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controversy - correct spelling

controversy noun
Example: The controversy over accounting practices prompted the SEC to investigate....

convenience - correct spelling

convenience noun
Example: “It would be a convenience to all if these two pronouns [that and which] were used with precision.” —Str...

convenient - correct spelling

convenient adjective
Example: His wife supported his convenient alibi: He was in bed at the time of the shooting....

conversation - correct spelling

conversation noun
Example: We enjoyed our conversation on the front porch about matters of moment....

Convince vs. Persuade

English is full of confusing words. If you’re not dealing with a confusing set of homophones or homonyms, yo...

coolly - correct spelling

coolly adverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for that discus...

coordinate adjective

Coordinate adjectives are two adjectives, of equal weight, modifying the same noun
. Generally, you should separate the adjectives with a comma. A good test to use: Put the word and between the two...

coordinating conjunction

A coordinating conjunction joins elements in a series. Each element must perform the same grammatical function and appear in the same grammatical form. This is the rule of parallel construction
.We have sev...

Copular Verb

A verb is a word in a sentence that is performing the action in the sentence....

copulative verb

It's not what you think. Or hope.A copulative verb is a verb form that joins a subject to an adjective or to another noun
. The verb...

Copyright vs Copywrite

Copyright Copyright is a noun, which means exclusive legal rights of something – a work of art, music, document, poem, film name or any original work. This object or piece ...

corollary - vocabulary

corollary - noun
A proposition following so obviously from another that it requires little demonstration. The corollary to Cheney's zealous embrace of secrecy is his near ...

corporal - correct spelling

corporal adjective and noun
Example: The candidate approved of corporal punishment. adjective...

Corporation vs. Cooperation

English is a distinctive language where many words are so similar that they cause confusion in the readers and writers minds. Cooperation and corporation are an example of such word...

correlate - correct spelling

correlate verb, noun, and adjective
Example: The accountant tried to correlate income and expenses. ...

correlate, correlative, correlation - vocabulary

correlate, correlative, correlation - verb
Correlate: to establish an orderly connection or relation; to have, or stand in, a relation.adjective...

correlative conjunction

These conjunctions come in pairs. We have five of them:not … but not only … but also both … and neither … nor either … orAll good writers routinely use these conjunctions in their style. You should,...

correspondence - correct spelling

correspondence noun
Example: Our correspondence over the years has kept us informed....

corroborate - correct spelling

corroborate verb
Example: The administrator will corroborate the testimony of the teacher....

corroboration, corroborate - vocabulary

corroboration, corroborate - noun
Corroboration: the act of making more certain, the act of corroborating. verb

cough - correct spelling

cough noun and verb
Example: His racking cough disrupted the meeting. noun
Example: ...

could - correct spelling

could auxiliary verb
Note: Though most auxiliary verbs do not exhibit tense, the word could serves as a past tense of the auxiliary verb can....

council - correct spelling

council noun
Not counsel’s section on Problem Words discusses council and counsel. ...

counsel - correct spelling

counsel noun and verb
Not council’s section on Problem Words discusses council and counsel....

Counsel vs. Council

The pronunciations of “counsel” and “council” are almost identical, and this is the reason why they are so often confused. But despite their similarity, they have distinct meanings and should be used in different contexts.The safest way to ma...

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