. Truman....

knee - correct spelling

knee - noun and verb
Example: The surgery on his left knee repaired the torn cartilage. noun...

Kneeled vs. Knelt

Content about Kneeled vs. Knelt has been temporarily removed......

knew - correct spelling

knew - verb (past tense of the verb know)  Example: I knew him way back in high school....

Knew vs. New

Content about Knew vs. New has been temporarily removed......

knickers - correct spelling

knickers - noun
Example: Don’t get your knickers in a twist every time she calls. British slang....

knife - correct spelling

knife - noun and verb
Example: He cut the rope with a sharp knife. noun
Example: ...

knit - correct spelling

knit - verb and noun
Example: He wanted to knit a scarf for his granddaughter. verb

Knit vs. Knitted

Content about Knit vs. Knitted has been temporarily removed......

knock - correct spelling

knock - verb and noun
Example: The linebacker tried to knock down the quarterback. verb...

know - correct spelling

know - verb
Example: He wanted to get to know her....

knowledge - correct spelling

knowledge - noun
Example: Our knowledge of computers was woefully inadequate....

knuckle - correct spelling

knuckle - verb and noun
Example: A bump appeared on his finger’s knuckle. noun

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