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Wail vs. Whale

To let out a long cry of sadness or distress. The baby began to wail when her mother left the room.A large sea animal that looks like a fish but is actually a mammal that breathes air. Dolphins and porpoises are members...

waist - correct spelling

noun’s section on Problem Words discusses waist and waste. Click here for that discussion.Example: Each Christmas, his ...

Waist vs. Waste

The middle part of your body between your ribs and your hips.The part of a garment that covers the body around the waist area.If you waste something, you use or spend it foolishly or carelessly. Don’t waste y...

waist, waste

Your waist is between your stomach and your hips.To waste means “to squander” or “to consume thoughtlessly.”Example: The main reason for the enlargement of his ...

Wait vs. Weight

To stay in a place or do nothing for a period of time until someone comes or something happens. We waited an hour for the train.To look forward to something. Nilda waited all week for her best friend to return feom vacation....

waive - vocabulary

To relinquish, especially temporarily, as a right or claim; to refrain from claiming or insisting on; to put aside for a time, postpone, defer. In law, to relinquish a known right. "Well, even granting ...

wanton - vocabulary

Done, used, or shown maliciously, without justification; done without motive or provocation, headstrong; without regard for right and wrong; sexually loose, lascivious; excessively luxurious. ...

warrant - correct spelling

noun and verb
Example: The police showed him the arrest warrant. noun
Example: This problem w...

warrior - correct spelling

Example: The neighborhood warrior fought the greedy developers....

waste vs. wastage

The word wastage is not a fancy equivalent for waste. Waste is failure to use something which could easily be used. But wastage is loss resulting from unavoidable natural causes, such as evaporation....

Waver vs. Waiver

I needed a waiver from the zoning board for the house because the lot was so small, but they let me build because it was next to the park. ...

We should fix the chapter title…

The chapter title reads: "We could of used the right helping verb."Let's fix it: We could have used the right helping verb...

We vs. Wee

The people who are speaking or writing.Very small; tiny....

weak - correct spelling

Example: He’s the weak link in our office.See week

Weak vs. Week

Having little strength, force, or power, as in a weak person, a weak argument, or a weak light.Likely to break, fall, or collapse. The bracelet has a weak link near the clasp.Lacking flavor. This is very weak tea....

weal - correct spelling

Example: He worked for the common weal....

wear - correct spelling

verb and noun
Example: He will wear his formal suit to the dance. verb
Example: He got a lot ...

weather - correct spelling

noun and verb
Not whether
. Click here for a discussion of whether.Exampl...

Weather vs. Whether

The condition of the outside air or atmosphere at a particular time and place. Weather can be decribed as hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or windy, clear or cloudy.If wood, stone, or another material weathers, it changes after being out...

website - correct spelling

Here’s a usage note from
.The transition from World Wide Web site to Web site to website as a s...

Wednesday - correct spelling

proper noun (often serving as an adverb
)Example: We have a meeting scheduled for Wednesday. proper noun...

week - correct spelling

noun and adverb
Example: We will meet in the middle of the week. noun
Example: He will visi...

weigh - correct spelling

Example: We must weigh all options....

weird - correct spelling

Example: The weird little man frightened the children....

Wet vs. Whet

He put on a wet bathing suit. The aroma whet my appetite. Are you wondering...

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