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facility - correct spelling

facility noun
Example: This new facility will house the company’s IT department....

facsimile - correct spelling

facsimile noun, verb, and adjective
Note: Now universally shortened to fax when referring to an electronic transmission of a document....

factory - correct spelling

factory noun
Example: The glue factory emitted a strange odor....

Factual or Opinionated Style of Writing


Fahrenheit vs. Celsius

The Fahrenheit Temperature Scale and the Celsius ...

Fair vs. Fare

English language is filled with difficult and puzzling type of words. One of the type of words is homophones that are pronounced the same way but mean and spell differently. The words we are discussing today are one of the common pairs of homophones....

Fair vs. Fare #2

Are these two words similar to the "mold vs. mould" scenario?  The same definition spelled differently in UK and US English...

Fake News: How to Check Your Facts

Fake news is essentially false information that is presented as true and appears at first glance to be from a trustworthy source. ...

fallacious - correct spelling

fallacious adjective
Example: His argument was fallacious and failed to impress the judge....

fallacy - correct spelling

fallacy noun
Example: His business plan was based on a fallacy and was doomed to failure....

familiar - correct spelling

familiar adjective
Example: His overly familiar advances resulted in a suit for sexual harassment....

families or family's

They are the last generation of their respective families. or They are the last generation of their respective family's....

farther - correct spelling

farther adverb and adjective
Note: Some usage guides insist that only farther describes physical distance (We walk...

Farther vs. Further

At some point, “farther” and “further” do mean the same thing. Or, more exactly, you can use whichever you prefer, in a certain context. And this is also the point where all confusions and doubts start. “Farther” and “further” have the same meaning o...

farther, further

Some usage guides insist that only farther describes physical distance (We walked farther than we planned). But farther and further have been used...

farther, further - vocabulary

adjective, adverb
Farther: the comparative form of the adjective and adverb f...

fascinate - correct spelling

fascinate verb
Example: This movie will fascinate most audiences....

fascinating - correct spelling

fascinating adjective and verb (present participle of the verb fascinate)Example: The ...

Fast vs. Fat

Moving in a hurry or quick.To give up eating food for a time.Fast colors or dyes don't run or fade when you wash them.Ahead of the right time.Heavy or plump.An oily substance ...

Fate vs. Fateful

Introduction The words 'Fate' and 'Fateful' are often used in literature and everyday conversation, sometimes interchangeably. However, they have subtle differences in meaning and usage, making it essential to distinguish between them. In...

fatigue - correct spelling

fatigue noun
Example: His fatigue caused him to lose the race.Example: The soldier put on his ...

fatuous - vocabulary

Foolish, inane, silly, especially in a self-satisfied way. I’m sick of the Powder Room. I’m sick of pretending that some fatuous male’s self-important pronouncements are the o...

Favor vs. Favour

Can you do me a favor and bring the grocery bags inside.Favor is a widely used word which can be spelled with or without the u. If you are confused about when to use which favor...

Favor vs. Favour

Languages can shift over time, even in different parts of the world. Many differences in spelling and usage ...

Favorite vs. Favourite

While reading or writing, do you ever pause upon favorite and wonder what the correct spellings of it are? His favorite restaurant is that small place in the suburbs. Or ...

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