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"Choose the dictionary option and 26 dictionaries beckon, beginning with Merriam-Webster's online dictionary, where you can't begin to concentrate on the definition of "the" because a team of animated basketball players is begging you to shoot hoops. Scroll down to the end of the dictionary list and you will find the site STANDS4. Did you know that "T.H.E." stands for "three hours extra" and "thermometer"?"

Sarah Boxer
The New York Times

Help File

"You can try a Web search for "what does [random abbreviation] mean?" But you may find it easier to consult a specialized dictionary site. Urban Dictionary is a decent resource, providing both explanations and context for these bits of jargon. Or try, which will also list technical terms matching a given sequence of capital letters."

Rob Pegoraro
The Washington Post

"When you find yourself drowning in a sea of abbreviations, acronyms, and other agonizing dehydrations of the English language, there is STANDS4. Categorized by field (computing, business, etc.), the site sheds light on those phrases so many have worked so hard to conceal."

Sam Vincent Meddis
USA Today
Hot Sites

"...Fortunately for us, the same Internet that seems to generate new acronyms nonstop now has a new resource for decoding them. A site called STANDS4 provides not only easy searching for obscure abbreviations, but also facilities for browsing nearly a dozen categories, from computing and the Web to government, medicine and business. To look in on this powerful resource, which contains literally thousands of entries and is expanded daily, visit the site at, where an attractively simple introductory page..."

Charles Bowen
Editor and Publisher

Best websites for 2005

"Since many abbreviations and acronyms are learned on a need-to-know basis, visit this site for thousands of entries, including Internet emoticons."

Writer's Digest

Best Free Reference Web Sites 2010

"An extensive collection of hundreds of thousands of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms, is neatly arranged by broad areas (e.g. Medical, Internet, International, Community). Each area is further broken down into more specific, browsable categories such as Veterinary, Emoticons, or Non-Profit. The "International" area is multilingual, featuring hundreds of entries in Spanish, German, French, and other languages. Users can contribute abbreviations as well as look them up. In addition to browsing, search options are also available: word to abbreviation, abbreviation to word, word in definition, There is also a metasearch option that seems deliver term use in Amazon and Google, but what it actually does is unexplained. Otherwise, this is a GR8 resource."

Reference and User Services Association
American Library Association

BBA Web Site of The Week

"As the world, and therefore legal practice, becomes more complex and specialized, keeping up with acronyms and abbreviations is ever more important for practitioners. Whether in the world of high tech, bio tech, medicine, business or elsewhere, nothing undercuts a lawyers image of competence like not being familiar with the jargon. The Web site provides a quick way to look up acronyms and abbreviations in 10 different topic categories."

Boston Bar Association

Web site of the day

"Ever wonder what all those abbreviations are that permeate our daily lives? Find out what HTTP, PDA and NASA mean with the help of this site which breaks down just about every shortcut out there."

Robert Summa
Metro Daily

"If you find yourself confused by an acronym or abbreviation and are too embarrassed to show your ignorance by asking then you can turn to the Web for answers. is an extensive database that will shed light on the most obscure terms. Type in the acronym or abbreviation you are looking for and the site will display possible definitions. You can also browse the abbreviations by category so if you're interested in Nasdaq ticker symbols or NASA departments then you can explore them that way. The site also has other reference tools that you may find handy, including a dictionary of common expressions, a zip code database and a measurement conversion tool."

Mark Stachiew
CanWest News Service

"Just the other day, I ran into yet another pesky acronym. Since it was in a trade magazine, the editors must have believed, I suppose, that all readers would be savvy enough to know what it meant. Since I wasn't among that elite group, however, I went to — a great source for acronyms and abbreviations — to find out. There are several categories here from which to choose, including computers, Internet, business and medical. Or, you can browse alphabetically. The site ( also includes a list of the most popular inquiries. Recently, the most sought-after, with 3,558 queries, was FUBAR (which, I now know, stands for "fouled up beyond all recognition.")"

Monnie Ryan
The Business Journal

Incredibly Useful Sites

" is a huge searchable list of abbreviations and acronyms than can take the mystery out of the most obscure computing, medical, or governmental terminology. If you're stumped by any abbreviation you come across in your daily reading, just head for this site, PDQ."

Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine

Top 11 Online Reference Resources for Writers and Editors

"IMHO, you can depend on this site to do an XLNT job of finding or deciphering just about any acronym or abbreviation imaginable."

Richard Nordquist
Grammar & Composition

"We're posting this because we love the headline: " and join" That, and they're also all great online resources available from"

Communication Arts

"A search for PN on yields 37 results, beginning with 'pain' (physiology). The rest include part number, Pitcairn Island, planetary nebulae, pseudo noise, peripheral neuropathy, practical nurse, proton neutron, portable network, primitive notion, and project nothing."

D. Murali
The Hindu

Abbreviations in Business

"How many times have you opened a document and started reading, only to be soon confronted by a group of capitalised letters that forced you to stop because you didn't understand what they meant? A useful website to check more business-related abbreviations is:"

Thomas Tuohy
Bangkok Post

Bad Choice, Almost Dead

"If you find AD intolerable, gives 115 possible meanings. Just pretend it refers to 'air-dried', or 'after dinner' or 'almost dead' or 'acute disorder'. The latter would be appropriate."

The Sydney Morning Herald

Some of the Best Free Web Sites

" is a comprehensive directory of hundreds of thousands of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. Browse by category (e.g., Medical) and refine by sub-category (e.g., Hospitals), or search using one of three options (look for the drop-down arrow in the search box): word to abbreviation, abbreviation to word, or word in definition. The "International" category is multilingual, and includes entries in French, Hebrew, Spanish, and other languages. This is a handy ready reference resource for a wide range of users and subject areas."

Toronto Public Library

"I love crosswords but they can be very frustrating so here is a real help. Go to, An A to Z of acronyms and abbreviations and by far the best site on these I have seen."

Sunday Territorian

" is an online glossary of hundreds of thousands of abbreviations and acronyms. As you'd expect, the dictionary can be searched and is available for browsing alphabetically. But what makes stand out from the crowd is the subject directory, where you can find abbreviations specific to hundreds of topics such as Meteorology, Chess, Unit Measures, Airport Codes and Funnies, to name just a few."

Barbara J. Feldman
Internet Tip of the Week
United Media - This month's Editor's Choice

"How many times have you been given an acronym or abbreviation and not known exactly what it stood for? Such dilemmas are further complicated when one acronym has similar meanings. For example, ASP can stand for either "Application Service Provider" or "Active Server Pages." STANDS4 solves such dilemmas by providing an ever-growing database of nearly 100,000 acronym and abbreviation definitions."

Alexis Nepomuceno
Washington Business Magazine

" is an extensive online repository of acronyms and abbreviations. Site design is very clear. Users can browse alphabetically or search within categories... is particularly useful for computer-related acronyms... With its wide array of content and ease of use, will be a useful addition to reference librarians' bookmark lists or Web toolboxes."

Elizabeth Blakesley Lindsay, Head of Instruction
MCB University Press
Washington State University Libraries, USA

How to Read Abbreviated Words in Court Records

"Learn how to interpret police testimony in court documents. An excellent source is the site Narrow your search to "Police." As of May 2011, this site contained 1,542 entries that include abbreviations for suspects (race, age, ethnicity, gender), crimes, vehicles, suspicious behavior, drugs, weapons, community agencies, police personnel and departments, mental illness, geographic locations, crime scene details, actions taken and gang terminology."

Kathlyn Hyatt Stewart
eHow Money

" contains thousands of acronyms and abbreviations. This search engine allows you to track down an abbreviation or do a reverse lookup. You can browse by a large variety of subjects as well. It's pretty good. Check it out."

Kerry Prendergast
Weekly Web Finds

"This Web site is the ultimate tool for would be rappers and poets as it lets its users search for words that rhyme. So if you can't figure out what rhymes with a word like sizzle just type it in to the search and you will find several rhyming options like fizzle, chisel and even drizzle. So next time you need a rhyming word just visit"

Tech, Website Story
Mumbai Mirror

"Otras webs para tener a mano son Abbreviations, un potente glosario de acrónimos y siglas internacional, útil para salir de dudas y no confundir organismos, por ejemplo. También contiene otras utilidades, como citas célebres, definiciones, letras de canciones o incluso conversiones, pero para estas cuestiones hay webs más completas."

Eva Domínguez
El Cuarto Bit

InstaNet Recommends

"Ever wonder what an abbreviation or acronym might stand for? With a listing of over 100,000 entries in 71 categories, does a great job sorting it out."

Bend Cable Communications

"If like me you can sometimes get a pit perplexed by acronyms and abbreviations, then a useful online resource to try and help explain them is STANDS4 ( So if AFAIK is baffling you with e-mails or some other term is confusing you, STANDS4 is a useful resource to check out to see if they can shed any light on it. A simple idea and one that has potential to grow."

Leslie Bunder
Press Gazette

"STANDS4 bills itself as "the source for acronyms and abbreviations" and it's by far the biggest one I've seen. For example, looking up "ASP" returns list of 39 terms, among which, as you might expect, are Application Service Provider and Active Server Pages. You don't have to look up individual acronyms, you can browse alphabetically, or by category. The pop-up tips on the menus are excellent."

Russell Jones
DevX - Sightings

"ICQ WYSIWYG MCSE PHP NASDAQ... Acronyms and abbreviations are everywhere. But do you really know what they mean? can tell you. Just use the search box or browse through the 80 categories of listings. The site allows you to add a new entry or create a list of your favorites, too. If you're an IE/Windows user, a brand new feature installs a right-click menu so you can decript an acronym as you browse the web. is not only informative, but entertaining. For example, MCSE is the official acronym for Microsoft Certified System Engineer, but it carries a few "unofficial" meanings, as well, such as Multiple Choice Selection Expert. There are more, but I'll let you check them out for yourself..."

Scott Wintrip
Staffing Industry Tips

"Acronyms and abbreviations are enough to drive even the sanest person completely crazy! If you're like me and need reminding of what certain letters stand for then you'll find this Web site totally irreplaceable! Go to:"

Marie McLeir, Editor
The Learning Curve

SPN Site of the Day

" is one of those unique sites that you rarely run across these days - a search engine and directory of acronyms and abbreviations. If you want to know what abbreviations like SQL, WYSIWYG, and ASP stand for, then this is the place to visit. Search alphabetically, by category or keywords."

SiteProNews - The Net's most widely read Webmaster newsletter

"This is a terrifically handy site to have... There are a couple of ways to use this site too. You can use the search engine near the top of the page, the linked alphabet, or the categories. The Search Engine is fairly simple to use... The Linked Alphabet is pretty self explanatory... and on the side of the main page are little interesting things like Most Popular Queries, and Did You Know That. All in all this site is going on my favorites list due to usefulness."

