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prosaic - vocabulary

Unimaginative, dull, commonplace, matter-of-fact; vapid; humdrum; tiresome. It is better to have a prosaic husband and to take a romantic lover.—Stendhal (Mar...

proscribe - vocabulary

To denounce or condemn something as dangerous or harmful; to prohibit, forbid. The public is harmed when lawmakers proscribe the use of a product that has been proved safe and useful. I...

prospect - correct spelling

prospect - noun (often in the plural
) and verb
Example: The favorable business prospects...

prostrate - vocabulary

Lying prone, or with the head to the ground, as in a gesture of humility, adoration, or subservience; physically weak or exhausted; utterly depressed or disconsolate.verb

prostrate, prostate

As a verb, to prostrate means "to throw oneself on the floor or lie facedown."The word prostrate also serves as an adj...

Protasis and Apodosis

Each and every grammatical expression has different names for it. Some are more common while ...

prototype - vocabulary

The model or original on which something else is based or formed; a thing or person serving to illustrate typical qualities of a larger class or group; something analogous to a later thing. The Ancient ...

protract - vocabulary

To prolong, draw out, lengthen the duration of.Note: The past-participial adjective protracted often appears, as in protract...

proverbial - vocabulary

Derives from the noun proverb, which means a popular saying, usually of ancient and unknown origin, that expresses a commonplace truth. In the Bible, a proverb is a profo...

prowess - vocabulary

Exceptional strength, skill, and courage in battle; superior skill or ability. I am really greatly pleased at your standing so high in your form, and I am sure that this year it is better for you to be ...

prurient - vocabulary

Inclined to lascivious or lustful thoughts and desires. Nothing is more repulsive than a furtively prurient spirituality; it is just as unsavory as gross sensuality....

psychiatrist - correct spelling

psychiatrist - noun
Example: The psychiatrist testified for the defendant....

psychology - correct spelling

psychology - noun
Example: She studied psychology in an attempt to understand herself....

publicly - correct spelling

publicly - adverb
Not's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. ...

puerile - correct spelling

puerile - adjective
Example: He engaged in puerile behavior when he made a face at the meeting....

puerile - vocabulary

Pertaining to childhood; childish, immature, or trivial. The idea that leisure is of value in itself is only conditionally true. . . . The average man simply spends his leisure as a dog spends...

punctilious - vocabulary

Strictly observant of the rules or forms prescribed by law or custom; precise, scrupulous. His courtesy was somewhat extravagant. He would write and thank people who wrote to thank him for wed...

Punctuation - Definition, Overview, and Lists of Examples

WelcomeBelow you’ll find links to our discussion on all punctuation marks. We have broken some of the longer topics into multiple pages. So watch for references to “Pages 1-2-3” at the bottom of the topic. Click the next page...

punitive - vocabulary

Pertaining to punishment.Note: In law, punitive damages are awarded in civil suits to punish the wrongdoer and serve as an example to deter others from similar, egregious con...

Purchase Confirmation

Thank you for your purchase!...

Purchase History


purport - vocabulary

The meaning or sense or import, as in the main purport of the article; also the purpose or intent, as in the purport of the trip to Italy.verb
To present, especially...

pursue - correct spelling

pursue - verb
Example: She tried to pursue her dream of fame and fortune....

pursuit - correct spelling

pursuit - noun
Example: The sheriff and his men were in hot pursuit....

pusillanimous - vocabulary

Without spirit or bravery; lacking courage; timid; faint-hearted. A Prince is despised when he is seen to be fickle, frivolous, effeminate, pusillanimous, or irresolute, again...

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