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dilatory - vocabulary

dilatory - adjective
Tending to delay or procrastinate; tardy, slow. Diligence increaseth the fruit of toil. A dilatory man wrestles with losses.—Hesiod Works an...

dilemma - correct spelling

dilemma noun
Example: She found herself on the horns of a dilemma.** “The original dilemma in rhetoric was a device by which you pr...

dilettante - vocabulary

dilettante - noun
One who engages in art or other subject for amusement, usually in a desultory or superficial way; a dabbler. Also used to refer to a lover of the fine arts. The second reason for his dela...

diminution - vocabulary

diminution - noun
The process, act, or fact of lessening or diminishing; reduction.Note: The adjective form diminutive often refers to people or things that are s...

dining - correct spelling

dining verb (present participle of the verb dine)Example: He was dining with friends when he heard the n...

dinner - correct spelling

dinner noun
Example: She came to our house for dinner....

Dinner vs. Diner

When words have several related meanings, you have to rely on context to parse the meaning of a sentence. Wh...

direct object

Action verbs come in two varieties: transitive and intransitive
. A transitive verb has the intrinsic ability to attach directly to a noun, and that noun is called the direct object...

Direct Object

The language English is considered one ...

direction - correct spelling

direction noun
Example: The ship sailed in a northern direction.Example: Parents must provide the proper ...

disappear - correct spelling

disappear verb
Example: The magician made his assistant disappear....

disappearance - correct spelling

disappearance noun
Example: Since her disappearance, the company lost its purpose and energy....

disappoint - correct spelling

disappoint verb
Example: These earnings will disappoint the shareholders....

disappointment - correct spelling

disappointment noun
Example: The loss was a major disappointment to his supporters....

disapproval - correct spelling

disapproval noun
Example: Her disapproval of his behavior was immediately apparent....

disapprove - correct spelling

disapprove verb
Example: The bank will disapprove the loan application. transitive verb
Example: ...

disastrous - correct spelling

disastrous adjective
Example: The financial results were disastrous, and the stock price plummeted....

discipline - correct spelling

discipline noun and verb
Example: The young mother will provide gentle discipline for her child. noun...

discomfit - vocabulary

discomfit - verb
Discomfit, to confuse, disconcert; to thwart, to frustrate the plans of, to foil. Whether the issue is birth control or global warming or clean air, this administration has alread...

discover - correct spelling

discover verb
Example: After we discover the culprit, we can alert the police....

Discreet vs. Discrete

The government’s discreet decision about the four discrete divisions caused a ...

Discreet vs. Discrete

It’s easy to mix up these two words; discreet and discrete, in English writing. They are a set of homophones...

discreet, discrete

To be discreet means to be “modest” or “prudent.”To be discrete means to be “obviously separate” or “distinct.” Discrete also has a specific meaning in mathematics ...

discriminate - correct spelling

discriminate verb and adjective
Example: The laws must not discriminate against people because of their race. ...

disease - correct spelling

disease noun
Example: His disease interfered with his work....

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