Amanda's Cool Site

"Ever wonder what the GPRS stands for on your cell phone? What about CDMA? FDIC? If you're tired of trying to decypher what these acronyms and abbreviations stand for, click your computer over to that's the word "abbreviations" spelled with a "z" instead of an "s". Simply input the jumble of letters you'd like deciphered and get your easy-to-understand answer in a fraction of a second... or as this site would say, ASAP."

Bob Bicknell
Tech Tips 101

Web Site Of The Day

"AbbreviationZ, "The A to Z of Acronyms & Abbreviations on the Net," is a must for those who may have scratched their head a time or two when tyring to figure out what a certain phrase means. This Web site has a search bar that lets you search for phrases, abbreviations, or acroymns that might be puzzling you. The site has a compilation of nearly 350,000 entries with 120 different categories to search. No more reading acronymns that you don't even recognize and abbreviations that you have no idea what they stand for."

SmartComputing Magazine

"QQF! According to the site AbbreviationZ, that means Quite Quite Fantastic in the business world, although I think it'd work just about anywhere. And it could be just the label for this word lovers site. You can search through more than 357,000 abbreviations and acronyms in more than 130 categories. Search for an exact phrase, the beginning of a phrase, do a reverse look up, or even run a metasearch of a number of sites at the same time. You can also submit entries, become an editor or - this is a neat feature - add a little tool to your browser to let you decipher acronyms and abbreviations on the fly. If you're a Mac user, there's a free widget, too, that lets you paste any acronym or abbreviation in it for translation. Ah, technology! You'd just have to wonder, if he had access to this site, WWWD (that's "What Would Webster Do")."

Mary Westheimer, Host
Eye on the Web
KNLS Radio

"Vous êtes perdus avec tous ces acronymes utilisés dans des discussions techniques? Vous hochez la tête mais dans le fond vous ne comprenez rien de ce que l'autre personne vous explique? Vous avez hâte de pouvoir terminer la discussion pour vous rendre sur le site Web pour pouvoir finalement déchiffrer le message que vous venez de recevoir! Ce site est une référence des plus intéressantes pour trouver réponses à vos questions d'abbréviations!"

François Viens
Hors sujet, Internet

"Every translator's must-have. Nicely categorized browsing. Search functionality. Very fast. Ultimately the best."

Gintarius Petkus
Chartered Translators Ireland

"Abbreviations are supposed to make speaking easier, but sometimes, unintentionally, they can make understanding unbelievably difficult. can help. Whether you're trying to keep your head above the onslaught of education-related abbreviations (ADHD, NCLB, DOE... and those are the only ones I understand), or helping students sort through challenging reading, the answer is a heartbeat away. With a clean interface and the option of limiting to a particular domain (governmental, internet, academic), this is a site worth bookmarking. Bonus: you can finally understand what your students are texting about. OMG!"

Emily Jack

"Have you ever had problems trying to figure out what a particular abbreviation or acronym means? If so, bookmark the - the source for acronyms and abbreviations site as you'll undoubtedly use it again. Great site and very useful to have."

Mac McLellan
Mac's Picks of the Week

"The widespread use of acronyms generally is a relatively modern phenomenon, according to Yigal Ben Efraim, founder and CEO of, a web site about abbreviations. It began in the 19th century thanks to growing literacy rates, but usage skyrocketed as the 20th century progressed. "The rise in literacy, media, science and technology brought an enormous amount of new terms and definitions, which naturally required a shorthand form to ease their daily usage," says Ben Efraim."

Heidi Dawley
Media Life Magazine - Finally Some Answers

"...If you're having the same problem understanding abbreviations, then you should try out This site, will allow you to finally find out what those pesky abbreviations mean. You won't only find abbreviations that are commonly used when talking about the web. There are also medical and governmental terms, all explained for all of us to understand. The site is part of a larger network of sites that all have a similar purpose: explaining things to us. There's a site that explains expressions, another one for synonyms, and even one for zip codes. If you're stumped about the meaning of an abbreviation (or anything else), you should start clearing things up by visiting this site."

KillerStartups - Quoth The Raven

"Found on the web at, this site provides thousands of movie and famous quotations from many literary giants that can be browsed, searched, heard and translated to several languages. Community related features such as voting and ranking are also accounted for. The actual contents of the site are very compelling, and the whole project is backed up by the popular STANDS4 network of award winning reference related resources. Needles to say, I really enjoyed browsing through the site, and I have added it to my collection of bookmarks. Yeats once said that the only business of the head in the world is to bow a ceaseless obeisance to the heart. If you are looking for words straight from the heart, this site will provide you with more than enough to get started."


" - Could a website on quotations be named anything else? The site lists thousands of quotations which can be browsed, searched, heard and translated to several languages. A user can search quotes by Author, by Subject or from Movies. A small pointer at the end of each quote takes it to its individual page where one can click the voice icon to hear it aloud, translate it through a dropdown, rate it or add it to your bibliography. Even though not all the translations are word perfect, this is a nice feature."

Saikat Basu

Sites to Help You Grow as a Writer

" is an entire search engine dedicated to definitions in the dictionary. What a find and pleasure to use. It has multiple features such as abbreviations, conversions, definitions, phrases, quotes, references and synonyms. This search engine is a pleasure to use, and quite easy to maneuver. The words located in this search engine are broken down to date, function and even the etymology of the word. This is a useful search engine for students or those wanting to improve your language skills."

Dawn Gordon
WebUpon - An Online Rhyming Dictionary

"At you are going to find an online rhyming dictionary that will cater for all the aspiring Dylans out there. Thousands of rhyme entries are included for almost any given word and the interface is as clear as you could possibly want it to be. Budding poets will find it a valuable tool when inspiration is conspicuous by its absence."


" - This word site does a much better job of searching out synonyms and presenting a lot of related information around the results. The synonyms themselves are again hyperlinked. You have an audio help for the pronunciation; a dropdown to translate the word into another language; a word image; a Q&A box if you have a question about the word; a citation aid; and alternative search options which give you things like quotes and abbreviations on the main word. You can also search for song lyrics which have the particular word."

Saikat Basu

"WIW, ABBR is a WOW.. OK, I made up that last acroymn, but it does describe ABBR, a site that celebrates shortcuts. You can browse through Internet, Business, Community, Computing, Sports, Business and Medical sections. Or simply search all the categories by starting with the abbreviation and looking for the word, using a word to search for an abbreviation, or search for an abbreviation with a specific word in it. They throw in the definition, too, or you can do a metasearch for meaning on the entire Web. You can create your own list of abbreviations - great for specific fields or topics - and submit ones that aren't yet listed. The site also provides tools that help you search its database from anywhere. While you're there, check out the associated sites - they're also GR8."

Mary Westheimer, Host
Eye on the Web
KNLS Radio

Are you suffering Acronymitis?

"So, my fellow BAs, next time you interview SMEs for requirements of an MDM project, and IT offers three SaaS options that leverage SOA in the EC2 infrastructure and the executives tell you to get some BI and BPM in place ASAP, don't worry. Just keep Wikipedia and by your side, and smile. You'll be able to decipher it all, and help all sides know what the heck they're talking about, even if they don't!"

Curtis Michelson
Bridging the Gap

So what is an RTB anyway?

"So when a project fails and is not delivered, well I think a lot of this can come down to communication(s) which have not been agreed by part of the project team. Also, I am positive that acronyms or TLA's are also a pretty darn good cause of mis-communication issues. And here is why, the term ASP what do you think it stands for... maybe a couple of shared terms? Actually it has so far over 50 cataloged acronyms on a site dedicated to cataloging and supplying explanations for all the different acronyms, site is here:"

Integrati Marketing

100 Powerful Search Engines You May Not Know About

"Through, you can get connected with just about every reference tool available, from patents to almanacs. Need the right thing to say? Check out to reference famous words from famous people."


48 Ultra-Cool Summer Sites for Kids and Teachers

" is a simple search site that returns rhyming words to whatever you enter in the search field. The rhyming words are divided into syllables for ease of use, and there is a list of photos of whichever word you search for. Even better, automatically generates citations for bibliographies."

Keith Ferrell

Welcome to the web’s largest rhyme search engine!

"If you’re looking for words that rhyme with a specific word you’ve come to the right place. You’ll also find a special collection of nursery rhymes that are featured on the main page. The site is easy to use! I love that they use the word Rhyme on the front page to show you an example of what your search results will be. So now that you know what to expect from your results. Another great feature is that you can find the translation of any word you’re looking for by selecting a different language from the another language drop down box under translation. This is an awesome site to bookmark for the time when you need to find a word that rhymes quickly!"

Amanda's Cool Site

100 Search Engines For Academic Research

"Through, you can get connected with just about every reference tool available, from patents to almanacs. Need the right thing to say? Check out to reference famous words from famous people."

TeachThought Staff

60 Awesome Search Engines for Serious Writers

" Find all the reference material you could ever need through this search engine. If you need a quote, try searching for one by topic or by author on this site."

Jacqueline Foster
Accredited Online Colleges

20 Best Quote Websites

"The quotes on are mainly segregated based on the authors and can be easily searched for valuable quotations."

Top Ranked Everything!

31 Online Resources for Better Writing

" - One of the most comprehensive collections of synonyms on the Internet."

Janice Blythe
Quick Online Tips

Sites of the Month

" - A free to use website that will act as an excellent resource for lyrics to your favorite songs.", Inc.
Monthly Newsletter

10 Dictionary Sites For Writers

" - Not only does this site give you rhymes, but translations, definitions and links to search for phrases and lyrics that contain your original search word too."

Matthew Stibbe
Writing, Marketing and Technology

" - Rhymes & Chimes has an attractive façade to go with its name. The rhyming dictionary’s mission is to become the largest human-edited rhymes collection on the web. Results are broken down according to syllables, and you can also search for the word’s translations, its uses in phrases and quotes, along with other conversions as you can see in the screenshot. One of the unique features is that it also gives you citation styles for different types of documents."

7 Online Tools For Rhyming Words

" - As the name suggests, this resource is about synonyms. It has a rich collection of synonyms, all collected from the internet. You can depend on it to liven your writing."

13 Online resources to Improve writing skills
John Garber

"What does that symbol stand for? STANDS4 will tell you! - Whether looking for a rhyming lyric, a good quote, or the definition of some exotic symbol, Israeli startup STANDS4, may just have the answers."

Henn Idan

20 Excellent Websites That Make Your Children Smarter

"Useful for poetry and writing classes, helps kids find new words that match even the trickiest phrases, introducing them to the advanced mechanics of creative writing. The website also generates citations based on its ample nursery rhymes, teaching kids how to use the internet without plagiarizing!"

Jon Negroni

English Writing Weapon: A Synonyms/Antonyms Website

"One of the most difficult problems in writing English papers is to find similar words that express the same meaning, especially to avoid duplication. What basically needed is to represent the same meaning utilizing as many synonyms or antonyms as possible. We use - which include a visual view of the various entries, and is also quick and easy to use!"


