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Favour vs. Favor

Are “favour” and “favor” both correct, or is one word a misspelling of the other? These are two of the most confusing words in English, because they are both commonly used in the same contexts, with the same meaning, and many users aren’t sure whethe...

Fawn vs. Faun

Homophones, literally "same sound" are usually defined as words that share the same pronunciation, regardless of how they are spelled. The similarity in the sounds of the homophones...

Fear of Using Pronouns

Pronominal PhobiaAs we conclude our discussion of the seven kinds of pronouns, I should pause to point out a problem with the writing styles of many people, particularly professionals. For some unknown reason,...

feasible - correct spelling

feasible adjective
Example: This plan is simply not feasible....

feat - correct spelling

feat noun
Example: The rescue was an extraordinary feat of courage....

February - correct spelling

February proper noun
Example: I’ll meet you in Key West in February....


Too many people use feel when they mean “think, believe, or maintain.” Consider this passage from Newsweek: She feels that crime prevention must start with helping ...

feet - correct spelling

feet noun
Example: She warmed her feet by the fire....

Felicitate vs Facilitate

Felicitate To felicitate someone means to congratulate someone, give them respect. The word originated from the Latin word ‘felix’ meaning happy which was translate to late Latin ...


In English language, a noun may be masculine, feminine or neuter form. Today I will discuss about the femini...

fervor, fervid - vocabulary

Fervor: great warmth or earnestness of feeling; intense heat.adjective
Fervid: intense, heated, or vehement in enthus...

fewer, less

Under the general rule, fewer should be used for plural nouns and things that can actually be counted while less is used for ...

fiancé, fiancée

A fiancé is male; a fiancée is female....

fiat - correct spelling

fiat noun
Example: The government’s fiat ruined the small country’s economy....

Fiber vs. Fibre

Every fiber of her body was throbbing with pain after the crash. ...

Fiction vs. Non Fiction

When looking for books to read, or even in daily conversation, we often read or hear about “fiction” and “non fiction”. A “fiction book”, a “non fiction story”, a fact that is “fiction”… While these concepts are frequently mentioned and approached in...

fictitious - correct spelling

fictitious adjective
Example: The fictitious numbers escaped the scrutiny of the accountants....

fiery - correct spelling

fiery adjective
Not firey.Example: The fiery explosion melted the girders of the building....

Figure of Speech

Figures of Words are called Tropes, and consist in a word's being employed to signify something that is different from its original meaning; so that by altering the word, we destroy the figure.When we say of a person, t...

File vs. Fill

Fill Fill as we know is to occupy a space with something. For example, fill the bo...

finally - correct spelling

finally adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that discu...

financial - correct spelling

financial adjective
Example: His financial status enabled him to contribute a large sum for the new hospital....

financially - correct spelling

financially adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that d...

financier - correct spelling

financier noun
Example: Her success as a financier attracted the attention of the media....

finite verb

A finite verb is a conjugated verb, which shows tense, person, number, and mood
. The opposite of a finite verb is the ...

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