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disenfranchise - vocabulary

disenfranchise - verb
To deprive of any right privilege or power; to deprive of voting rights. From the early indications, Americans are feeling enthusiastic about their constitutionally guaranteed right t...


Consider the following usage note on
:The meaning of disingenuous has been shifting about lately, as if people were unsure of its proper meaning. Generally, it me...

disingenuous - vocabulary

disingenuous See the discussion of ingenuous
Note: You may download the Grammar eBook ...

Disinterested vs. Uninterested

Alex brought her disinterested friend to solve the dispute between her and Adam who was uninterested in ...

disinterested, uninterested

To be disinterested means to be “impartial,” “free from bias,” or “indifferent.” A disinterested person has no stake in the outcome.To be uninterested means “having...

disjunctive - vocabulary

disjunctive - adjective
Helping or serving to disconnect or separate; dividing; distinguishing.Note: In grammar, disjunctive describes the process of syntactically setting two or mor...

Disk vs. Disc

There are a lot of homophones in English that confuse both native and ESL writers alike. The two words disc ...

Disorganized vs. Unorganized

Do disorganized and unorganized mean the same thing?...

disparage - vocabulary

disparage - verb
To regard or speak of slightingly; to belittle; to bring reproach or discredit on. People disparage knowing and the intellectual life, and urge doing. I am content with kn...

dispensable - correct spelling

dispensable adjective
Example: Unfortunately, she was dispensable and lost her job last year....

Disperse vs. Disburse

Everyday-spoken English is usually considered less formal than written English, and this informality sometim...

dissatisfied - correct spelling

dissatisfied adjective and verb (past tense and past participle of the verb dissatisfy)Example: She gave ...

dissection - correct spelling

dissection noun
Example: The students performed a dissection of the poor frog....

dissemble - vocabulary

dissemble - verb
To give a misleading or false appearance, to conceal the truth; to feign.Note: Do not confuse dissemble (to hide the truth) with disassemble (to take something a...

disseminate - vocabulary

disseminate - verb
To spread or scatter widely, as seed is sown; to distribute, broadcast, disperse, as in disseminate information. "Nations, like individuals, wish to enjoy a fair reputation. It ...

dissipate - correct spelling

dissipate verb
Example: The smoke will dissipate when the wind blows....

distance - correct spelling

distance noun and verb
Example: Distance makes the heart grow fonder. noun
Example: ...

distinction - correct spelling

distinction noun
Example: This is a distinction without a difference.Example: He is a man of ...

Distrust vs. Mistrust

Sometimes, two words are so similar that even experienced writers have trouble remembering which is which. D...

Distrustful vs. Mistrustful

Origin of the words ...

Dive Deeper into the English Language with These Tips

Admit it – when someone tells you that he/she’s learning English, and it’s verydifficult, chances are that you don’t help or comfort them by giving some tips,sharing your personal hacks or doing anything that can make the s...

division - correct spelling

division noun
Example: For efficiency, we relied on a division of labor.Example: Send your complaint to the customer-relati...

doctor - correct spelling

doctor noun and verb
Example: My son, the doctor, treats small children. noun
Example: ...

dogma, dogmatic, dogmatize - vocabulary

dogma, dogmatic, dogmatize - noun, adjective, verb  noun
Dogma: a systems of tenets or principles...

dollar - correct spelling

dollar noun
Example: The U.S. dollar is a fiat currency.Example: The newspaper costs a ...

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