All-in-one Super English Pack – The STANDS4 Network

"All-in-one packs for learning English aren’t that common, but when you find one, you should grasp it firmly like you would a rope on the edge of the cliff. In this article, I’ll share a pack of sites belonging to one network: The STANDS4 Network."

M. Furkan Akyurek

"This is arguably (I suppose among poets) the Web’s largest rhyme repository and search engine. Need I say more? The word “Rhyme” appears on the home page as an example of how your search results will appear. Simply type in a word you want to find rhymes for and click the Search button at the top of the page."


15 Great Websites To Make Your Kids More Clever & Smart

" provides various interesting poems for a kid to learn and memorize. Not only this, it is also a useful resource for poetry and writing class which helps kids to find the new words that match even the trickiest phrase."

Saurabh Saha

Sometimes, it’s exhausting to be a freak

"I joined the whole texting party a little later than some, so I had to seek out help when it came to the many, many abbreviations out there. When possible, I asked other adults, so as to avoid the embarrassment of going to my kids. I’ll save you the pain and suffering of having to ask your kids for yet another technological tip by giving you the link to , where you can find over 1,000 text acronyms — a collection for confused parents everywhere. So JIC you’re sending a text to your DD, or your BFF, you’ll know the proper lingo. HTH!"

Laurie Nigro

The Best Quote Websites To Inspire Your Audience

" collected through the years, countless literary, movie and TV show quotes. You can browse them by subjects, alphabetically or by keywords. Others interesting features are the quote voice hearing and the translation into many languages."

Sandra Dossa

4 music resources that will make you a hit with older adults

"Hardly a week goes by when someone requests a song for a future session. A majority of the time they can recall a little of the lyrics and maybe some of the melody. They may not recall who recorded it or when it was a hit. is one place where you can enter lyrics and receive possible hits. It also shares links to recordings."

JoAnn Jordan
Music Sparks

How the Internet Can Be the Ultimate Ghostwriter for Rappers

"Most of the other rhyme generators are far less complicated in their functionality. Take, for instance,, which has a less pinpointed focus. STANDS4 LLC CEO Yigal Ben Efraim, who runs the site in conjunction with a series of others, made it clear that the site is built to serve a rather general need. “ was created for a very specific and targeted reason: provide rhyming words to a given search query,” he said. He did, however, invite musicians to take advantage of the entire services suite to “help them compose better work.” can be utilized for more straightforward, generic rhyming. Its strength lies in consistency: all of its results rhyme with the input."

Sheldon Pearce
Complex Media

Copyediting and Proofreading For Dummies

" You can search this data-base for acronyms and abbreviations in a number of ways. Not sure what a federal agency acronym stands for? What about that Internet-chat short-hand? With more than 411,000 entries, it's bound to be found here."

Suzanne Gilad
John Wiley & Sons

6 Online Thesauruses To Enrich Your Vocabulary

" is a good place to go for a simple synonym search... it has a term for the day and a front page with trending words. Mostly, I like the design; the colors are nice and mellow, which is a relief after hours of staring at a screen."

Jessy Troy

Do you know what that acronym Stands4?

"STANDS4 is an Internet veteran – it was founded in 2001 – and has flown under the venture capital radar as it’s been entirely bootstrapped. But users love it; the site gets more than five million hits every month. STANDS4 has won a number of awards over the last decade – most recently, it was among 19 Israeli companies named to Red Herring’s Top 100 list for Europe. It placed on the Best Free Reference Websites for 2010 by the American Library Association, and was among the 101 Best Websites for Writers according to Writer’s Digest in 2005."

Brian Blum

150 Resources to Help You Write Better, Faster, and More Persuasively

"Want to use symbolism in your writing or analyze it in a famous work? can help, with more than 1,600 articles about thousands of signs from Western cultural history."

Staff Writers

City's name widely celebrated in popular songs

"Plug our city’s name into the search engine at and it hits on 182 examples of recorded music lyrics that contain “Cincinnati.”"

Brent Coleman
WCPO Cincinnati

60 Awesome Search Engines for Serious Writers

"Need to look up a quote or a fact? If you need a quote, try searching for one by topic or by author on"


Four modern songs with James Dean in the lyrics

"So those are four songs that have James Dean in their lyrics. According to, there are 346 lyrics that contain James Dean's name. Basically tells you how popular the classic actor is."

Kellie Haulotte

Look Up Symbol Meanings

"If you come across a symbol or a sign and don’t know what it means, head straight to It is a web resource where you can easily look up symbols and read their meanings. The site currently lists around 2500 western (both modern and ancient) symbols organized in 54 categories."

Kaly Mochoev

30 of the best free online dictionaries and thesauri

" is the world’s largest and most comprehensive directory and search engine for acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms on the Internet. holds hundreds of thousands of entries organized by a large variety of categories from computing and the Web to governmental, medicine and business and it is maintained and expanded by a large community of passionate editors."

Olga JeNo
20.000 LENGUAS

STANDS4 completed the acquisition of

"Building a brand on a memorable, one-word domain name is something that many of us strive to do. STANDS4 has managed to create a network of at least twelve websites, all hosted on some of the best .COM and .NET domain names around, that are home to an impressive websites with thousands of pages of content."

James Iles

Featured website

" is a simple search site that returns rhyming words to whatever you enter in the search field. The rhyming words are divided into syllables for ease of use, and there is a list of photos of whichever word you search for."

The Public Library of Cincinnati

Leading Libraries: How to Create a Service Culture

"Despite the title and the URL, covers a much more impressive variety of visual representation than just your usual astrological sign or currency mark. Self-proclaimed as “The World’s Largest Resource for Symbols, Signs, and Flags”, this Web site is an easy to navigate online encyclopaedia for all manner of markings, signs, logos, emblems and tokens."

Emerald Group Publishing
Danielle Bernert

10 Tips for Writing Easy-to-Read Proposals

"If you’re in doubt whether the right word is “fewer” or “less,” it’s easy to search for guidance. A good site to visit for tips is"

Periscope Holdings, Inc

Do you know of any good lyrics sites?

" – Here you can search by song title or artist. What’s neat about this site are the videos attached to songs when you search. For example, when I searched for the words to “Mama Mia,” a video from YouTube started for me to watch if I wanted. This lyric search engine also gave me a description write-up of the band, Abba."

Ann Krembs
Dear Librarian

Things to do when bored on the Internet

" – There are dozens of different pages to find the lyrics to any of your favorite songs. Try to find your favorite songs lyrics."

Computer Hope

Ten Web Resources to Try When You're Stuck

"If you're stuck on a clue that contains or asks for an abbreviation, the Web site at is a gold mine. Here's how it works: If you need to find out what an abbreviation means, type it into the search box at the top of the home page and click "Search." For example, say you need to know what "var" stands for. The page that pops up gives you a list of options, in order of the popularity of their usage. So, from most to least popular, "var" could mean variation, variety, value at risk, variante, value added reseller, and so on."

Crosswords For Seniors

Concepts and Subjects for Stock Photography

"Have I mentioned phrases? This is an almost never ending supply of ideas and new phrases are invented or revamped all the time. Go to a website such as and gather ideas there. Find a cool phrase and try to build an image around it…"

Nick Stubbs
Stock Photography

17 Fun March Break Ideas

"How do you turn the afternoon into an extravaganza? Get inspired by Canadian Idol and have your junior vocalists try out some tunes. (A site like can help with the words…and let you know what Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit really says…)"

Hilary Davidson
Rock stars

Trinity St-Paul's, Toronto ON, April 15

"One fan asked if the song "Skates" really happened, and another asked about "Bunkbed," prompting him to divulge that his hatred for the song forced him to leave it off the recent Everything I Long For reissue. "I can't do it. I still hate it," he said. And of course, even though it was requested at every show on the tour, he didn't play "Bunkbed" or "Driveway", which he confessed he had to visit to relearn the words to."

Cam Lindsay

Um, What? 7 Song Lyrics That Make Absolutely No Sense

"How many times has this scenario played out: You're singing (or, in my case, belting) along the words to some of your favorite songs on the radio. You get out a line, pause, and then realize what you actually just sang. You think, that can't be the right lyric—it makes no sense, but a quick check on confirms it: They meant to sing that. I can't be the only one this happens to, especially with the abundance on nonsensical song lyrics out there."

Lynsey Eidell

Ben Folds thrills Hill Auditorium fans with energetic concert

"I’ve had requests to play some songs that I haven’t played in years and years and years and years and years” he said. “But thanks to, I can play them for you."

Will Stewart

16 Best Websites to Find Lyrics of your Favorite Songs

" is another amazing music community with the largest searchable lyrics database… I give preference to this website and the reason is again very clear interface with amazing song suggestion feature. The website is featuring three categories top songs, tops album and genre. You can also search for song by country filter option, and also submit your lyrics just by going through a simple registration process."

Viney Dhiman
Nerd's Magazine

11 Country Songs that Mention North Dakota in the Lyrics

" allows you to search song lyrics for specific words. Some were more obvious with ‘North Dakota’ in the title, and some we had never heard before."

Lauren Bjork
103.3 US Country

Social Media

"Meanwhile, to adapt to the times and the changes underway, many online dictionaries have also begun to integrate basic acronyms such as "LOL" and online services to flourish in the jungle. One of the best, for example, is called"

Mario De Ascentiis
IT Espresso

15 Digital Resources For Rhyming and Wordplay

"As well as providing rhyming words, has search parameters for translations, phrases, quotes and related products. Results are also broken down by number of syllables in ascending order from one up to five."

Kenney Meyers
Classroom Aid

"I checked Macy’s website and found “Your Ultimate Fourth of July Anthem Playlist” to get excited about freedom ‘n’ fireworks. It’s an interesting list, and mostly good choices – but somebody at Macy’s needs to click on and see what Springsteen is saying in “Born in the USA.” It’s not exactly “Stars and Stripes Forever” or “God Bless America.”"

Ken Hoffman

"If you Google the phrase “civil discourse,” you’ll find numerous entries that say things like, “The Internet broke civil discourse in America,” and “Facts are not dead, but civil discourse is on life support.” So what exactly is civil discourse? According to, it’s “an engagement in conversation intended to enhance understanding.”"

Judy Peterson
Community News

"Cadillac CMO Uwe Ellinghaus keeps a list of pop songs that have "Cadillac" in their lyrics... As for all those Cadillac songs, offers this tip sheet, including Roxette's Big Black Cadillac.”"

E.J. Schultz

"The Stands4 network of search engines is another excellent resource. It's a leading provider of free online reference and educational resources, currently made up of 15 different search engines. These cover biographies, definitions, lyrics, phrases, poetry, quotes, references, rhymes, symbols and synonyms. The company was founded in 2001 and has steadily grown, adding more search engines into its stable as it has."

