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penurious - vocabulary

Excessively sparing in the use of money; extremely stingy; extremely poor or destitute. These new "malefactors of great wealth" are not just distant figures hurrying toward their private jets ...

people - correct spelling

people - noun and verb
Example: “… that this nation shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people,...

People Is” vs “People Are”

Let’s begin with the most simplistic statement: “People are…” is correct. “People is…” is not correct....

People vs. Peoples vs. Pupils

Person When we refer to a human being, we say a person. For example, a ni...

perceive - correct spelling

perceive - verb
Example: She failed to perceive the jealousy of her coworkers....

perception - correct spelling

perception - noun
Example: That’s your perception, but you are wrong....

perfect - correct spelling

perfect - adjective and verb
Example: The perfect couple got married in the garden. adjective...

perfect tenses

The perfect tenses are under attack by many misinformed, but otherwise well-educated, writers and speakers. The tense does express qualities of verbs that are otherwise incapable of expression and is therefore worth retaining.We have three pe...

Perfect Tenses - How to Form

In addition to the three main tenses of present, past, and future, the English language allows us to make three statements about accomplished facts. We use one of the three perfect tenses to show an action that ...

Perfect vs. Prefect

Perfect (adjective) means something that is flawless or complete. ...

perform - correct spelling

perform - verb
Example: We waited for her to perform on the piano....

Perform vs. Preform

Perform Perform means to showcase one’s skill in something. It can be a dance, song or even an exam. For example, •  He performed well during the semester exams. •  The group performs well whe...

performance - correct spelling

performance - noun
Example: The performance by the tenor overshadowed the other singers....

perhaps - correct spelling

perhaps - adverb
Example: Perhaps she will call tonight....

Perhaps from now on you’ll say…

Our chapter title looked like this: “Like, I’mlike gonna learn how to like talk.”Ouch. From now on, perhaps you’ll say …“I’m going to learn how to talk.”Please Note:...


Punctuation is the basic element of English grammar and without it, a sentence is not only in...

Period Goes Inside Quotation Marks

The period goes inside the closing quotations marks. Ed said, "Here is a sentence with the period properly placed inside the ending quotation marks." (Period goes inside.)  Previous:...

Period with Parentheses or Brackets

Where Does the Period Go?If an entire sentence or group of sentences appears in parentheses, then put the period inside the closing parenthesis. This is a parenthetical sentence. Thus:Parenthetically ...

Periods with Quotation Marks

Periods Come InsideWith only one exception, the period always comes inside closing quotation marks. This rule applies even if only one quoted word ends the sentence. Thus: ...

permanence - correct spelling

permanence - noun
Example: She wanted a sense of permanence in her new home....

permanent - correct spelling

permanent - adjective
Example: The conservatives wanted to make the tax breaks permanent....

permissible - correct spelling

permissible - adjective
Not permissable.Example: Paving the roads is a permissible role of government....

permitted - correct spelling

permitted - verb (past tense and past participle of the verb permit) and adjective
Example: She ...

pernicious - vocabulary

Causing serious ruin or harm; injurious; deadly. The machine has had a pernicious effect upon virtue, pity, and love, and young men used to machines which induce inertia, and ...

perpendicular - correct spelling

perpendicular - adjective and noun
Example: The lines are perpendicular to each other. adjectiv...

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