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daily - correct spelling

daily adjective, adverb, and noun
Example: He read his daily newspaper. adjectiv...

daiquiri - correct spelling

daiquiri noun
Example: She ordered a strawberry daiquiri....

Dairy vs. Diary

Dairy and diary are confusing because they are spelled with the same letters, but with the two vowels revers...

Dalmatian - correct spelling

Dalmatian Proper noun
Not Dalmation.Example: The Dalmatian rode in the fire truck.Example: The young ...

dangling modifier

A dangling modifier is a phrase or clause that does not hook up to any other word or phrase in the sentence. The dangling modifier is a gross grammatical error, one you want to avoid.The error typically arises with ...

dangling participle

 See dangling modifier


In formal writing, it’s probably best to treat this word as a plural
. Thus: the data are.The singular is ...

data, datum - vocabulary

data, datum - noun
Facts, statistics, or items of information. Note:Data is a plural of datum, which is originally a Latin noun meaning “something given.” Today, dat...

Dates - Day-Month-Year

If you depict dates by day-month-year, not month-day-year, do not use commas. Make certain you use a consistent system throughout the document. Those disliking the required commas for month-day-year expressions used as adjectives (e.g., "your July 1,...

Dates - Month-Day-Year

Comma After the YearWhen you indicate month, day, and year, put a comma after the day and after the year (unless some other punctuation mark, like a period or question mark, follows the year). Include these commas even if the...

Dates - Month-Year

If you omit the day and just include the month and year, do not use a comma: In January 1945 he was born in a large southern city. We now wish to respond to your July 2006 letter....

daughter - correct spelling

daughter noun
Example: Their daughter learned to speak at an early age....

dauntless - vocabulary

dauntless - adjective
Fearless, intrepid, bold. For Thought has a pair of dauntless wings.—Robert Frost ”Bond and Free” (1920) Note: You may ...

daybreak - correct spelling

daybreak noun
Example: We talked until daybreak....

dearth - vocabulary

dearth - noun
Scarcity, inadequate supply (usually of something desirable). Reverence is the highest quality of man’s nature; and that individual, or nation, which has it slightly developed, is so far unfo...

death - correct spelling

death noun
Example: “Because I could not stop for Death, He kindly stopped for me….” —Emily Dickinson....

debase - vocabulary

debase - verb
To lower in character or virtue, to reduce in value or quality, as in The Fed debased the dollar; to lower in rank, significance, or dignity. Hygiene is the corruption of medicine by...

debt - correct spelling

debt noun
Example: Consumers continue to take on more and more debt....

Deceased vs. Diseased

English has a lot of confusing words in it. Some words are spelled the same with different meanings, some wo...

deceive - correct spelling

deceive verb
Example: My eyes deceive me.Example: She tried to deceive her...

December - correct spelling

December proper noun
Example: The oil drilling will start this December....

decent - correct spelling

decent adjective
Not descent
.Example: After college, he got a fairly decent...

deception - correct spelling

deception noun
Example: Clever research by the CFO uncovered the CEO’s deception....

decide - correct spelling

decide verb
Example: We want to decide this issue now....

decimate - vocabulary

decimate - verb
To destroy a measurable or large proportion of.Note: Originally, decimate meant to select by lot and execute every tenth soldier of a unit. But the current usage of the wo...

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