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The writers of advertisements love to use quality as an adjective
: quality auto parts. Good writers, however, avoid this use and stick to fine...

quality - correct spelling

quality - noun and adjective’s section on Problem Words discusses the use of quality as an adjective. Click here for that...

quantity - correct spelling

quantity - noun
Example: He drank a large quantity of water after the race....

quarantine - correct spelling

quarantine - noun and verb
Example: He ordered a quarantine to prevent the spread of bird flu. noun...

quarreling - correct spelling

quarreling - verb (present participle of the verb quarrel)  Example: They were always ...

quart - correct spelling

quart - noun
Example: He ordered a quart of Coke....

quarter - correct spelling

quarter - noun, adjective, and verb
Example: He read a quarter of the book. noun...

query - vocabulary

To inquire, to submit a question.noun
An inquiry, a question. To the query, “What is a friend?” his reply was “A single soul dwelling in two bodies.”...

Question Mark Goes Inside

Sometimes the question mark goes inside the closing quotations marks. The committee asked, rather rhetorically, "Does this rule actually apply?" (Question mark that's part of the quotation goes inside. No ad...

Question Mark Goes Outside

Sometimes the question mark goes outside the closing quotations marks. Did the board really say, "We will consider the rules on charitable contributions"? (Question mark showing the writer's question goes outside.)...

Question Marks with Quotation Marks

Where Do Questions Marks Go?Put the question mark inside ending quotation marks if the question belongs to the quoted source. Put it outside if the question belongs to the writer.Inside When the Question Belon...

questionnaire - correct spelling

questionnaire - noun
Not questionaire.Example: He filled out the silly questionnaire....

queue - vocabulary

To get in line.noun
A file of persons waiting in order of their arrival, as for admittance.Note: The word queue appears more frequently in Great Brit...

quiescent - vocabulary

Being quiet, at rest, still, motionless, as in quiescent thoughts. There is a brief time for sex, and a long time when sex is out of place. But when it is out of place as an activity ...

quiet - correct spelling

quiet - adjective, verb, and noun’s section on Problem Words discusses quiet, quite, and quit. ...

quintessence - vocabulary

The most essential part of anything; the pure essence of a substance; the most typical example of something. O my lady Dulcinea of Toboso! the sun of all beauty, the end and quintessence...

Quit Procrastinating And Write Your Thesis

The truth is, most of us procrastinate because we feel overwhelmed by the task. But think about it. If you've made it through most or all of your graduate work, you have no doubt run into people with advance degrees that make you wonder how in t...

quite - correct spelling

quite - adverb’s section on Problem Words discusses quiet, quite, and quit. Click here for that discussion...

quite, quiet, quit

These words would probably never be confused if not for their similar spellings. Their meanings are not similar at all.Quite means “to an extreme or intense degree.”Quiet is the lack...

quizzes - correct spelling

quizzes - noun (plural of the noun quiz) and verb (third-person singular of the ve...

quote, quotation

As a verb, to quote means “to repeat or copy the words of another.”The word quotation is the noun form.Many writers ...

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