Phil Bradley
Expert Internet Searching
Fifth edition

"The add-in can be so very helpful while you are reading word documents. Just select the word that you would like to know that abbreviation for and then click on the add-in and it will show the abbreviation for you. It also shows the genre of the abbreviation that it falls."

Buddhavarapu Satya Priya
Useful add-ins for Microsoft Word 2016

"According to the acronym “JUUL” indicates JUice USB Lighting in an e-cigarette. To Delaware health officials, this translates into concern for school-age children across the country."

Craig Anderson
The Delaware State News

"Music is one of the best ways to learn a language. If you want to try to learn phrasal verbs through music, first decide which ones you’d like to learn. Then, search for them on a music lyrics website, such as Next, choose and listen to the songs."

Voice of America (VOA)
Everyday Grammar

" is a website listing literally EVERY SINGLE abbreviation, acronym, etc, you could possibly think of. The only thing that could improve this would be for the url to be"

Matt Muir
Imperica Magazine

"On Twitter today, this debate ranks right up there with the blue/gold dress and the Yanny versus Laurel skirmish of yesterday: Is “club” an acronym or not? As Quora, it says no; ask, it’s a definite yes."

Gwen Ihnat
The Takeout

An important investigation as to what #HMF means.

"Maybe I'm totally wrong! Perhaps it's a total inside joke that means something ridiculous. Here, 10 additional options, with some help from the team and"

Danielle Tull
House Beautiful

6 Tips On How to Sell Your Screenplay

"Now, whether you intend on using your script as a resume or a masterpiece in its own right, you still have to advertise it in its most polished and perfected form to get noticed... you can put it up on a website like – this is where sales agents look for really great short movies that often come from feature length scripts."

New York Film Academy

10 Music Artists Who Include Cars in Their Lyrics

"Gold Eagle Used an algorithm to root through the lyrics of more than 100,000 songs listed on It identified which music artists are the biggest gearheads by searching for every term from "whip" to "truck" and "Bugatti.""

James Gilboy
The Drive


"Paying attention to other people’s grammar is a thankless job, which is why I almost never do it... The website referred to impacted as a “trendy verb,” and it doesn’t like it."

Bill White
The Morning Call


"The film is hazy on whether or not Kennedy and Kopechne were having an affair, though in a version of the screenplay available to read online on, all doubt is removed."

Karl Quinn
The Canberra Times

Concert preview

"I think a lot of personal stuff I had written down to just kind of get it out of my brain ended up making its way into the lyrics -- I’ve forgotten my lyrics before... and gone to, which is pretty embarrassing."

Andy Downing
Columbus Alive

12 True Facts about Tweezers

"Tweezer is a hard one to rhyme with but not impossible. Geezer, while not complimetary does as well as Caeser. Find more at"

Kathy Mathews

The most popular Christmas songs in English

"Christmas songs, whether traditional, classic, children or pop hits, are the musical background in December and an important part of Christmas celebrations. Here are 10 suggestions for your holiday playlist, which everyone will enjoy in your family. So why won't you find their lyrics on and sing together?"

British Council

Year In Music 2018

"Fashion search platform Lyst teamed up with to determine which musical artists had the biggest impact on style in 2018. As it turns out, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Camila Cabello all left their mark on the clothing world, according to the site's new report, titled Fashion: A Year in Music."

Brooke Bajgrowicz


“Perhaps the judges, like writers and editors, hate redundancy. We get that – it’s not pretty to use the same words again and again. However, does that mean has all the answers?”

Ragamalika Karthikeyan
The News Minute

Study finds men create more hit songs than female artists

"The top 50 songs from every even numbered year were analyzed, providing a sample of 250 songs per decade and 1,250 songs total, and the team believes that this is the most exhaustive analysis of popular music lyrics conducted to date. Researchers pulled a majority of the lyrics from the website"

Stacy Liberatore
Daily Mail

“I haven’t done that one in years — I’m not sure I remember the words,” a flabbergasted Sarah Jones confessed to the audience. Several minutes later, with the aid of a borrowed cell phone and the Internet, Jones treated the audience to an impromptu version. “Oh God, I’m getting my own lyrics off of” Jones joked.

Federico Martinez

“I’ve had requests to play some songs that I haven’t played in years and years and years and years and years” Ben Folds said. “But thanks to, I can play them for you.”

Will Stewart
The Ann Arbor News states that the Gender Inequalitythis term denotes the unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender. The term acknowledges that men and women are not equal due to cultural, biological, and psychological norms.”

Katrine Nenge
Nigeria News today

Top 10 Websites to Use if You Want to Improve Grammar is a good resource for writers who wish to improve their punctuation and grammar. The website has a high number of questions and answers, and they also give their take on some of the grammatical questions that seem to constantly be in flux, such as the finite roles/facets of the hyphen.”

Sonya Mazzari
All Womens Talk

100 Time-Saving Search Engines for Serious Scholars

“Check out our new, up-to-date collection to discover the very best search engine for finding the academic results you’re looking for. Need the right thing to say? Check out to reference famous words from famous people.”

Staff Writers

Six Sites for Rhyme Time

“Learning about rhyming words is one of the earliest skills taught to young readers. is a rhyming word generator but with a twist. Input your rhyming word, and this generator breaks down options by the number of syllables in each word. Other options include words that may rhyme and translation of your rhyming word to different languages. My favorite part of this site is the word cloud generator.”

Sharon Hall


“One can learn from Paladin. And yes, once again, I’ve been watching an old show channel – have a look at “Have Gun - Will Travel.” Here are a few of Paladin’s best, according to”

Mark Vittert
St. Louis Business Journal

Top Free Grammar Checkers has all you need: It’s free. There are many ebooks on improving your writing and grammar skills, and you can add it to Chrome and check your text and writing for style, spelling and grammar problems everywhere on the web.”

Kesi Parker

The Best Sites for Finding Song Lyrics is a website that hosts song lyrics, videos, and information about various artists and their albums. is excellent for when you remember some of the lyrics, but can’t quite place the song or artist.”

Yuvraj Wadhwani


“Who is the first Muslim in the world? The answer to this depends on what is meant by the first Muslim. According to sources like the word "Muslim" means: - "One who submits to God"”

Christopher McFadden
Interesting Engineering


“According to the lyrics gurus over at, the line is not "I'm real even on Oprah." It is actually: "I really been on Oprah."... So, it appears the debate is a tie, at least according to the Internet's most popular lyrics sites”

Arianna Davis
The Oprah Magazine

How to Identify Songs In YouTube Videos

“If you can't identify songs in YouTube videos from the description or comments, you'll need to do a little bit of sleuthing. You can use a lyric search engine to identify the song. provides the songs, artists, and albums that contain the lyrics.”

Ryan Dube


“A poustinia is defined as "a small sparsely furnished cabin or room where one goes to pray and fast alone in the presence of God. The word poustinia has its origin in the Russian word for 'desert.' One called to live permanently in a poustinia is called a poustinik," according to”

Tempo staff
Taos News

6 Ways to Find Symbols and Look Up Symbol Meanings

“The aptly-named is a great place to start your search. Along with featured picks and categories on the homepage, you can use its symbol search engine to find what you’re looking for. Just type in query at the top, and you’ll see symbols that match it.”

Ben Stegner

English Workplace

“What is the meaning of IDK, JK or IMHO used by foreigners? The professional website gives you a one-click solution!”

Manager Today

“Admittedly this question has always been at the forefront of my mind when it comes to High School Musical, but I’m losing my patience with it. Everyone else in the movie says ‘musical’ normally. She doesn’t say it once or twice for dramatic effect, according to and Miss Darbus says ‘musicale’ 6 times during the movies 98 min run time — 100% of the time she says it with an E on the end.”

Vanna O'Brien

“Just to make sure, I consulted the infallible internet for definitions of “fairy dust.” says it is a hypothetical substance with magical powers. says those of us lucky enough to get dusted inherit the ability to fly. Urban Dictionary says it’s a glittery powder that can provide magical events, actions or dreams to happen.”

Tim Ghianni
The Ledger

Great Sites Archive

“On you can find thousands of famous quotations from many authors that can be browsed, searched, heard, and translated to several languages.”

Patricia Pomerleau


“Often times, we attribute such behavior to crab mentality. One of the definitions of crab mentality in is that it is a phrase popular among Filipinos, and was first coined by writer Ninotchka Rosca, in reference to the phrase “crabs in a bucket.””

Noellen DelosSantos

Best Sites To Find Rhyming Words

“The website looks good and works pretty fast and well. No matter if you want to find one, two, or three-syllable words, you can certainly do that with the help of this online dictionary. The highlight of this tool is the translation. In other words, you can translate your word in other language and find rhyming words instantly. Another useful option is ‘Word Cloud’ that lets you create an image with the synonyms of your search query.”


What is one essential songwriting tool for creating children’s music? — In my opinion that can be the difference between good kids lyrics and not so good kids lyrics, take real time on making the phrasing and rhyming great, don't settle for less because it's 'kids' music'. And when you think it's done think again, go back and make it even better.”

Sibylla Stephen

A review of the decade in men’s fashion

“Demna Gvasalia’s ubiquitous Triple S sneaker helped make Balenciaga Kering’s fastest-growing brand of 2018, with its CEO Cédric Charbit telling Financial Times’ luxury goods conference that millennials account for 60 per cent of what the house sells. Gvasalia, who built the brand Vetements around the stylistic world of the hoodie, is reframing the aspirational: a search on finds 523 examples of rappers name-dropping Balenciaga.”

Dean Mayo Davies
Another Man

Thesis Help: 99+ Free Tools to Save Time is a huge directory of all abbreviations imaginable. It’s a vast library of acronyms and abbreviations in various fields like science, medicine, government, business, and more.”

Writing Tips


“Uninterested vs. Disinterested: What’s the Difference? Here are two sentences from which help to clarify the difference between the two.”

Genevieve Looby
Reader’s Digest

Tips and tutorials

So, what exactly are advisory services? According to advisory service (noun) a consulting service in which (accounting professionals) develop findings and conclusions and recommendations that are presented to the client for consideration and decision making.”

Erin Walsh Dyer

Popular Culture

As of a 2018 Cadillac press release, the company had counted nearly 200 references to its SUV in hip-hop recordings. Today, "Escalade" has appeared as a lyric more than 500 separate times, according to music content aggregator”

Billy Rehbock

Motavalli on Marketing

Dauchy informed me that Cadillac is the most frequently cited car brand on That well could be. I found 3,490 lyric mentions, 16 artists using the name Cadillac (e.g., The Cadillac Three, Cadillac Blindside, Django’s Cadillac, Rita Cadillac, Cadillac Moon), and 56 albums, from Cadillac Daddy by Howlin’ Wolf to Back Seat of Your Cadillac by C.C. Catch.”

