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Detailed or Concise Style

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  Angbeen Chaudhary  —  Grammar Tips
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Style of writing depends on the author and his/her personal preferences. However, sometimes, the nature of the content bounds the writer to choose a style that might be totally against his/her personality. One should not freak out if this is the case as the readers understand this and will make an exception in the author’s regular style due to nature of the content.

There are many styles that writers can adopt before personalizing their own unique writing style. One of them is detailed or concise writing style. In today’s article, I will discuss about the pros and cons of both in detail so you can choose wisely for your next writing which style best goes with your content.

Concise Style

The style of writing is said to be concise if the writer chooses to write to the point giving only the information that is absolutely necessary and leaving out all the extra stuff. A concise style of writing overlaps with the formal style of writing too in which the author is brief and only discusses important facts and figures.


The lost child was found unharmed the next day.

If you read the above sentence, you will quickly recognize it to be a news headline. The headline discusses the important information that is absolutely essential for the reader or listener to know. This is the concise way of writing.

Detailed Style

In contrast, writing is said to be in detailed style if the author gives additional information about the main topic along with some details that answer unasked questions without leaving anything out. Detailed writing may or may not overlap with informal writing.


The 6 year old missing boy was found wandering in the thick forest by the highway without a scratch on his body.

After reading the above line you can clearly see the difference between the two styles of writing. The sentence gives additional information about the child who was a 6 year old boy who was missing. Reading on you will know that the location the boy was found in, what he was doing and his condition when he was found. All this extra information though unasked, is not irrelevant and gives the reader a better understanding of the picture that writer is trying to create in the readers mind.


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