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Table of Personal Pronouns

You might want to bookmark this page.Now let’s put it all together. The first table below shows singular personal pronouns; the second, plural personal pronouns. ...

tableau - vocabulary

A picture, of a scene; a vivid description; an arrangement of inanimate figures representing a scene from real life, all costumed and posed. In a play, a time in a scene when all actors freeze and then resume the actio...

tacit - vocabulary

Understood, without being expressed; implied, as in a tacit agreement; silent, as in a tacit partner. In all conversation between two persons, tacit referenc...

taciturn - vocabulary

Disinclined to conversation; reserved in speech; not talkative. Nature is garrulous to the point of confusion, let the artist be truly taciturn.—Paul Klee ...

tangible - correct spelling

adjective and noun
Example: Happiness remained elusive. He couldn’t touch it. It was not tangible. adjective...

tangible - vocabulary

Perceptible by touch; material or substantial; real, actual, not imaginary, not vague.Note: A tangible asset is something you can see and touch and, you hope, sell. Examples ...

tantamount - vocabulary

Equivalent to (but not the same as), amounts to, might as well be the same as. Most women of [the World War II] generation have but one image of good motherhood—the one their mothers embodied....

tariff - correct spelling

noun and verb
Example: Congress imposed a tariff on the foreign goods. noun
Example: The Chin...

Taut vs. Taunt

People make a lot of mistakes while speaking or writing English. Sometimes they are spelling mistakes, sometimes mistakes of homophones and sometimes a wrong word is used instead of the right word if they are extremely alike. Tau...

technical - correct spelling

adjective and noun
Example: His technical skill helped the company develop new products. adjective...

technique - correct spelling

Example: Her knitting technique was precise and intricate....

temerity - vocabulary

Recklessness, boldness, rashness; fearless daring. The old man trusts wholly to slow contrivance and gradual progression; the youth expects to force his way by genius, vigour, and precipitance. The old ...

temperament - correct spelling

Example: His grouchy temperament irked his staff....

temperamental - correct spelling

Example: The temperamental car refused to start once again....

temperature - correct spelling

Example: The mother checked the temperature of her child....

temporize - vocabulary

To gain time or delay acting by being indecisive or evasive; to comply with the time or the occasion, to yield ostensibly to current opinion; to produce a compromise; to come to terms. The third Europea...

tenacious - vocabulary

Unyielding, holding fast, keeping a firm grip, stubborn, obstinate. Isabel was perfectly aware that she had not taken the measure of Pansy’s tenacity, which might prove to be ...

tenant - correct spelling

Example: The tenant who leased the apartment caused all sorts of trouble.See tenet

tendency - correct spelling

Example: He has a tendency to lose his cool....

tenement - correct spelling

Example: The tenement became a haven for drug addicts....

tenet - correct spelling

Example: This moral tenet requires absolute honesty.See tenant

tenet - vocabulary

An opinion, principle, dogma, or doctrine a person or group believes or maintains as true. A central tenet of modern feminist thought has been the assertion that “all women are oppresse...


In traditional English grammar, we have six tenses of verbs:1. present tense (I decide)2. past tense (...



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