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Bellow vs. Below

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How often do you find yourself wondering whether you should spell "below" or "bellow" while writing something? If you have seen this word spelled in both forms, chances are you got confused and you are not sure anymore about which one is correct.

Find out what each form means and how to spell it correctly according to the message you want to express.

Bellow vs. Below

"Bellow" is a verb referring to the action of shouting really loudly. Moreover, spelled like this, the word is also frequently used as a noun and refers to a powerful roar of an animal or a very loud noise similar to roaring.

On the other hand, "below" represents something completely different. This is actually a preposition indicating the position of something, its lower placement in comparison to another object or person. At the same time, the same preposition can be used with the sense of "less".

When do we use "bellow"?

You can use "bellow" whenever you refer to a loud noise, similar to the roar of an animal.

Example 1: I heard someone bellow in the distance. - referring to someone who shouted loud.

Example 2: The bellow of the lion was reflecting its pain. - "bellow" refers to a deep roaring.

When do we use "below"?

You should use "below" when you refer to the placement of an object or to someone's position in comparison to someone else.

Example 1: Please read the text below. - referring to the lower placement of the text.

Example 2: Her salary is always below the average of what other employees are paid. - "below" is used here with the sense of "less than" the average.

Example 3: Casey is qualified for the management position, whereas Sarah hasn't finished her studies yet. She is still below him at work. - in this case, "below" refers to a lower hierarchic placement.


You should be careful to not confuse "below" for "bellow", as these words have completely different meanings according to their spelling. Consequently, if spelled inappropriately, they can completely change the meaning of your expressions. Shortly, remember "below" is a preposition regarding lower placement, while "bellow" refers to loud shouting.

Bellow vs. Below

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