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description - correct spelling

description noun
Example: The description of the house attracted the young couple....

desert - correct spelling

desert noun, adjective, and verb
Not dessert’s section on Problem Words discusses ...

Desert vs. Dessert

I would love to enjoy a cold dessert in a desert. ...

desiccate - correct spelling

desiccate verb
Example: The burning sun will desiccate the new plants in her garden....

desirable - correct spelling

desirable adjective
Example: The company found a desirable location for its new store....

despair - correct spelling

despair noun and verb
Example: The irresponsible young boy was the despair of his parents and friends. noun...

desperate - correct spelling

desperate adjective
Example: The desperate criminal tried to take a hostage....

despite vs. in spite of

These are equivalent in meaning. "The event went ahead despite the weather." "The event went ahead in spite of the weather."...

despot, despotism - vocabulary

despot, despotism - noun
Despot: a monarch or other rule with absolute power; a tyrant or oppressor.Despotism: rule by an autocratic government; tyranny; a count...

dessert - correct spelling

dessert noun
Not desert’s section on Problem Words discusses desert and dessert. ...

dessert, desert

A dessert is something you eat after dinner.A desert is a hot place with a lot of sand. Desert can also be used as a verb meaning “...

Destroy or Destruct

Destroy and destruct are synonyms to each other.Synonyms are the pair of words which have similar meanings to each other and may be used in each other’s place.Destroy as verb:In English language, destroy is used as a ve...

destruction - correct spelling

destruction noun
Example: The hurricane left the city in a state of total destruction.Example: “We’re on the eve of ...

Destruction Vs Distraction

Destruction The noun destruction means to ruin or demolish something. It can be a car, a person’s career, a house etc. Destruction is used to indicate some mishap that has occurre...

Detailed or Concise Style


determine - correct spelling

determine verb
Example: We must determine how the accountant stole our inheritance....


Each word in English language has a specific name depending on the position it holds in a sentence. Today we...

deterrence - correct spelling

deterrence noun
Example: The theory of deterrence doesn't work very well with career criminals....

develop - correct spelling

develop verb
Not develope.Example: The real-estate company planned to develop the property with large, unsightly houses....

Developing Your Love Affair

Falling in Love with the VerbPowerful words, these verbs. Maybe that’s why Hugo once said, “The word is the verb, and the verb is God.”Verb PowerPretty neat, these verbs. They aren’t content t...

development - correct spelling

development noun
Not developement.Example: The rising price of gold was a discouraging development for the value of the dollar....

device - correct spelling

device noun
Not devise’s section on Problem Words discusses device and devise. ...

Device vs. Devise

Device" and "devise" represent a couple of words commonly misspelled due to their similarity. But how do you get rid of this confusion, which can turn into a real problem, especially in academic writing or official communications?The solution...

devise - correct spelling

devise verb
Not device’s Section on Problem Words discusses device and devise. ...

devise, device

To devise means “to formulate a plan.” In the law, devise means “to give away land or other real property in a will.”A device is something that is made to serve a s...

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