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Conclusion to the Section on Punctuation

We hope you have enjoyed, and profited from, this discussion on the rules of punctuation. If you have, we hope you’ll tell your friends about hope you’ll use o...

Concrete Noun vs. Abstract Noun

A noun can be divided into two categories:...

condemn - correct spelling

Example: The judge will condemn the defendant to life in prison.Example: The government will ...

condescend - correct spelling

Example: He refused to condescend to the uninformed views of the board....

condescend - vocabulary

condescend -verb
Three meanings:1. To behave as if conscious of descending from a superior position, rank, or dignity, as in The wealthy art patron, seemingly put upon, condescended...

condition - correct spelling

conditionnoun and verb
Example: The contract contained a condition allowing us to escape liability. noun...

Conditional Sentences

If you are paving your path to learn better English or trying to improve your grammar you must have come acr...

Conditional Structures of Verbs

The Conditionals: If p, then qIn the English language, we often express conditions. Naturally, Miss Hamrick, Amber, and Igor dreamed up some rules to govern how we form these structures. We have four types o...

Conditional verbs

1.   ...

conference - correct spelling

Example: The politician called a news conference.Example: The professor and students held a ...

confident - correct spelling

Example: Her confident demeanor belied her lack of preparation....

Confident vs. confidential vs. confidant

Confidant A close person with whom you share the most secret matters, the kind that cannot be shared with anyone else. It is a noun and refers to a person. Sometimes, people use ‘confidante’ as an alternative word to r...

Confirm Vs Conform

Confirm The more common of the two words, confirm is used to establish something as true using proof or facts. For example, to confirm a theory is to prove it using some facts, to...

congratulate - correct spelling

See congratulations
.Example: We c...

congratulations - correct spelling

See congratulate
.Example: We offer you our warmest co...

Conjugating in the Progressive Aspect

The progressive tenses show an ongoing action. Some grammarians call the progressive tense the progressive aspect. So let's learn the tricks of conjugating in the progressive aspect.Once Amber and Igor learned all about the verb ...

Conjugating Irregular Verbs

Our grades plummeted when we had to conjugate irregular verbs in Miss Hamrick’s class. There was no way to figure out a scheme or system that would explain the necessary forms of irregular verbs, that is, the past tense and the past participle. For m...

Conjugating Regular Verbs

Conjugating Regular Verbs - ChartsHere are completed charts showing the conjugation of the regular verb to skip:Present Tense, Regular VerbHere’s the present tense of the verb to ...

Conjugating the Verb "To Be"

Now let’s take the verb to be through a complete conjugation. But first, consider its uniqueness.To Be, Unique Among All VerbsIn the entire English language, one verb stands out: the verb to be...


The process of conjugation shows the forms of a verb as it appears in all tenses. Conjugation reveals tense (when), person (who), number (how many, singular or plural), and ...


We have three kinds of conjunctions: (1) coordinating, (2) correlative, and (3) subordinating
. The coordinating and correlative co...


There are many parts of a sentence that you would have learned in about in school. Some of them are common a...

Conjunctions - Definition, Overview, and Lists of Examples

WelcomeBelow you’ll find links to our discussion on conjunctions. We recommend that you start with the first topic,Conjunctions - Words T...

Conjunctions - Words That Join

In this section, we’ll learn all about conjunctions. Great writers wisely and frequently use conjunctions to create parallel structures in their prose. And all great writers start sentences with conjunctions. After you read this section, you will too...

conjunctive adverb

A conjunctive adverb is a word like however or therefore. Others include nonetheless, consequently, even so, and others. We can use these words to join independent clauses. When you use them, however, make sure tha...

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