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Period Goes Inside Quotation Marks

The period goes inside the closing quotations marks. Ed said, "Here is a sentence with the period properly placed inside the ending quotation marks." (Period goes inside.)  ...

Period with Parentheses or Brackets

Where Does the Period Go?If an entire sentence or group of sentences appears in parentheses, then put the period inside the closing parenthesis. This is a parenthetical sentence. Thus:Parenthetically ...

Periods with Quotation Marks

Periods Come InsideWith only one exception, the period always comes inside closing quotation marks. This rule applies even if only one quoted word ends the sentence. Thus: ...

permanence - correct spelling

permanence - noun
Example: She wanted a sense of permanence in her new home....

permanent - correct spelling

permanent - adjective
Example: The conservatives wanted to make the tax breaks permanent....

permissible - correct spelling

permissible - adjective
Not permissable.Example: Paving the roads is a permissible role of government....

permitted - correct spelling

permitted - verb (past tense and past participle of the verb permit) and adjective
Example: She ...

pernicious - vocabulary

Causing serious ruin or harm; injurious; deadly. The machine has had a pernicious effect upon virtue, pity, and love, and young men used to machines which induce inertia, and ...

perpendicular - correct spelling

perpendicular - adjective and noun
Example: The lines are perpendicular to each other. adjectiv...

perquisite - vocabulary

A payment, advantage, benefit, or privilege received beyond regular income or salary; something claimed as an exclusive right.Note: The expression “perk” comes from perquisite. ...

perquisite, prerequisite

These words have entirely different meanings. A perquisite is a privilege or a benefit often given in addition to wages or salary. We often refer to the shortened version: perk.A ...

perseverance - correct spelling

perseverance - noun
Example: Her perseverance enabled her to succeed....

persevere - correct spelling

persevere - verb
Example: If you persevere, you will get the promotion....

persistence - correct spelling

persistence - noun
Not persistance.Example: The persistence of the salesman began to irritate us....

persistent - correct spelling

persistent - adjective
Not persistant.Example: The persistent salesman irritated the visitors....


The concept of person applies to pronouns and reflects a universal truth: There are only three types of people on earth. We have the speaker (first person), the listener (second person), and the person being gossiped a...

Person - Three People

Only Three People Exist on EarthAmber, Igor, and Miss Hamrick realized a long time ago that people mostly talk about only one thing—other people. That is, they gossip. They recognized, therefore, a universal truth:Whe...

personal - correct spelling

personal - adjective and noun
See personnel’s section on Problem Words discusses persona...

personal pronoun

We have seven kinds of pronouns in the English language (personal pronouns, reflexive and intensive pronouns, relative pronouns, ...

personality - correct spelling

personality - noun
Example: The politician’s jovial personality attracted a strong following....

personnel - correct spelling

personnel - noun
See personal’s section on Problem Words discusses personal and personnel. ...

personnel, personal

Personnel is an administrative group or a group of people involved in a particular business, group, or activity.Personal has a host of meanings: “relating to a specific person” (a ...

Perspective vs. Prospective

English, like all languages, contains many words which differ from each other by only a few characters, yet have totally different meanings and usage cases. Prospective and perspective are two such words in English. These words a...

perspicacious, perspicacity - vocabulary

Perspicacious: having a keen mental understanding or perception; shrewd; astute; discerning.noun
Perspicacity: keen menta...

perspiration - correct spelling

perspiration - noun
Example: His nervousness caused excessive perspiration....

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