Jim Motavalli


In January 2015, Capitol Nashville artist Mickey Guyton released her debut single “Better Than You Left Me” (source: to country radio. USA Today proclaimed that the singer’s “powerhouse vocals could provide a rallying point for programmers hoping to break the bro-country logjam.” But despite rave reviews, Gruyton has yet to become a household name. ”

Jada Watson
NBC News


The Truth Still Matters. For Now. If that were all Stone had done it would have been enough — dayenu (source: — to justify a significant prison sentence.”

Andrew Cohen
New York Magazine

3 Best Writing Strategies to Help Elementary Students Explore Their Creative Potential

You can also talk about popular movies and how writers craft every single word that is said on screen. Here is the script to How to Train Your Dragon (source: that you can pull up as an example.”


Experiencing Life Without Drugs & Alcohol

Self-Empowerment. You’ve got to own your actions; take responsibility. It’s what’s refers to as “the subjective awareness that one is initiating, executing, and controlling one’s own volitional actions in the world.”

Burton M. Fischler
Thrive Global


Russia is unlikely to fold anytime soon. As Admiral Josh Painter, a character in Tom Clancy’s “The Hunt for Red October,” famously said (source:, “Russians don’t take a dump without a plan.” ”

Scott Ritter
The American Conservative

Market Outlook

As an amusing aside, Dalio reiterated his "cash is trash" call from Davos on Tuesday in what, for some market participants anyway, is an uncomfortable "Phil Connors" moment (source: ("Do you ever have déjà vu, Mrs. Lancaster?")”

The Heisenberg
Seeking Alpha

Nyack: Step Outside and Sing!

Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” (source: is a song truly for these challenging times. The Nyack Center invites you to throw open your windows or step out your front door tonight at 7p and join your neighbors in a community sing.”

Editor In Chief
Nyack News and Views


“The basic rule of homicide applied: nothing stays buried forever. Corpses. Ghosts. Nothing stays buried forever. Nothing.” —Officer Dwight “Bucky” Bleichert, in the film Black Dahlia (source:”

Eden Arielle Gordon


“Perhaps Major Frank Burns actually had it right when he once said “Individuality if fine — as long as we do it together (source:”

Dave Huber
The College Fix


“Having worked in prisons for decades, I have striven to help free the minds of those bound by negative thinking. I have learned that many are slaves to fear. Zach Williams has done excellent work helping others, also working in prisons through his art, with the song "No Longer Slaves to Fear" (source:”

Mortimer Gentry
American Thinker


“So, let's get together this Thursday night at 7 and belt it out as we go from "Don't Stop Believing" to "Can't Stop the Feeling." We know everybody knows Journey, but if you need a cheat sheet for JT, read on as gives us the first verse and chorus.”

Bobby Guy

Search Insider

“Dictionary websites did well in mobile search. Making major strides in the United States and United Kingdom was Searchmetrics points to FAQ answers serving up in search results as the reason for these types of sites doing well.”

Laurie Sullivan

Greatness Agenda

“These are the people whose economic models told us trade with China would make us all richer and happier. Now they place their faith in yet another infallible model, one they tell us will save us from death itself - a Savior Machine (source:”

Curtis Ellis
American Greatness

Mexican foods you need to try before you die

“Gordita means chubby one in Spanish — and you will certainly learn to love this chubby version of tortillas. Gorditas (Source: are made with instant corn masa flour. They are fried, split open, and stuffed with whatever filling you like.”

Kori Ellis

What was Merriam-Webster's word of the year for 2019?

“It’s easy to forget that today’s slang-slinging youth didn’t grow up watching Disney classics like Bambi. The movie introduced plenty of people to the word “twitterpated.” Only fools fall in love…because they’re twitterpated (Source:, right? The word means to be lovestruck to the point of being foolish.”

Trivia Genius

10 Quotes to Remember if You Want to Achieve Financial Freedom

““Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.” — Margaret Bonnano (source: — Money is an important part of financial freedom. But it’s simply a vehicle to pursue living your best life.”

Melanie Lockert

19 Facts About “The Beverly Hillbillies” Show Fans Might Not Know

“Throughout the season five episode “The Indians Are Coming” Granny kept mentioning that she wished John Wayne was there to help fight the “injuns.” True enough, in the episode's final moments the Duke himself appeared in a cameo to granny's delight. John didn’t ask for much. He supposedly said (source: “Give me a fifth of bourbon, that’ll square it.””

James Montalvo

Morning Coffee

“With respect to WhatsApp groups, Benjamin Franklin (source: had the right idea. Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead. The things you type always end up getting to the bosses eventually, because someone will snitch or screw up.”

Daniel Davies

TV Recaps

“First stop? Questioning Kohl’s arms dealer, who at first refuses to talk, worried that “they’ll” kill him. But realizing he can either work with NCIS or take his chances on the street, he says Kohl was killed for refusing to carry out a hit. What kind of assassin would do that? (My guess: He’s either in love with that guy’s daughter, or he’s got a newfound respect for life. Waaaait, wrong hitman. (source: In order to find out, the team decides to solve Jenny Wayfair’s murder, hoping it will point to the handler.”

Sara Netzley
Entertainment Weekly

News and Politics

“From near-retirement, Bob Dylan has just offered a new release on 27 March 2020. Murder Most Foul recalls the social aftermaths of President Kennedy’s (JFK’s) assassination on Friday 22 November 1963 (Full lyrics on”

Denis Bright
The Australian Independent Media Network

Arts & Culture

“You read that right: Packages are being mailed with nothing in them, and that is happening 10 times per week. As a person whose first job was shipping crap at a we-sell-your-stuff-on-eBay store (source:, I have absolutely, 100 percent, NO F***ING IDEA how this happens.”

Ashley Brantley
Nashville Scene


“Okay, if you didn’t already know by now, in which case you could get into a lot of trouble, this word is a big no-no. According to, the term ‘keling’ originated from Kallinga Kingdom in Southeast India.”

Lashonde Lavelle Christian

“These steady state old faithfuls (source: are increasingly being replaced by incels and volcels on one hand and tinder trysts on the other.”

Audacious Epigone
The Unz Review

“The first season of The O.C. series utilized a frenetic storytelling style that burned through plot (and characters) at a feverish pace. Multiple love triangles! Dramatic declarations of love! Tijuana! Oliver Trask! Luke Ward (source:! Anna Stern! Rooney!”

Josh Sorokach

Best Free Podcast Name Generators in 2020

“Coming up with the name of my podcast (Spreading Success) was a painful process. I spent days on trying to find related keywords to my niche. After finding no potential names, I decided to write random keywords in a notebook until I found a combination that I was satisfied with.”

Rom Raviv

“When asked on Jersey Shore (source: by his gelato shop boss to wear a hairnet, he hit back, “My boss seems to think that my hair is going to fall off and go into the ice cream. This hair ain’t moving, my dude. 150 mph on the highway on a street bike…”

Charlotte Puckering
22 Words

7 Free Design Tools

“If you're looking for inspiration or need research to create logos, identities, or icons, is a great place to start. The website contains information on millions of ancient and modern symbols, operating system icons, emojis, flags, and more.”

Ingrid Constant


“As a final tribute to Libby, I quote a verse of a favorite Ed Sheeran song Supermarket Flowers from”

Tanya Neider
Meridian Magazine

World Affairs

“Though the people of all countries put their domestic affairs ahead of international ones in most cases, Americans are unique in their utter disregard for problems that do not directly affect them. Here, we are safe. Here, we are free. (source:”

Alexander Spencer
The Prindle Post


“Trump’s answer reminded me of the famous scene (source: in Napoleon Dynamite where a flummoxed Pedro, trying to explain why he should be elected student body president, says “vote for me, and all your wildest dreams will come true.””

Will Bunch
The Philadelphia Inquirer

The untold truth of Applebee's

“Applebee's bills itself as a "Neighborhood Bar and Grill," and with more than a thousand locations worldwide, chances are there's one in a neighborhood near you. The restaurant chain is ubiquitous enough to have appeared in movies like Talladega Nights, Couple's Retreat, Hall Pass, and Why Him; it's been referenced in the lyrics of songs (source: by artists like Drake, Brad Paisley, and DJ Jazzy Jeff; and it's even welcomed celebrity diners, like the members of band LMFAO, to its tables.”

Justina Huddleston

Love in the Age of Narcissism

“As was said in the popular TV show The Wonder Years, “all our young lives we search for someone to love. Someone who makes us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope. All the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there's someone perfect, who might be searching for us” (, 2020).”

Kristy Lee Hochenberger
Psychology Today


“To study how Tampa Bay comes across in song, we scoured lyrics sites like Genius and to find dozens of tracks that mention cities, landmarks and people from the area. We focused on national acts, rather than local artists, because we wanted to see how the rest of the world sees us.”

Jay Cridlin
Tampa Bay Times


“Flying by the seat of my pants – defines this phrase as “To use one’s judgement, initiative, and perceptions as events unfold in order to improvise a course of action without a predetermined plan.” Yep, that’s me.”

Susan Anderson
Opelika Auburn News

10 Best Sites To Find Synonyms And Similar Words is a perfect play to search for synonyms along with various information related to the search results. These synonyms are also hyperlinked. You also have an audio help for the words’ pronunciation, a dropdown to translate the words into another language too. It also has a word image as well as a Q&A box in case you have any query regarding the word. It also comes with a citation aid and alternative search options which provide entities like quotes along with abbreviations on the main word. If you want to search for a song lyrics which contains a particular word, you can do that too.”



“The dramatic elements of the story were so compelling a movie was produced based on Guzman’s capture, starring Javier Bardem, called The Dancer Upstairs. The movie never quite explains the svengali-like influence of the Maoist leader over his followers, only portrays it as so powerful one of them kills the priest who baptized her on video (source: to prove her commitment to the supremo. We can’t understand the attraction because we lack the passion.”

Richard Fernandez
PJ Media


“Rather than relying on peer and self-editing, consider hiring a professional editing service. You can usually find a professional editor through something like a dissertation writing service, and they can look through your work in detail, pointing out grammar mistakes, wordy sentences (, and unclear language that needs adjustment. By taking this step, you know that you are turning in a polished product that you are proud of.”

M Saran


“There's a website called that allows you to search music by just about anyway you can think possible, from keywords to genres. Much to my delight and surprise, there are 102 songs that include the word "Wyoming". Even more surprising to me was finding out they aren't all in the Country music genre. There are actually 4 relatively recent Hip-Hop songs out of that number.”

