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bachelor - correct spelling

bachelor noun
Example: He is the world’s most eligible bachelor....

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So why are the examples at the beginning of this chapter incorrect?Here are the examples from the best-selling Toxin: 1. Kelly regarded Tracy in an attempt to interpret her comment. Kelly couldn’t qui...

bad, badly

Bad ordinarily acts as an adjective, badly as an adverb
. Bad normally describes how things a...

balance - correct spelling

balance noun and verb
Example: The balance in the account was more than enough. noun

Bale vs. Bail

Content about Bale vs. Bail has been temporarily removed......

balloon - correct spelling

balloon noun and verb
Example: The little girl lost her balloon. noun
Example: The f...

Balmy vs. Barmy

Barmy and balmy sound exactly alike, and with the exception of one word (r in barmy and l in balmy) their spellings are very much similar too. The meanings of both the words however...

banal - vocabulary

banal - adjective
Drearily commonplace, hackneyed, trite, lacking in originality. If you killed off Lizzie McGuire's entire family and sent her to live with an evil stepmother and two...

barbecue - correct spelling

barbecue noun and verb
Sometimes spelled barbeque.Example: We enjoyed the North Carolina barbecue. ...

Barbeque vs. Barbecue

People love "barbecue time", as they usually associate it with a free day spent with friends, chatting and feeling good outdoors. But taking a closer look at its name, this word started to create confusion within the last years.You might have...

bargain - correct spelling

bargain noun and verb
Example: We found a bargain at the yard sale. noun
Example: Yo...

Base vs. Bass

Content about Base vs. Bass has been temporarily removed......

basic - correct spelling

basic adjective and noun (basics)Example: Sugar is the basic ingredient. adjective...

basically - correct spelling

basically adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that dis...

Bathe vs. Bath

Content about Bathe vs. Bath has been temporarily removed......

Bear vs. Bare

Content about Bear vs. Bare has been temporarily removed......

beautiful - correct spelling

beautiful adjective
Example: We enjoyed the beautiful sunset....

because - correct spelling

because subordinating conjunction
Note: Forget your teacher’s rule about not starting a sentence with Because. Emily Dickinson’s poem Death begins: “Because I...

because, as, since, for

See as, because, since, for

become - correct spelling

become verb
Example: He will become annoyed with his situation rather quickly....

before - correct spelling

before preposition, subordinating conjunction, and adverb
Example: He fell asleep bef...

beggar - correct spelling

beggar noun and verb
Example: He gave a dollar to the beggar. noun
Example: The war ...

beginning - correct spelling

beginning noun, adjective, and verb (present participle of the verb begin)Example: In the ...

Behavior vs. Behaviour

Behavior/Behaviour is one of many words that are spelled differently in American English and UK English. It is part of a pattern that extends across the majority of words with the same ending, such as color/colour, harbor/harbour...

being - correct spelling

being noun and verb (present participle of the verb to be
)Example: The movie character was a rather exotic ...

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