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Paediatric vs. Pediatric

This article answers all your questions about the spelling of these two words along with definitions, origins, usage and examples. Read along and you will get to know the difference between the two ...

paid - correct spelling

paid - verb (past tense and past participle of the verb pay)  Example: She paid...

Pail vs. Pale

Confusing them, sometimes often, is a natural result of how similar they are - so you are owed a clear explanation of their definitions, in order to understand once and for all, when to use "pail" and when to use "pale". So, if y...

Pain vs. Pane

Pain vs. Pane The first thing to remember regarding the differences between "pain" and "pane" is their gra...

Palate vs. Palette vs. Pallet

Ever come across words in your writing experiences which sound the same? However and in whatever accent you pronounce them, they always seem to sound exactly alike. Their spellings ...

palpable - vocabulary

Plainly or readily seen, heard, or understood; evident; obvious; capable of being felt or touched; tangible. Is this a dagger which I see before me, The handle toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee. ...

pamphlet - correct spelling

pamphlet - noun
Example: The pamphlet described various mutual funds....

panacea - vocabulary

A remedy or medicine for all disease, a cure-all; a solution for all difficulties or problems. "It's not all rubbish," cried Amory passionately. "This is the first time in my life I've argued Socialism....

pandemic - vocabulary

adjective, noun
Affecting a whole people, all classes, or the whole world, as a disease; general or universal, as in pandemic fear of a pandemic. “The threat of an influenza...

panicky - correct spelling

panicky - adjective
Example: She became panicky when her car failed to start....

parable - vocabulary

A brief story used to teach a truth or moral lesson; a statement or comment that conveys an indirect meaning through analogy or comparison. He put before them another parable: “The king...

paradigm - vocabulary

A pattern or model; a set of assumptions, values, concepts, and practices that forms a way of viewing reality for the people who share those assumptions, etc., especially in an intellectual discipline. ...

paragon - vocabulary

A pattern or model of excellence. Based on the novel by Charles Baxter, the movie is ostensibly an exploration of love in its many forms, but mostly it sticks to the credulity-and-patience-straining kin...

parallel - correct spelling

parallel - adjective, noun, and verb
Example: They learned the art of parallel structure in Gram...

parallel construction

When you write a series of elements in a sentence, each element must (1) appear in the same grammatical form and (2) perform the same grammatical function. This is the rule of parallel construction. If any element fails to satisfy either criterion, y...


Rule of Parallel StructureNote: We devote an entire section to parallel structure in the eBook Develo...

parallelism - correct spelling

parallelism - noun
Example: They learned the art of parallelism in’s eBook Developing a Powerful Writing Style....

Paralyze vs. Paralyse

“The patient’s spinal cord is paralyzed,” said the doctor. ...

Parentheses and Other Punctuation

Drop Other PunctuationBefore the closing parenthesis, drop almost all punctuation, such as commas, semicolons, and colons.PeriodsRetain a period inside the closing parenthesis if you've writte...


Punctuation is the basic element of English grammar and without it a sentence is not only incomplete but als...

Parenthetical Pauses

If the information in a parenthetical pause relates closely to the sentence, enclose it in commas. Otherwise, use the dash or parentheses: The committee's decision, to say the least, sparked considera...

Parentheticals Within Parentheses

If you write a parenthetical statement and need to include another parenthetical statement within it, then enclose the second one in brackets: While visiting Virginia, Dr. Smith and his assistant (Fred Jones, who woul...

Parents - Take Note

Bribe Your ChildrenParents, you might try an exercise out on your children. Bribe them. Put a $10 bill on the breakfast table and challenge them to make it through a second helping of waffles without using the tobelike...

parlance - vocabulary

A manner or way of speaking, vernacular, idiom, as in legal parlance. Every president after Jefferson has professed agreement with Jefferson’s concept that the freedom of the American press to ...

parliament - correct spelling

parliament - noun (capitalized when referring to a particular parliament)  Example: He served with distinction in the English Parliament....

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