DJ Nyke
107.9 Jack FM


“This obsession with period details effectively carries over to the film. As part of a 37-ship convoy, the Keeling (which uses the call sign "Greyhound") frequently communicates with its counterparts using signal lamps, which are basically bright lights used to flash messages in Morse code across open water (today, we call them text messages (source:”

Jeva Lange
The Week


“Nietzsche once said: there are no facts, only interpretations (source: Unfortunately, scientific knowledge does not always manage to sidestep that interpretation either. According to the American physicist and philosopher of science Thomas Kuhn, scientists do not perceive reality in an unbiased way. Scientists’ outlook on reality stems from a framework full of preconceptions. Facts can only be established within a paradigm. The paradigm itself does not have the status of a fact, but rather that of a world view.”

Jan Wouters
Innovation Origins

Can Breastfeeding Moms Use Tanning Beds? defines a tanning bed as a device that releases Ultraviolet (UV) rays to provide a cosmetic tan. This structure, fitted with a device for emitting fluorescent light, looks like a bed where people lie on to make their skin darker. The machine, also known as a sun-bed, gives off UV radiation by the use of UV lamps to stimulate the rapid production of melanin, faster than how it is produced under the sun.”

Simon Books

“No one writes songs about the ones that come easy (source:, but goodness gracious, when is the universe going to cut Little Voice‘s Bess a break?”

Kimberly Roots


“In the opening scene of the series, audio plays over Atticus’s dream of war, aliens, and Jackie Robinson. Fittingly, it’s all taken from the 1950 film (source: The Jackie Robinson Story.”

Gabrielle Bruney


“This may be the scientific publishing version of "the operation was a success, but the patient died." (source: The retraction of a Trojan horse paper on the novel coronavirus has called into question the validity of another article in the same journal which found that hydroxychloroquine is effective against Covid-19.”

Retraction Watch Staff

10 facts you might not know about Faygo, Detroit's favorite pop

“Faygo is mentioned in more than 100 songs: Rappers love to name-drop Faygo in their lyrics, especially Michigan duo Insane Clown Posse. According to, more than 130 songs include the word "Faygo." The latest rapper to do so is 18-year-old Lil Mosey, who cracked the Top 10 with his song "Blueberry Faygo" in 2020.”

Melody Baetens
The Detroit News


“Good production or not, my final assessment is along the lines of the botched execution scene in “The Green Mile” (source: It’s the scene where after about 5 minutes of high voltage, flames and smoke, the condemned prisoner finally expires.”

Mike Ford


“I think of the tongue-lashing Gregory Peck gave Hugh Marlowe in “Twelve O'Clock High” (source: after he ”ran out” on his responsibility under an inadequate and failing wing commander. ”As far as I'm concerned, you're...”.”

Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.
The Wall Street Journal

Building a website and getting found online

“Name generation and your domain choice should go hand in hand. When you have loose ideas for your business name, start to search for related domain options and don’t be afraid to deviate from your plan. and namemesh can be great resources for ideation.”

Adam Grim
Sweaty Startup

Elijah Cummings Quotes: Words to Remember the Leader By

“Elijah Cummings was a sharp critic of President Donald Trump. According to, here are some of his quotes on the president.”

Jessica McBride

“According to the National Park Service's (NPS) estimation, there are only about 300 to 1,000 wolverines that existed in the Lower 48 (source: Additionally, it is estimated that their population density ranges from 6.2 individuals per 600 square miles of high-quality habitat, and 0.3 individuals in less suitable areas.”

Erika P.
The Science Times

10 Best Sites To Find Synonyms And Similar Words

“Not to be confused with, is a separate website. It is, though, a better website to find synonyms. It provides a lot of information regarding each word you search for and then also hyperlinks every single synonym that comes up. This allows you to quickly search for the exact meaning of that synonym, instead of typing it all over again. You also have audio support for pronunciation, plus an option for translating it in another language and also a word image for the searched word. There is citation aid, as well as, an option to ask a question about the word.”

Makes Noise

Fact check

“Social media users have been sharing content online that claims a part of President Donald J. Trump’s inaugural address in 2017 was copied from the animated children’s comedy Bee Movie. However, this quote or even anything close does not exist in Bee Movie transcripts found on”

Reuters Staff

Most Influential Cars In Popular Culture

“Mercedes is the most referenced brand in music in general, according to a deep dive on data from Mercedes even used Janis Joplin singing "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz / My friends all drive Porsches/ I must make amends" in an advertising campaign.”

Ian Wright

Website Lists Every Known Song

“Have you ever wondered how often Wyoming has been mentioned in songs? Whether it be in the song's title or in the lyrics, I just had to know. There's a website called that allows you to search music by just about anyway you can think possible, from keywords to genres. Much to my delight and surprise, there are 102 songs that include the word "Wyoming".”

DJ Nyke
104.7 KISS-FM

Song Lyrics Generators: Are They Good for Songwriters?

“The song lyrics generator on could be useful to get an initial idea of country songwriting. Also, it is helpful to see how a storyline progresses in a country song, in an “introduction,” “development,” and “ending” structure.”

Alper Tuzcu
Berklee Online

3 Major Attributes Needed to Achieve Your Goals

“Determination is that which causes a person to be resilient. Determination means the “firmness of purpose.” ( it’s the ability to continuously do something, even though it’s hard, even though it’s difficult, even though you’ve encountered disappointments and distractions, even though you may have failed at something you wanted so badly.”

Tamieka Lee


“The Fibonacci sequence is certainly remarkable, showing up with astonishing frequency in the natural world – in seashells and plant tendrils, in the spirals of sunflower heads, in pine cones, animal horns and the arrangement of leaf buds on a stem, as well as the digital realm. His patterns often make their way into popular culture, too: in literature, film and visual arts; as a refrain in song lyrics (source: or orchestral scores; even in architecture.”

Adrienne Bernhard

11 Tactics for Recruiting for Diversity

“Workplaces can use websites like to learn about underrepresented groups in the field they’d like to hire in. For instance, in most areas of the US, nurses are predominantly white and female. A hospital can increase diversity by finding out who else comprises the nursing field. Then, they can use the next step to make extra efforts to reach out to these groups.”



“The play and film are named after Ma Rainey’s “Black Bottom,” the song (source: that celebrates the popular dance known by the same name: “Now, you heard the rest -- Ah boys, I’m gonna show you the best -- Ma Rainey’s gonna show you her black bottom.””

Mark Rice

Sports News

“In research by British website on the lyrics page, the analysts found that Diego Maradona was amongst the sports personalities most mentioned in songs. The Argentine legend passed away late last month, suffering a cardiac arrest in his Buenos Aires home.”

Sreehari Menon
Republic World


“Images of Santa Claus excite children across the globe each holiday season. Some such images appear on television, in stores or in the front yards of homes decked out for the holidays, while others are elicited through songs like “Up on the Housetop.” Hollywood legend Gene Autry’s mid-20th century version of “Up on the Housetop” might be the most widely recognized version of the song, but the tune actually dates back to 1864, making it the second oldest secular Christmas song. Lyrics written by Benjamin Hanby and courtesy of

Portsmouth Daily Times


“Let’s explore the ‘F2020’ meaning and get the TXT song lyrics explained. It’s a cover but the original song had different lyrics. You can check out the full lyrics on”

Christopher Weston

5 websites that help you get hip with English lets you browse through categories such as Academic & Science, Business & Finance, Community, Computing, Governmental, Internet, Regional, Medical, and International. It, of course, also has a nifty search feature, and each entry is accompanied by a pronunciation guide, and if you create a free login, you can even bookmark a term to your account. You will also find a widget that lets you cite this website as the source in your work.”

Savio D’Souza
Gadgets Now

‘Normality’ vs ‘normalcy’; when Harry met Pinky

“Normalcy is unique in flouting this convention. According to, “Until recently normality was the established word, and normalcy was frowned upon by advocates of careful writing. Nowadays, however, normalcy is gaining momentum and is [almost] regarded as an accepted alternative to normality.”

Yen Makabenta
The Manila Times

Cool Websites that help with your Grammar Hurdles checks not only grammar and spelling errors but also provides suggestions to improve grammar. If bloggers want to double-check their work for errors, is the best place to go. It could also be added to browsers. There are also quick lessons provided for common grammatical errors, parts of speech, and punctuation.”

Kristine Sangalang
The Blog Herald

Best place to look up acronyms and abbreviations — Give it a try. It has the acronyms you expect, like NAFTA, NASA, and SCUBA, but it’s also a good place to turn when you encounter IIRC or SMH.”

Dave Mark
The Loop Insight


“On this day, I can be my seven-year-old self again, by ditching the expectations that I had and creating a better and simpler life without the weight on my shoulders. So, shout out to my ex, you made me who I am (source:”

Sanaa Rangwala
The Daily Targum


“In the fourth episode of the same season, Dean gave Castiel his nickname "Cass" when telling Sam how he knows of his powers. Meanwhile, in Season 6, Castiel admitted that he cares about their friendship. When Dean was having a lot of trouble trusting Castiel, he proved that he would always be there for him. He said: “Dean, I do everything that you ask. I always come when you call. And I am your friend.” (source:”

Aayush Sharma


“Killer Track: "500 Miles High" begins atempo (source:, Purim floating delicately, and then it pops into a funky sway and gives Farrell space for a tenor solo that is his best moment. Corea's comping beneath him, though, is worth the cost of the album.”

Will Layman


“In the last five years, the number of people reading poetry on their phones at increased from 19 percent to 40 percent, according to the National Endowment for the Arts.”

Elizabeth Myong
Houston Chronicle

Katrick: The definition of a friend

“Friend (noun) – a person you know well and regard with affection and trust (; a person you know well and who you like a lot (; a person attached to another by feelings of affection and personal regard (; All of these definitions describe my friend Max Willi Fischer.”

Mark Katrick
The Advocate

Rural Ramblings

“Do you recall the old song, “Billy Boy”? While it appears the song’s original version only had four verses, over the years, it accumulated quite a few more. and both show versions with 16 verses, though their verses are not identical. It seems that, through the past two centuries, various singers apparently took quite a few liberties with this song.”

Sue Bowman
Lancaster Farming


“If the closest you came to dining by the water during quarantine was parking your car on the side of Silver Lake Reservoir and eating a snack pack of hummus and pretzel chips, consider that it might finally be your time to make a reservation at Nobu. One of LA’s fanciest restaurants and one of the only places quoted in a literally tens of songs on”

Kat Hong
The Infatuation


“Alba is the Gaelic name for Scotland. According to Alba “is cognate to Alba in Irish and Nalbin in Manx, the two other Goidelic Insular Celtic languages, as well as similar words in the Brythonic Insular Celtic languages of Cornish and Welsh also meaning Scotland.” The word 'Alba' appears on Scottish football tops, and has done since 2005, with campaigns ongoing to include it on the national rugby team strip too.”

Georgina Laud
Daily Express

National Poetry Month

“Thought to be the oldest poem ever written, “The Man of Double Deed” has many versions. One included in includes a lion and an eagle. The one sung by children in Northern Ireland is shorter, leaving those two creatures out while changing the title.”

The Corvallis Advocate

What’s in a Name?

