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principle - correct spelling

principle - noun
Note: For a discussion of the differences between principal and principle, see’s section on Common Grammatical Mistakes. ...

Principle vs. Principal

Principal As an adjective, Principal means ...

printout - correct spelling

The verb form (complement verb
) is print out.Here’s a usage note from
.The transition from ...

prior to, subsequent to

The expression prior to means nothing more than before. Yet many professionals insist on using prior to because it sounds intelligent. It isn’t. All it does is stuff up you...


The word prioritize gums up the styles of many people lacking an ear for good writing. Delete it from your vocabulary. Instead, use set priorities or establish priorities....

privilege - correct spelling

privilege - noun
Not priviledgeExample: It was his privilege to be at that meeting....

privity, privy - vocabulary

Privity: knowledge shared with another or others regarding a private matter. In law, a relationship between or among parties, typically to a contract.Privy: a...

probably - correct spelling

probably - adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for ...

probity - vocabulary

Virtue or integrity tested and confirmed; honesty; the trait of having strong moral principles. Once regarded as the model of probity, Mayor Bradley, now 71 years old, is under investig...

Problem Words - Definition, Overview, and Lists of Examples

The TroublemakersMany words in the English language set traps for even the most accomplished writer. Here, on, we’ve provided discussions of over 200 of these troublemakers. (Scroll down for an alphabetical list.)...

procedure - correct spelling

procedure - noun
Example: This medical procedure can save her life....

proceed - correct spelling

proceed - verb
Example: You must proceed with caution....

Proceed vs. Precede

Content about Proceed vs. Precede has been temporarily removed......

proceed, precede

To proceed means “to go forward,” “to carry on,” or “to originate from a source.” The verb proceed is distinctly intransitive
. That is, you...

prodigious - vocabulary

Immense, extraordinary in size; wonderful, marvelous. America makes prodigious mistakes, America has colossal faults, but one thing cannot be denied: America is always on the ...

prodigy - vocabulary

A person, especially a child, with remarkable gifts or qualities; a marvelous example; a wonder. Today’s pressures on middle-class children to grow up fast begin in early childhood. Chief among them is ...

produce - correct spelling

produce - verb and noun
Example: This plan will produce the best results. verb

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profession - correct spelling

profession - noun
Example: The medical profession has improved healthcare for all....

professional - correct spelling

professional - adjective and noun
Example: Their professional approach with their clients ensured their success. ...

professor - correct spelling

professor - noun
Example: The professor urged his students to learn grammar....

proffer - vocabulary

To offer to another for acceptance.noun
The offer itself. During my employment of seven years or more in Washington after the war (1865–72) I regularly saved part of m...

profitable - correct spelling

profitable - adjective
Example: The company will be profitable early next year....

profligacy, profligate - vocabulary

Profligacy: the trait of spending lavishly or extravagantly; unrestrained indulgence in sensual pleasure.adjective

profuse - vocabulary

Plentiful, copious, abundant; giving or spending freely, often to excess, as in profuse praise. The little flower which at this season stars our woods and roadsides with its p...

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