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To vs. Too

To vs. TooGrammatically, the key difference between “to” and “too” is easy to remember and understand. “To” is a preposition, whereas “too” is an adverb. Short and simple explanations so far! But the more complex part is yet...

together - correct spelling

adverb and adjective (slang)Example: We gathered together around the table. adverb
Example: ...

together with

See coupled with, as well as, along with, together with, not to mention

tomorrow - correct spelling

noun and adverb
Example: Tomorrow will be warm and sunny. noun
Example: “I won’t think abou...

tongue - correct spelling

noun and verb
Example: He spoke in his native tongue. noun...

too - correct spelling

Not to.Example: He will come, too.Example: He stood too n...

torpor - vocabulary

Apathy, sluggish inactivity, a state of suspended physical activity, lethargic indifference. Nothing is so well calculated to produce a death-like torpor in the country as an extended s...

tortious, tortuous, torturous - vocabulary

Tortious: a legal word that refers to an act that gives ground for a lawsuit based on tort law.Note: ...

Torturous vs. Tortuous

Separated by just one pesky letter, these two similar-sounding adjectives can be torturous to keep straight. Or is it tortuous? Consider the sentences below: ...

torturous, tortuous, tortious

The words torturous and tortuous come from the same Latin root “torquere,” which means “to twist.” But their meanings today are distinct.Torturous is related to the...

tough - correct spelling

adjective, adverb, noun, and verb
Example: He’s a tough man to work for. ...

tournament - correct spelling

Example: Carolina won the NCAA basketball tournament....

tout, taunt, taut, taught

To tout means "to brazenly solicit support" (or in rare cases "to deal in racehorses").To taunt means “to ridicule” or “to mock.”Taut means “tense” or “draw...

toward - correct spelling

Note: Americans use toward while the British use towards.Example: He walked straight toward me....

towards - correct spelling

See toward...

tractable - vocabulary

Easily led or controlled, as in a tractable child or tractable voters. The parole board scene, like many other sequences here, attests to the filmmakers' skill at unobtrusive...

tragedy - correct spelling

Example: Little Lucy viewed her lost tooth as a tragedy....

Train Your Mind: 10 Indispensable Tools for College Students

Many students rush to buy vitamins, energy boosters, and other things promising the improvement of their cognitive abilities. And some supplements can do the trick but only on a molecular level. And we all rather need a boost for our brain to turn on...

Transaction Results


transferred - correct spelling

verb (past tense and past participle of the verb transfer)Example: He transferred most of ...

transferring - correct spelling

verb (present participle of the verb transfer)Example: We are transferring our property to our children....

Transitive and Intransitive

The trick question we used above to determine whether a verb is transitive will always nail a verb as transitive or intransitive: Can I [verb] somebody or something? If yes, the verb is transitive. If no, the verb is intransitive.Naturally en...

transitive verb

Action verbs are either transitive or intransitive. A transitive verb has the intrinsic ability to attach directly to a noun, called the direct object
. But an intr...

transitive verb - vocabulary

Note: The transitive verb is a good thing to know. Because many experienced writers usually know its ins and outs, I’ve included a brief discussion here....

Transitive Verbs

Verbs with ObjectsAs Amber and Igor became grammatically aware, Amber noticed that action verbs came in two models. One described someone (the subject) doing something (the verb) to someone or something (the direct object). T...

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