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Deeded is the only word that is made using only two different letters, each used three times

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  • Gspu9132
    Thank you all for such a memorable day. You all have given me much to hold on to but I will cherish this day forever more. As it poured down rain this evening, I couldn’t help but think…Thats Granddad, Grandma and our baby Jenny letting us know that they were there, sharing this very moment. For it is the love they shared with us that we too could share with each other. 
    LikeReplyReport15 days ago
  • GrammerGirl
    I think it's great! good job
    LikeReplyReport24 days ago
  • stever.57463
    This is a great way to get your poems published, try it
    LikeReplyReport 11 month ago
  • shane_e
    Awesome tool!
    LikeReplyReport1 month ago
  • shirleyo.32695
    thank you!
    LikeReplyReport1 month ago
  • JohnLoopstra
    I write in the hope that my writing helps other people, I wish to share what I have learned in life
    LikeReplyReport2 months ago
  • jp.55104
    for / birthday/ made / John/ a cake / got/ son's / his How I can organize this sentence? Thanks!
    LikeReplyReport2 months ago
  • cynthias.08325
    Is this sentence correct? Please tell us what topics you would like more education on?
    LikeReplyReport 23 months ago
    • Soulwriter
      Please tell us *which* topics. You can replace education with: Information on Instruction in
      LikeReplyReport 13 months ago
  • MammaRobin
    Love the way it works, wish I could afford the premium plan, but on limited income.
    LikeReplyReport 13 months ago
  • red_l
    Can you say "a little instruction?" Like in a sentence - Here's a little instruction. It doesn't feel right but I can't explain why.
    LikeReplyReport 24 months ago
    • Soulwriter
      Yes, you can say, 'Here's a little instruction for you' - instruction meaning general guidance, or 'Could I offer you some instruction?' - again, the word 'instruction' refers to general, not specific, guidance. If you want to refer to one or a few specific instructions, here are some alternatives:- 'Here are some pointers' - Here is a list of instructions' - 'Here's a little guidance to get you started' What you say depends on what you are trying to say, to who and in what context. 
      LikeReplyReport 14 months ago
  • Johnnywong
    I am proud to use my talent to teach
    LikeReplyReport4 months ago
  • Vitaliy
    Which is correct: Also I like reading books all my perfect day. or I also like reading books all my perfect day
    LikeReplyReport5 months ago
  • Caput
    Which is correct: I wish there were a cure for all diseases or I wish there was a cure for all diseases? Why?
    LikeReplyReport 15 months ago
    • TXwordie
      were because it is the subjunctive.
      LikeReplyReport 15 months ago
    • TXwordie
      I wish there were a cure... you use the subjunctive tense when expressing a wish or doubt, for example; something that is not a fact.
      LikeReplyReport 15 months ago
  • gandy
    Which is correct? "If there ever was someone who did not need help, it was him." "If there ever was someone who did not need help, it was he."
    LikeReplyReport 15 months ago
  • Kokakola
    Which one is correct, "She has a dissent about their wedding and she dissents from/about him."
    LikeReplyReport 45 months ago
  • jozefm.40773
    LikeReplyReport5 months ago
  • madgepat
    do we say "equal chances for" or "equal chances to"
    LikeReplyReport 46 months ago
    • Soulwriter
      'They have an equal chance to win'. 'Is there any chance of getting a drink around here?'
      LikeReplyReport 65 months ago
  • Mesotekan
    im simply asking if i should write please practice your due diligence or just practice due diligence. or is either fine?
    LikeReplyReport 56 months ago
  • shennelle
    Thank you! This is perfect, now I can see if I made any error since I have a big essay to write!
    LikeReplyReport 91 year ago
  • Belleta
    This time I was in agreement with only some of the corrections.
    LikeReplyReport1 year ago
  • Belleta
    LikeReplyReport 21 year ago
  • quara
    Fulfillment is only an outlet. Pleasure in manners of language expression not fortified as superficial, but a part of the heart.
    LikeReplyReport 11 year ago
  • Hello
    Is work nicely
    LikeReplyReport 141 year ago
  • Linda Miller
    I was pleased to have clarification on the accuracy of my writing and the spelling on a piece I submitted to Synonyms and Antonyms.
    LikeReplyReport1 year ago

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