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double negative

Any construction in which two or more negative words occur in a single clause. Examples 1: "I didn't see nothing" (= I didn't see anything); Examples 2: "No football team can't win no championship without no defenders" (...

Double Object

An object is the part of a sentence that. It is related to the subject and verb of the sentence and represen...

doubt - correct spelling

doubt verb and noun
Example: We started to doubt our convictions. verb
Example: Her ...

dough - correct spelling

dough noun
Example: She kneaded the dough and baked some fabulous bread.Example: He was broke. He had no ...

doughty - correct spelling

doughty adjective
Example: The doughty soldier charged the enemy’s position....

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dozen - correct spelling

dozen noun and adjective
Example: A dozen should be enough. noun
Example: We or...

Drier vs. Dryer

Drier vs. Dryer: Navigating Variations in Spelling Understanding the differences between "drier" and "dryer" involves recognizing variations in spelling and usage. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between "drier" and "dryer,"...

drunkenness - correct spelling

drunkenness noun
Not drunkeness.Example: His drunkenness caused him to lose control of the car....

Dual vs. Duel

Dual and duel are a pair of homophones which means that both the words spell and sound almost similar but their meanings are entirely different from each other. Homophones are usual...

dumbbell - correct spelling

dumbbell noun
Not dumbell.Example: The weightlifter used a 100-pound dumbbell.Example: By all accounts, th...

duplicity - vocabulary

duplicity - noun
Deceitfulness in conduct or speech; speaking and acting in two different, opposing ways; a twofold or double quality or state.Note: The adjective dupl...

dyed - correct spelling

dyed verb (past tense and past participle of the verb dye)See died
.Example: ...

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    A He traveled among the countries in Europe.
    B They found treasure hidden among the rocks.
    C The cat is hiding among the bushes.
    D She walked among the crowded streets.

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