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decent - correct spelling

decent adjective
Not descent
.Example: After college, he got a fairly decent...

deception - correct spelling

deception noun
Example: Clever research by the CFO uncovered the CEO’s deception....

decide - correct spelling

decide verb
Example: We want to decide this issue now....

decimate - vocabulary

decimate - verb
To destroy a measurable or large proportion of.Note: Originally, decimate meant to select by lot and execute every tenth soldier of a unit. But the current usage of the wo...

decision - correct spelling

decision noun
Example: The court reached a decision in favor of the plaintiff....

decisive - correct spelling

decisive adjective
Example: His decisive action saved the company from ruin....

Declarative Sentence

English has a lot of different variations in it which are not known to everyone. Some basic English learners...

decorous - vocabulary

decorous - adjective
Characterized by dignity, good manners, good taste, appropriateness.Note: Decorum is the noun form. But, by a curious twist, ...

deduce - vocabulary

deduce - verb
To derive or draw as a conclusion by reasoning from given premises or principles. In no department are American universities weaker than in the department of English. The æsthetic opinion tha...

deed - correct spelling

deed noun and verb
Example: “No good deed goes unpunished.” * noun
Example: The cove...

Defence vs. Defense

Content about Defence vs. Defense has been temporarily removed......

defendant - correct spelling

defendant noun
Example: The defendant refused to testify, pleading his rights under the Fifth Amendment. noun...

deferred - correct spelling

deferred verb (past tense and past participle of the verb defer) and adjective
Example: We ...

defining clause

The great grammarian Henry Fowler coined this term to refer to a restrictive clause
. A defining clause looks to the noun modified and singles it out among others that could exist in the context. A defining clause poi...

definite - correct spelling

definite adjective
Not definate.Note: The adjectives definite and definitive both describe something precisely defined or explicitly set forth. The word ...

definite article

We have three articles in the English language: a, an, and the. The word the is the definite article. The words a and an are indefinite articles

definitely - correct spelling

definitely adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that di...

definition - correct spelling

definition noun
Example: His definition of the word profit confused the shareholders.Example: In the rain, the sce...

definitive - correct spelling

definitive adjective
Note: The adjectives definite and definitive both describe something precisely defined or explicitly set forth. The word definitive, however, re...

Defuse vs. Diffuse

The bomb squad d...

degradation - vocabulary

degradation - noun
Diminution, as of strength or magnitude; changing to a lower or less respected state.Note: Degrade is the verb form. [Former U.S. Se...

deign - vocabulary

deign - verb
To deem worthy of notice or account; to think it appropriate to one’s dignity. No professor, so far as I know, has ever deigned to give the same sober attention to the se...

deleterious - vocabulary

deleterious - adjective
Harmful or injurious, morally or physically. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and ab...

delicious - correct spelling

delicious adjective
Example: The child munched on the delicious apple....

delineate - vocabulary

delineate - verb
To represent by sketch or diagram; to trace the outline of; sketch or trace in outline; to represent pictorially, as in She delineated the state of New York on the map with a blue pencil. To port...

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