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Table of Personal Pronouns

You might want to bookmark this page.Now let’s put it all together. The first table below shows singular personal pronouns; the second, plural personal pronouns. ...

tableau - vocabulary

A picture, of a scene; a vivid description; an arrangement of inanimate figures representing a scene from real life, all costumed and posed. In a play, a time in a scene when all actors freeze and then resume the actio...

tacit - vocabulary

Understood, without being expressed; implied, as in a tacit agreement; silent, as in a tacit partner. In all conversation between two persons, tacit referenc...

taciturn - vocabulary

Disinclined to conversation; reserved in speech; not talkative. Nature is garrulous to the point of confusion, let the artist be truly taciturn.—Paul Klee ...

tag question

A brief question which is tacked on to the end of a statement. English uses two different kinds of tag question, both of somewhat complex formation. Consider the statement Astrid is Norwegian. One kind of tag question extends this stat...

Talk vs. Speak

“We can’t speak freely when someone is around” OR ...

tangible - correct spelling

adjective and noun
Example: Happiness remained elusive. He couldn’t touch it. It was not tangible. adjective...

tangible - vocabulary

Perceptible by touch; material or substantial; real, actual, not imaginary, not vague.Note: A tangible asset is something you can see and touch and, you hope, sell. Examples ...

tantamount - vocabulary

Equivalent to (but not the same as), amounts to, might as well be the same as. Most women of [the World War II] generation have but one image of good motherhood—the one their mothers embodied....

tariff - correct spelling

noun and verb
Example: Congress imposed a tariff on the foreign goods. noun
Example: The Chin...

Taut vs. Taunt

People make a lot of mistakes while speaking or writing English. Sometimes they are spelling mistakes, sometimes mistakes of homophones and sometimes a wrong word is used instead of the right word if they are extremely alike. Tau...

Tautology: Definition and Best Examples

Are you redundant when you write?The word tautology refers to a phrase in whic...

technical - correct spelling

adjective and noun
Example: His technical skill helped the company develop new products. adjective...

technique - correct spelling

Example: Her knitting technique was precise and intricate....

Techniques to Develop or Acquire Good Essay Topics

Full Guide On How to Come Up With Good Essay Topics Many little things make students’ lives easier. Keeping a planner. Carrying a water bottle. Catching a mid-day nap. Watching a how-to YouTube video. Yet, there is something that always stands...

Teleology vs. Deontology

WHAT IS TELEOLOGY?The word teleology is derived from the Greek word telos, which means the goal or the end, and logos, which mean science.&...

temerity - vocabulary

Recklessness, boldness, rashness; fearless daring. The old man trusts wholly to slow contrivance and gradual progression; the youth expects to force his way by genius, vigour, and precipitance. The old ...

temperament - correct spelling

Example: His grouchy temperament irked his staff....

temperamental - correct spelling

Example: The temperamental car refused to start once again....

temperature - correct spelling

Example: The mother checked the temperature of her child....

temporize - vocabulary

To gain time or delay acting by being indecisive or evasive; to comply with the time or the occasion, to yield ostensibly to current opinion; to produce a compromise; to come to terms. The third Europea...

tenacious - vocabulary

Unyielding, holding fast, keeping a firm grip, stubborn, obstinate. Isabel was perfectly aware that she had not taken the measure of Pansy’s tenacity, which might prove to be ...

tenant - correct spelling

Example: The tenant who leased the apartment caused all sorts of trouble.See tenet

tendency - correct spelling

Example: He has a tendency to lose his cool....

tenement - correct spelling

Example: The tenement became a haven for drug addicts....

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