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bachelor - correct spelling

bachelor noun
Example: He is the world’s most eligible bachelor....

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So why are the examples at the beginning of this chapter incorrect?Here are the examples from the best-selling Toxin: 1. Kelly regarded Tracy in an attempt to interpret her comment. Kelly couldn’t qui...

bad, badly

Bad ordinarily acts as an adjective, badly as an adverb
. Bad normally describes how things a...

balance - correct spelling

balance noun and verb
Example: The balance in the account was more than enough. noun

Bale vs. Bail

English, like all languages, contain homophones, or words that sound alike, but don’t have the same meaning....

balloon - correct spelling

balloon noun and verb
Example: The little girl lost her balloon. noun
Example: The f...

Balmy vs. Barmy

Barmy and balmy sound exactly alike, and with the exception of one word (r in barmy and l in balmy) their spellings are very much similar too. The meanings of both the words however...

banal - vocabulary

banal - adjective
Drearily commonplace, hackneyed, trite, lacking in originality. If you killed off Lizzie McGuire's entire family and sent her to live with an evil stepmother and two...

barbecue - correct spelling

barbecue noun and verb
Sometimes spelled barbeque.Example: We enjoyed the North Carolina barbecue. ...

Barbeque vs. Barbecue

If you eat meat, you have probably had delicious slow-cooked pork drenched in tangy, spicy sauce. This wonde...

bargain - correct spelling

bargain noun and verb
Example: We found a bargain at the yard sale. noun
Example: Yo...

Base vs. Bass

Bass and base are homophones, which means they are pronounced similarly but have different meanings. To furt...

basic - correct spelling

basic adjective and noun (basics)Example: Sugar is the basic ingredient. adjective...

basically - correct spelling

basically adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that dis...

Bathe vs. Bath

The differences between American and British English are many and varied. Sometimes, the same word will be s...

Bear vs. Bare

There are actually three different words here, as bear has two different senses. Confusing these two words i...

beautiful - correct spelling

beautiful adjective
Example: We enjoyed the beautiful sunset....

because - correct spelling

because subordinating conjunction
Note: Forget your teacher’s rule about not starting a sentence with Because. Emily Dickinson’s poem Death begins: “Because I...

because, as, since, for

See as, because, since, for

become - correct spelling

become verb
Example: He will become annoyed with his situation rather quickly....

before - correct spelling

before preposition, subordinating conjunction, and adverb
Example: He fell asleep bef...

beggar - correct spelling

beggar noun and verb
Example: He gave a dollar to the beggar. noun
Example: The war ...

beginning - correct spelling

beginning noun, adjective, and verb (present participle of the verb begin)Example: In the ...

Behavior vs. Behaviour

There are many English words that are spelled and pronounced similarly. Some of these words are homophones: words that are pronounced the same but mean different things. Still, others are spelling variants that result from differ...

being - correct spelling

being noun and verb (present participle of the verb to be
)Example: The movie character was a rather exotic ...

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