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belie - vocabulary

belie - verb
To misrepresent, to show to be false; to refute, disprove, gainsay. Often used to show an action directly contrary to the true situation, as in His shaking hands belied his calm smile and...

belief - correct spelling

belief noun
Example: This is my belief....

believable - correct spelling

believable adjective
Not believeable.Example: The plot, at least, was believable....

believe - correct spelling

believe verb
Example: He wants to believe in her....

Bellow vs. Below

In English, even minor spelling differences can completely change the meaning of common words. In these case...

bemoan - vocabulary

bemoan - verb
To lament; to express grief or distress over; to regard with disapproval or regret. Back in May, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton publicly admonished young folks for thinking of w...

beneficial - correct spelling

beneficial adjective
Example: The health food provides many beneficial effects....

benefit - correct spelling

benefit noun and verb
Example: This benefit attracted the new recruits. noun

benefited - correct spelling

benefited verb (past tense and past participle of the verb benefit)Also spelled benefitted.Example: The slush fun...

Benefitted vs. Benefited

Many writers are flummoxed at the spelling rules in English. In some cases, the consonant at the end of a wo...

beset - vocabulary

beset - verb
To attack on all sides, to assail, to harass, as in beset by financial difficulties; to surround or hem in, as in the little town beset on all sides with housing developments...

Beside vs. Besides

Beside Beside is a preposition of place. It means ‘next to’. The word has originated from the old English adverb ‘be sidan’ ...

besides, beside

As prepositions, these two are commonly interchanged, but their meanings do differ, according to traditionalists.Besides means “other than” or “in addition to” while ...

between - correct spelling

between preposition
Note: When you use a personal pronoun with between, you must use the objective case

Biannual vs. Biennial

Biannual and biennial are treated as if they are interchangeable or they mean the same. Some people who know the difference but still get confuse about wh...

bicycle - correct spelling

bicycle noun
Example: The little girl loved her new bicycle....

bight - correct spelling

bight noun (a loop in a rope, or a curve in a coastline)Not bite
.Note: When you use your teeth, you ...

bilateral - vocabulary

bilateral - adjective
Pertaining to two sides, parties, or factions, as in a bilateral treaty. In law, a bilateral contract binds two parties to reciprocal duties. R...

Bind vs. Bound vs. Bounded

Bind – to bind is to fasten objects together tightly. For example, glue is a binding material that binds paper with another surface, water binds the flour, a common...

Binging vs. Bingeing

As awareness of eating disorders has increased since the 1980s, so has use of the verb binge. As with many v...

biscuit - correct spelling

biscuit noun
Example: My grandmother made the world’s best biscuit....

bite - correct spelling

bite verb and noun
Not bight
.Example: A child might bite th...

blaspheme - vocabulary

blaspheme - verb
To speak irreverently of God or sacred things or beliefs; to speak evil of someone or something. Used as either a transitive verb (with ...

Blatant vs. Flagrant

The majority of linguistic issues that writers face on a day-to-day basis really have nothing to do with gra...

Blockquote Test Page

Only Blockquote Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and sc...

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