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  • Is this correct? It said there were no mistakes! My mother in law is going on about how wonderful my room is when I hear her say "outhouse"! I choke. An Outhouse! Really! This is even worse than I had thought. Despite her praise of my room, it looks like a mess. Stained bedsheets are stretched over a rickety cot, woven wall hangings are peppered with holes, most likely from mice. It smells of old wood, mothballs, and decay. She hands me a stack of pillows, "For the bed," she explains, "the raccoons have gotten to the others." I swallow hard, thinking that this was a mistake. 
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  • This is my first visit to this site. I am impressed with everyone contributing to the content. I learned several proper grammar uses reading the comments. Thank you..
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  • Please tell me meaning of Yanishi
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  • In the following sentence, is the use of the word "evolve" acceptable? "The company will provide services designed to maintain and help evolve the voting system." In other words, can something "evolve" another thing, or should "evolve" only be used to refer to a single object changing, rather that one thing changing another? 
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    • Evolution is a noun that represents the development of something overtime. The development, in this process, is a result of a causal variable which may or may not be tangible. She helped evolve his personality from a reclusive snub to a cheery fellow. Thus one thing can evolve another thing and your sentence "The company will provide services designed to maintain and help evolve the voting system" is perfectly correct. Cheers. 
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