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Are you a grammar master? Dare to take the ultimate grammar challenge? Don't be so shy — Our Fun Grammar Quiz presents questions and answers to help test and enrich your knowledge.

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  • kkrugerud
    How is the following an incorrect use of the indefinite article: She needs an umbrella in the rain?
    LikeReply2 months ago
  • kkrugerud
    Actually this quiz has another error with a subject-verb relation: The team of players "is" ready for the match. Because players is part the possessive objects of the singular team.
    LikeReply2 months ago
  • barbzak
    #7 should be New York Times, as that is the proper name of the newspaper.
    LikeReply 22 months ago
  • 156816
    i need help
    LikeReply 13 months ago
    • davidb
      Hello, what exactly do you need?
      LikeReply 12 months ago

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