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Action verbs are either transitive or intransitive. A transitive verb has the intrinsic ability to attach directly to a noun, called the direct object. But an intransitive verb cannot attach directly to a noun. To form a relationship with a noun, an intransitive verb needs a preposition. You can write a book (write is transitive). But you cannot proceed an investigation. The verb proceed is intransitive. Thus, you proceed with an investigation.

Transitive verbs appear in two voices: active voice (John hit the ball) and passive voice (The ball was hit by John).

Many verbs have both transitive (She runs the organization) and intransitive (She runs for exercise) definitions. When you look up verbs in the dictionary, you'll find definitions divided between transitive and intransitive.

On, the editors don’t use the terms transitive and intransitive. Instead, they divide definitions into “verbs (used with objects)” and “verbs (used without objects).” The “with objects” moniker means “transitive.” The “without objects” moniker means “intransitive.”

As a writer, it behooves you to make certain you use a verb correctly. For example, is the verb pervade transitive or intransitive? To find out, you must consult the dictionary. It's transitive. Thus: Grief pervaded the funeral parlor. Not: Grief pervaded in the funeral parlor.

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