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plebeian - vocabulary

Commonplace, vulgar or coarse in nature; of or associated with the great masses of people; relating to or belonging to the ancient Roman plebs.noun
A member of the common pe...

plenitude - correct spelling

plenitude - noun
Not plentitude.Example: There was a plenitude of food from many nations....

plight - correct spelling

plight - noun and verb
Example: We found ourselves in a terrible plight. noun


Nouns and pronouns are either singular or plural. Nouns typically form their plurals by adding ‑s, (boys), ‑es (torches), or ‑ies (cit...

plurale tantum

 A NOUN which is invariably plural in form, even though it may be singular in sense. Examples include oats, cattle, remains, pants, scissors, binoculars, pyjamas, shorts and tweezers. Such nouns are awkward to count: we cannot say ...

Plurals of Nouns

Notice that words are characterized as nouns by their ability to form plurals. (Some pronouns have this ability as well, e.g., other and others.) You will form the plural for most nouns by adding ‑s or ‑es. Jus...

pneumonia - correct spelling

pneumonia - noun
Example: He barely survived the pneumonia....

pocket - correct spelling

pocket - noun and verb
Example: He hid the pistol in his pocket. noun
Example: ...

poignant - vocabulary

Profoundly touching or moving; strong in mental appeal; affecting the emotions. There are few sorrows, however poignant, in which a good income is of no avail....

poinsettia - correct spelling

poinsettia - noun
Not pointsettia.Example: The red poinsettia graced the Christmas table....

poison - correct spelling

poison - noun and verb
Example: She put out some rat poison in her attic. noun

Pole vs. Poll

The director promised to strike the poll in the ground if the results of the pole were in his favor....

policeman - correct spelling

policeman - noun
Example: The armed policeman overpowered the thug....

political - correct spelling

political - adjective
Example: The political debate lasted far into the night....

population - correct spelling

population - noun
Example: The U.S. population now exceeds 300 million....

pore, pour, poor

To pore means “to read” or “to ponder.”To pour means "to cause a liquid or granular solid to flow."Poor means to be "of bad quality or low economic status."...

portend - vocabulary

To indicate in advance, especially by previous signs; to presage, foreshadow; to signify, mean. “Rise in Cases of West Nile May Portend an Epidemic” —Denise Grady ...

portent - vocabulary

Anything that indicates what is about to happen; a significant threat; a marvel or prodigy, something amazing. Self-parody is the first portent of age.—Larry McMurtry ...

portray - correct spelling

portray - verb
Example: She will portray the events in a positive light....

portrayal - correct spelling

portrayal - noun
Example: His portrayal of the king impressed the critics....

Poser vs. Poseur

There are some very confusing pairs of words in English language which have very different me...

positive - correct spelling

positive - adjective and noun
Example: The positive results of the meeting increased our confidence. ...

positive state

Adjectives and adverbs exhibit a positive state, which simply shows the attribute expressed by the adjective (hot) or adverb (quickly). If the adjective or adverb seeks to show that som...

Positive, Comparative, Superlative

Postive, Comparative, Superlative - Good, Better, BestRecall how we defined nouns as words capable of having plurals and possessive endings. Adjectives (and their first cousin, the adverb) also have a feature that di...

possess - correct spelling

possess - verb
Example: He wanted to possess fancy cars and fancy clothes....

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