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Disperse vs. Disburse

Content about Disperse vs. Disburse has been temporarily removed......

dissatisfied - correct spelling

dissatisfied adjective and verb (past tense and past participle of the verb dissatisfy)Example: She gave ...

dissatisfied vs. unsatisfied

When you are dissatisfied you are disappointed, unhappy or frustrated. When you are unsatisfied, you feel that you need more of something. Only a person can be dissatisfied, while an abstract thing like hunger or a demand for goods can ...

dissection - correct spelling

dissection noun
Example: The students performed a dissection of the poor frog....

dissemble - vocabulary

dissemble - verb
To give a misleading or false appearance, to conceal the truth; to feign.Note: Do not confuse dissemble (to hide the truth) with disassemble (to take something a...

disseminate - vocabulary

disseminate - verb
To spread or scatter widely, as seed is sown; to distribute, broadcast, disperse, as in disseminate information. "Nations, like individuals, wish to enjoy a fair reputation. It ...

dissent vs. dissension

These words are not equivalent. Dissent is disagreement with an opinion, especially with a majority view. Dissension is serious and persistent disagreement among a group of people, especially ill-natured disagreement which leads ...

dissipate - correct spelling

dissipate verb
Example: The smoke will dissipate when the wind blows....

distance - correct spelling

distance noun and verb
Example: Distance makes the heart grow fonder. noun
Example: ...

distinction - correct spelling

distinction noun
Example: This is a distinction without a difference.Example: He is a man of ...

Distrust vs. Mistrust

Most of the words that are spelled similarly in English are either slight variations between British and American English, or completely different words with distinct definitions which have a random huge similarity in their spellings. But some of the...

Distrustful vs. Mistrustful

Origin of the words ...

Dive Deeper into the English Language with These Tips

Admit it – when someone tells you that he/she’s learning English, and it’s verydifficult, chances are that you don’t help or comfort them by giving some tips,sharing your personal hacks or doing anything that can make the s...

division - correct spelling

division noun
Example: For efficiency, we relied on a division of labor.Example: Send your complaint to the customer-relati...

doctor - correct spelling

doctor noun and verb
Example: My son, the doctor, treats small children. noun
Example: ...

dogma, dogmatic, dogmatize - vocabulary

dogma, dogmatic, dogmatize - noun, adjective, verb  noun
Dogma: a systems of tenets or principles...

dollar - correct spelling

dollar noun
Example: The U.S. dollar is a fiat currency.Example: The newspaper costs a ...

dominant - correct spelling

dominant adjective
Example: She played the dominant role in the company’s success....

Donut vs. Doughnut

Donut vs. DoughnutSpelling differences can create confusions even amongst the most commonly used words in movies, books...

double negative

Any construction in which two or more negative words occur in a single clause. Examples 1: "I didn't see nothing" (= I didn't see anything); Examples 2: "No football team can't win no championship without no defenders" (...

Double Object

An object is the part of a sentence that. It is related to the subject and verb of the sentence and represen...

doubt - correct spelling

doubt verb and noun
Example: We started to doubt our convictions. verb
Example: Her ...

dough - correct spelling

dough noun
Example: She kneaded the dough and baked some fabulous bread.Example: He was broke. He had no ...

doughty - correct spelling

doughty adjective
Example: The doughty soldier charged the enemy’s position....

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