“Further, shows 72 possible meanings for “ABA” that include “Applied Behaviors Analysis,” commonly used as a medical therapy for autism, or other organizations like the American Bus Association, American Birding Association, Australian Broadcasting Authority, American Bicycle Association, American Bass Anglers, American Beverage Association and so on.”

By Jill M. Goldman


“Rolland said this lengthened lead time puts the industry in a "danger zone," noting further that "elevated lead times often compel bad behavior [from] customers, including inventory accumulation, safety stock building, and double ordering." In other words, major companies seeking VLSICs (source don't behave very differently from consumers seeking toilet paper.”

Jim Salter
Ars Technica


“Smith anchored his final KDKA-TV newscast at 6 p.m. Wednesday, which ended with him quoting song lyrics (“Here’s to Life” source: and thanking all those who work behind the scenes in television and viewers for “inviting me into your home for all these years.””

Rob Owen
The Tribune-Review

The Best Places to Post Your Poetry is one of the best places to publish your poems it claims that 7 million poets can review your poem. You will have fun while using this website your posts can get quick reviews as fast as sixty minutes or less and there are prizes on offer.””

Richard Hammond
9 Mousai

Food for Thought

“Only the looming threat of exams could explain why my friends and I spent the best part of an hour attempting to describe the exact texture of an Aldi carrot cake. It was a fairly standard cake. Tasty, but with a consistency bordering on the sublime. We racked our brains (and to find the word that truly encapsulated the exact crumb texture: moist, gungy, viscous and mildewed were some of the more desperate suggestions, but the question remained unanswered.”

Uma Suri

Hans News Service

“A multidisciplinary approach, as defined by, involves drawing appropriately from multiple disciplines to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.”

VRC Phaniharan
The Hans India

““Stop spreading these rumours around”: Lyrics from song Rumors by Timex Social Club via The writers of that song didn’t know anything about the Transfer Window and its many rumours. Everton have already ventured into the market but so far have only spent £1.5 million on Demarai Gray and brought in Andros Townsend and Asmir Begovic for free.”

Paul Conatzer


“According to, BREAK stands for “burn, rebuild, endure, adapt and keep. If we want a break, could we burn our old ways of thinking, rebuild our vision and endure each other while we adapt to the current situation and keep looking forward?”

Marizka Coetzer
The Citizen


“Beyoncé is music’s most name-dropped celebrity, as new research reveals she tops the list for mentions in songs by other artists. The study by found that the American superstar features in song lyrics an impressive 2,758 times. The research took YouGov’s list of the world’s 40 most admired men and women, and used to check how many times they have been referenced in song lyrics.”

Ian Westhead
ATV Today


“I love Joanna Newsom, for example, and will contentedly listen to a 12-minute song about birds and constellations that manages to squash in the word “Pleiades”, though a quick search of suggests that it is not as rare as you’d think and the Red Hot Chili Peppers also got a Pleiades into Can’t Stop.”

Rebecca Nicholson
The Guardian

Estate Planning

“Danny, the political theorist, aspiring lawyer and purveyor of rare herbs in the British cult film Withnail and I, understood the problem of Chinese real estate. “If you're hanging on to a rising balloon, you're presented with a difficult decision,” he observes (source:”

Brett Arends


“It’s been wisely argued that leaving your children enough money so they can do anything (source: is much better for them than leaving them enough money so they can do nothing.”

Matthew Brooker


“One thing this challenge has shown me is how few books of poetry I actually own. Several books of children’s verse notwithstanding, it is a collection that needs replenishing. I also went by recommendations from other participants in the challenge: many shared links to their own chapbooks or books. Others, like Pakistani poet Rakhshan Rizwan, I discovered through”

Chryselle D Silva Dias
The Hindu

Books, Culture

“At times, I do feel nostalgic for that intoxicating time of Romantic poetry which I never personally existed in. Take, for example, Emily Dickinson, whose poetry existed on scraps of paper never intended for the public. Reading her work is an intimate experience, one which can’t be replicated by Ink marked envelopes, wrappers, letters.”

Ella Avni
Honi Soit

Hollywood & Entertainment

“Finally, according to the U.S. News & World Report 1997 Career Guide, the best job in the United States, for the second year in a row, is Interactive Business System Analyst. However, last year's worst job, Assistant Crack Whore, has been replaced by a new worst job: Crack Whore Trainee. Per”

Scott King


“You may or may not recognize the above words as written by Mitchell Parish in 1929, to be sung to music written by composer Hoagy Carmichael in 1927. But if you haven’t, do give yourself a treat. Run over to you-know-what-tube, do a search and enjoy a complex melody, wistful words and gorgeous accompaniment, usually by a piano. According to, this song is one of the most recorded songs in American history. It’s called “Stardust.””

Carla Roberts Iris
Ludington Daily News


“Why does Tolkien’s fictional universe resonate with you so much? In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, there’s a beautiful quote by Gandalf the Gray, my favourite character, “It is not great deeds or great heroes who change the world, but small acts of kindness and love.” [Gentile’s quote is slightly paraphrased. Here is the actual quote. (source:]”

Vincenzo Ligresti


“Meanwhile, fans noticed via lyrics aggregator that Nika has taken credit for several of their songs. However, Nika is not the only Young Georgian Lolitaz musician associated with songwriting for Circus Mircus. Aleksandre Sulakvelidze, who is the current YGL guitarist and keyboardist, also appeared to have written some of their material.”

Renske ten Veen


“The Brute. The Buck (source: And, of course, the Thug. Those are just some of the names for a racial stereotype that has haunted the collective imagination of White America since the nation's inception.”

John Blake


“Plenty of holiday songs can be heard over the radio and department store sound systems between the start of November and New YearÕs Day. That includes numerous songs that commemorate the miracle of Chanukah. One of the most well-known songs, Chanukah, Oh Chanukah, has many different versions, including Yiddish lyrics (courtesy of”

The Keene Sentinel

Jingle Bell Rock

“Many Christmas songs are traditional religious hymns or slow-paced popular standards. "Jingle Bell Rock" is anything but, with a rock-n-roll hook and upbeat tempo. This popular rockabilly Christmas song was first released in 1957 by Bobby Helms and it fit in perfectly with other songs of the era. It remains a fan favorite today. (Lyrics courtesy of”

Jason Anderson
Santa Maria Times

50 popular songs in the public domain

“Despite its incredibly racist lyrics, “Alabama Jubilee” (Source: has been considered an American standard since its release in 1915. The upbeat song tells the story of an African American band preparing for a concert. In 1981, an instrumental version by Roy Clark won the Grammy Award for Best Country Instrumental Performance.”


Best 8 Websites to Download Song Lyrics in 2021 boasts an extensive library of song lyrics presented on a clean and attractively designed website. On top of the lyrics, the platform also provides other information on the new releases, the most popular songs of the moment, and the most successful ones. The search bar allows you to search for your favorite lyrics by words, songs, melodies, and artists. The site not only provides song lyrics in text format but also in video format. There is also a section where you can share songs with your social friends.”


Core Sciences

“Carlson was inspired by the work (source: of Hungarian physicist Pal Selenyi, who was experimenting with electrostatic images, by which when light strikes a photoconductive material, the electrical conductivity of that material is increased.”

Jeff Glorfeld


“As 2021 merges into 2022, it appears things are moving full speed ahead toward normalcy, not nostrums. (In politics, a nostrum, according to, “is a scheme asserted to solve a problem, but with no objective basis for belief in its effectiveness”).”

Lee Benson
Deseret News


“You would have come across the term “Super Gremlin” if you’re a fan of Kodak Black’s as it’s the name of one of his songs on his album Nightmare Babies. According to, the term Germlin refers to an imaginary mythical creature who holds a reputation for being super mischievous.”

Chaitra Krishnamurthy


“Point shaving, according to, is a type of match fixing where the perpetrators try to prevent a team from covering a published point spread. Unlike other forms of match fixing, sports betting invariably motivates point shaving. A point shaving scheme generally involves a sports gambler and one or more players of the sports team favored to win the game. In exchange for a bribe, the player or players agree to ensure that their team will not "cover the point spread". The gambler then wagers against that team.”

Daily Kos


“That widespread and deep-rooted failure of critical thinking in American society today has helped make Trump and his enablers, like other liars before them, successful in the war against truth. In the words (source: of the mid-20th-century cartoonist Walt Kelly's comic-strip character, Pogo the Possum, "We have met the enemy and it is us." That's a powerful enemy. Whether there's an effective way for the forces of truth to oppose it is far from clear.”

Arnold R. Isaacs


“Members of the Utah Legislature, who are to begin their 2022 regular session Tuesday, may well assemble nagged by the feeling that they are, in the words of possum-philosopher Pogo, “confronted with insurmountable opportunities.” (source:”

Editorial Board
The Salt Lake Tribune


“She wouldn't have had to look far or long. A search for the n-word on the website returns 309,383 lyrics. And it's clear, reading through some of them, that the n-word routinely appears more in a single hip hop verse than in Joe Rogan's entire podcast career.”

Dana Kelley
The Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette


“Indeed, word has it that Xi has included a copy of “The Stranger” (Source: with every meal of Oldboy-brand Sustenance Dumplings served to American athletes.”

Eileen Gu
Taki's Magazine


“But OncoMouse also raised an awkward question: Where do we draw the line between what belongs to humans and what belongs to nature? And if we could patent only animals that currently exist, what’s to stop us from patenting species that died out long ago? It’s a moral conundrum right out of Jurassic Park (source:, but one that lawyers and scientists are now grappling with for real.”

Matt Reynolds


“Is it safe to read rap lyrics to a jury? Quoting music can lead to miscarriages of justice. One lyric relied on to impute bad character in a recent trial appeared in a search on in 74,283 lyrics by 46 artists, and in 48 albums. It is hardly niche.”

Felicity Gerry
The Times


“According to, the term “Maury” is included in more than 840 hip-hop songs including a drop on Nicki Minaj’s “Not Sorry” where she references the talk show icon with: “She just wanna ride me like a Harley, That ain’t my baby like Maury”.

Daniel Jerkins

Find Out

“Wesley had his only daughter right before marrying his now-wife. Nikki gave birth to Iset Jua-T, 20, in 2001. It’s clear that Wesley and Nikki think of their daughter and oldest child together as royalty, because her first name is an Ancient Egyptian word meaning “(She) of the throne,” via”

James Crowley
Hollywood Life

Pop Culture

“What is an honorary doctorate, which Taylor Swift will be bestowed with? As per, an honorary degree, also known as a degree honoris causa, is an academic degree for which a university waives the standard conditions such as enrollment, residency, study, and examination passing.”

Nikita Nikhil

The story behind the Happy Days theme song

“The mention of Haas' past as a purveyor of psychedelic garage rock is important because he went on to sing backing vocals for Pink Floyd during their 1980-81 "The Wall Tour," per That's a huge jump from backing up Donny and Marie Osmond just one year prior, but it also proves that the man was a versatile performer who, like most session singers, was far from being a household name.”

