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bachelor - correct spelling

bachelor noun
Example: He is the world’s most eligible bachelor....

Back to Our Robin Cook Examples

So why are the examples at the beginning of this chapter incorrect?Here are the examples from the best-selling Toxin: 1. Kelly regarded Tracy in an attempt to interpret her comment. Kelly couldn’t qui...

Backup and Back up? What’s the Difference?

We all use the word Backup. Or is it Back Up? ...

bad, badly

Bad ordinarily acts as an adjective, badly as an adverb
. Bad normally describes how things a...

Badge vs. Badger

A small sign with a picture, name, or message on it that you pin to your clothes.A mammal with a gray body and a black and white head that lives in a burrow and comes out at night to eat.To keep asking someon...

Bag vs. Baggage

A usually flexible container for carrying things.Travelers’ suitcases, bags, and trunks....

Bagel vs. Doughnut

Origins and Cultural Significance: Bagels, with their origins tracing back to Jewish communities in Eastern Europe, hold a deep cultural significance. They symbolize tradition, Jewish identity, and are often associated with New York City's bu...

Baggy vs. Bagpipes

Hanging in loose folds, as in baggy shorts.A musical instrument....

Bait vs. Bate: Do You Know the Difference?

You know the expression, “…with bated/baited breath…” What do you think? Is it spelled "bai...

Baking Powder vs. Baking Soda

A white powder used in baking to make dough or batter rise.A white powder used to make dough rise or to make an upset stomach....

balance - correct spelling

balance noun and verb
Example: The balance in the account was more than enough. noun

Bale vs. Bail

Bale vs. Bail: Navigating Homophones in Language Homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings, can sometimes cause confusion. "Bale" and "bail" are examples of such homophones. This article aims to clari...

Ball vs. Bawl

The English language is rich and diverse, with many words that sound similar but have completely different meanings. "Ball" and "bawl" are two such words that are often confused due to their similar pronunciation,...

balloon - correct spelling

balloon noun and verb
Example: The little girl lost her balloon. noun
Example: The f...

Balmy vs. Barmy

Barmy and balmy sound exactly alike, and with the exception of one word (r in barmy and l in balmy) their spellings are very much similar too. The meanings of both the words however...

banal - vocabulary

banal - adjective
Drearily commonplace, hackneyed, trite, lacking in originality. If you killed off Lizzie McGuire's entire family and sent her to live with an evil stepmother and two...

barbecue - correct spelling

barbecue noun and verb
Sometimes spelled barbeque.Example: We enjoyed the North Carolina barbecue. ...

Barbeque vs. Barbecue

People love "barbecue time", as they usually associate it with a free day spent with friends, chatting and feeling good outdoors. But taking a closer look at its name, this word started to create confusion within the last years.You might have...

Bare vs. Bear

The English language is full of homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings. "Bare" and "bear" are two such words that are often confused due to their similar pronunciation, but they have dis...

bargain - correct spelling

bargain noun and verb
Example: We found a bargain at the yard sale. noun
Example: Yo...

Base vs. Baseball

Introduction English is a language renowned for its intricate vocabulary, occasionally causing confusion due to words that sound similar but have distinct meanings. 'Base' and 'baseball' are two such words that are occasionally interchang...

Base vs. Bass

Even though they are correctly pronounced differently, the fact that “base” and “bass” have quite similar spellings often determines some English users to pronounce them almost identically and, consequently, to confound them and use them one instead ...

basic - correct spelling

basic adjective and noun (basics)Example: Sugar is the basic ingredient. adjective...

basically - correct spelling

basically adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that dis...

Basket vs. Basketball

'Basket' 'Basket' is a noun that refers to a container or receptacle made of various materials, such as woven wicker, plastic, or metal, designed for holding, carrying, or storing items. Baskets come in various shapes and sizes, and their...

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    B The person whose car is blocking the driveway should move it.
    C The girl which is sitting there is my sister.
    D This is the book who I was looking for.

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