Lorenzo Tanos


“Though you may not know her by name, Shirley England, a Utah native, is acknowledged nationwide as the girl who had fun, fun fun, ‘til her daddy took her T-Bird away. “Fun, Fun, Fun” was released as a single in 1964 and peaked at the number 5 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. OPENING LYRICS COURTESY:”

Danielle MacKimm


“Fun fact: According to Billboard Hot 100’s website and, the popular Easter song “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” was composed in 1949 by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins. It was first recorded by Mervin Shiner in 1950 for Decca Records.”

Nick Smirnoff
Tehachapi News


“To share the news with the world, Anny posted a picture of a black ribbon which is a symbol used to represent remembrance and mourning, according to Aside from representing remembrance, the black ribbon is also used and worn for representing sleep disorders and gang prevention.”

Niamh Colclough
Reality Titbit


“If the question, ‘what dinosaur has 500 teeth?’ is mingling in your brain, you surely should check this article. The meaning of this name is ‘Niger reptile’. According to, the title of what dino has 500 teeth is an honor to the discoverer. Also, it tributes the region where the remains were found, Niger, Tunisia.”

The UK Time

“Check Your Fact reviewed Ardern’s entire speech, which is available on YouTube, but found no evidence she made the statement attributed to her in the post. There is likewise no evidence such a remark was included in “Bee Movie.” There is no record of it in the film’s script, which can be found on”

Trevor Schakohl
Check Your Fact


“Smith’s next picture, Chasing Amy, features one of Silent Bob’s best lines, which perfectly sums up the film’s concept. This made me feel inexperienced and insignificant at the time.” Why wasn’t it clear to me? She couldn’t give a damn. She’d given up looking for him. It seemed like she was searching for me.” I found this quote on:”

John Wayne


“The song ‘Far Away’ was a massive success in the US. It became Nickelback’s fourth top 10 single on the Billboard Hot 100 and was re-released in 2010 as part of the compilation album ‘Now That’s What I Call Love.’ As reported by, Chad Kroeger noted that ‘Far Away’ is Nickelback’s only real love song that is about being in love.”

Elif Ozden
Rock Celebrities


“According to, “Marked for Death” is a song recorded by an American singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Emma Ruth Rundle. In this song, she sings about how tumultuous her relationship was with her lover. She then tumbles into a rage and uncontrollable hate when listing the many reasons why no one will ever love her former lover as she did.”

Linda Giantino


“In Season 3, Episode 12 (“Red Dot”), Mr. Lippman (Richard Fancy), George’s boss, confronts him about claims... with a cleaner in the office. In classic George fashion, he replied, “Was it wrong? Shouldn’t I have done this? I’m telling you, I have to plead ignorance of the matter, because if anyone had ever told me anything when I first came here, this kind of thing is not approved … you know, because I worked in many offices and I tell you people do it all the time” (via”

Amanda Catherine
Louisville Mojo News

Free Song Lyrics Generator is a lyric generator that works on the web. It enables you to write lyrics in a matter of seconds. You can select from a variety of music genres, including romantic, country, pop, and rap. Even though there is no ability to input the lyrics, you may still choose from a variety of lyrics offered on the internet. To change the lyrics, simply shuffle the lyric selections.”


“Victorians liked their women modest, or maybe they were so sex-obsessed that any exposed flesh would drive them insane. Either way, one way the people of Victorian England kept their gals as pure as the driven snow was with a "modesty panel," (Source: a simple slab of wood nailed or propped up close to a desk or other structure that revealed a woman's ankles and kept adventurous creeps from looking up their skirts.”

Jacob Shelton
History Daily


“In 1998 Cadillac brought to life the first ever Escalade, the pop cultural icon, which 22 years has been featured in song lyrics more than 500 times (Based to music content aggregator and is one of the most featured vehicles in music and film.”

Al Bawaba

Questionable Quotes

“As of this writing, we have been unable to locate the original source of the quote — but we found no evidence that it was said by Monroe. One source claimed in 2013 it was a line of dialogue from the 1953 noir film “Niagara,” though we searched the screenplay at but didn’t find any such dialogue there. We also viewed the portion of the movie Monroe is in, but Monroe’s character Rose Loomis never makes the remark.”

Bethania Palma

Books & Literature, Press release

“Farida Mirza is a published children’s author. Oxford University Press has published six of her works. She was born in India and has since lived in the United Kingdom, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States. Farida teaches English and Psychology. Her poem “Where Do I Belong?” received the Editor’s Choice Award from and was featured in their collection.”

Digital Journal


““I don’t mind telling you, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” Ripa admitted. “I thought because I read a lot of books, that would somehow transform me into a writer. It was a struggle every step of the way. I did it with reliance on and, really kicking myself, saying, ‘Why didn’t I go to college?’””

Elisabeth Egan
The New York Times

Top 5 song lyrics websites in 2022 is the most preferable website for song lyrics due to its clean and organized interface, extensive database of artists and songs, ability to translate lyrics into different languages, and featured videos of songs and their respective artists. Additionally, the website has a dedicated section where users can share their favourite songs with friends, making it the perfect one-stop shop for all your lyric needs!”

Zoya Daniel
The Odyssey Online


“These songs 'blame it on the weatherman' -- When things go awry, why do they blame the weatherman? Who is “they,” you ask? I’m talking about songwriters. According to the word “weatherman” comes up 1,089 times in the library of songs.”

Heather Morrison
Spectrum News


“Lyric databases ranging from to Encyclopaedia Metallum to Genius list lyrics for Obituary’s entire back catalog. That’s notable because, according to Donald, the band didn’t officially release lyrics until 2014’s Inked In Blood. And what’s even more remarkable is that, on all of the websites mentioned above, 1989’s Slowly We Rot has been transcribed in full, an album that, pretty famously, is light on lyrics.”

Ian Chainey


“Zenzizenzizenzic is an obsolete form of mathematical notation representing the eighth power of a number (This via — If today’s weird word of the day zenzizenzizenzic brings back horrible memories of maths exams, I am very sorry for that but also not sorry. It’s also quite easy to remember because it’s “zenzi” x 3 and then the letter C at the end. Good luck pronouncing it though.”

James Freemantle
The South African


“Throw a stone into a crowd and you’ll probably hit someone that can recite the storyline of Beauty and the Beast, or belt out A Whole New World without referring to Young or old, Disney films hold a special place in many of our hearts and this year, it’s time to take out the candles as they turn a hundred years old.”

Kezia Tan


“Decoding text acronyms and abbreviations is a specialty of many websites and dictionaries, and examples include, Urban Dictionary, and NetLingo. When you receive a text message containing an acronym or abbreviation you have never heard of, these resources can be beneficial if you don’t want to ask the sender not to look silly.”

Kelly Indah

National News

“The Escalade brand is ubiquitous in popular culture. The plus-sized SUVs are frequently seen shuttling the rappers who sing about it. According to musical aggregate, “Escalade” appears in more than 2,000 songs.”

Brian Niemietz
New York Daily News

Community Corner

“In Māori culture, “taonga” refers to anything that is treasured, according to The Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand.”

Tiffany Razzano
Patch Media


“First, we should define this term correctly. According to some English dictionaries such as the Free Dictionary by Farlex, and, the definition of "Chinaman" reads "Archaic or derogatory - a native or inhabitant of China." These references note that the term is "usually offensive," and that "although the term has no negative connotations in older dictionaries, and the usage of such parallel compound terms as Englishman, Frenchman and Irishman remain unobjectionable, the term Chinaman is noted as offensive by modern dictionaries."”

Global Times


“The daily commute can be dull sometimes, so there is nothing like an interesting sighting on the road to break up the monotony. Recently, a motorcyclist in Singapore raised eyebrows when onlookers spotted him carrying a stingray on his back. One went as far as to repurpose the lyrics of the ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers’ (Source: theme song to make it an ode to the motorcyclist and his soon-to-be-eaten stingray.”

Rachel Fong
Must Share News


“It’s not hard to fathom why universities – and the polytechnics and art schools that pre-dated them – have been such fertile ground for bands. But here’s a thing. Although there’s a lengthy list of bands that formed at university, songs about university are in relatively short supply. A quick, thoroughly scientific search of reveals there are almost as many songs about unicorns.”

Jeremy Clay
Times Higher Education


“That success has made Mahomes a significant cultural figure, too, an inspiration to numerous musical artists. As of this week, Mahomes has been referenced — either by his full name, just his last name or the nickname “Patty Mahomes” — in 594 songs, according to, the largest searchable lyrics database.”

Nate Taylor
The Athletic


“Local author Richard “Dick” Standring is originally from Ohio, but moved here several years ago from Pembroke, Massachusetts. Standring had a nearly 30-year career in advertising and marketing. He contacted me a few months ago about his newest book, “Dangerous 7 Short Mysteries”. He has written several works through essays, poetry, short stories, flash fiction and has four self-published mysteries.His poems can also be seen on”

Mary Regan
The Post and Courier


“I wrote my first poem, ‘The Lamb’, sitting at my dining table when I was 7 years old. My parents thought it was really good, and their encouragement spurred me to follow it up with more poems. When I was 14, I participated in a competition on To my surprise, my poem ‘My Anger Is Destruction’ was chosen to be published in their coffee table anthology of poetry. I was also awarded a medal for my work. That early success and recognition really motivated me to keep writing more poems.”


Daily Dot Com

“If you are curious how many songs there are with the word “telephone” or you want to sing along to your favorite song but don’t have all the lyrics, might be worth checking out. The site is a treasure trove for music enthusiasts, where you can delve into the heartfelt words of Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Marvin Gaye, Michael Bublé and other talented artists. Whether you want to croon along to the romantic serenade of “Just the Way You Are” or dance to the infectious beats of “24K Magic,” provides the canvas for your musical journey. Search for the song, or lyric and filter by the year, decade, or gender. Press enter and the results are seemingly endless. Song lyrics often carry deep emotions and messages. People use to understand the meaning behind the lyrics and connect with the songs on a deeper level. can be a useful tool for exploring different styles, themes, and word choices, helping songwriters looking for inspiration for their own compositions.”

Lenise Ligon
FOX10 News

CULTURE, a leading US literary portal, has posted the poem “Violets” by Molla Panah Vagif, the prominent poet of Azerbaijan in English as part of the Azerbaijan’s State Translation Centre’s “Azerbaijan Literature in an International Virtual World” project. The translator of the poem presented with information about the poet’s creativity is the well-known translator Tom Botting. The literature portal, which has a wide auditorium of readers, regularly publishes works by such outstanding writers and poets as William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Friedrich Schiller, Emily Dickinson, Jane Austen, Pablo Neruda, just to name a few.”

Azerbaijan State News Agency

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