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Compound Adjectives and -ly Adverbs

Never HyphenatedAlso pay special attention to compounds formed with an adverb ending in ‑ly followed by a past participle, present participle, or other adjective. These compounds are never hyphenated: ...

compound predicate

A compound predicate is simply two or more main verbs attached to a single subject of the sentence. Please note: When you join just two verbs, no comma should come before the and. Only when you join three or more ele...

compound sentence

A compound sentence comprises two or more independent clauses
. You may join these clauses by using one of the seven coordinating conjunctions
: but, or, yet, for, and, nor, ...

compound verb

A compound verb is a multiword verb form consisting of one or more auxiliary verbs and a main verb, as in I have seen the movie, She has gone home, ...

comprise - vocabulary

comprise - verb
To include, contain, consist of.Note: Correct, and traditional usage, requires the use of comprise in a way whereby the whole comprises the parts...

comprise, constitute, compose

Comprise means “to be composed of” or “to contain.” Constitute means “to be one of the parts of” something. You could say that the parts constitute the whole and the whole ...

compunction - vocabulary

compunction - noun
A feeling of anxiety or discomfort caused by regret for doing wrong or causing pain; contrition; remorse; any uneasiness or hesitation about the rightness of an action. ...

Comradery vs. Camaraderie

There is a small probability that you saw "comradery" spelled like this, according to statistics that show that "camaraderie" is used significantly more frequently in English. Yet, if you are wondering whether both versions are correct or not, or abo...

conceal - correct spelling

Example: The CFO sought to conceal the company’s losses....

concede - correct spelling

Example: On election night, she will concede the race....

conceit - correct spelling

Example: His conceit was apparent in the way he held his nose in the air.See ...

conceited - correct spelling

See conceit
.Example: His conceited attitude dismayed...

conceivable - correct spelling

Example: A cure to cancer remains conceivable....

conceive - correct spelling

Example: He conceived the invention in his garage.Example: She ...

concentration - correct spelling

Example: Studying our language requires careful concentration....

conception - correct spelling

Example: The business has suffered since its conception in 2005.Example: After her ...

Conclusion to the Parts of Speech

We hope you have enjoyed and profited from’s discussion of the parts of speech in the English language. We’ve tried to cover what you need to know to expand your knowledge of the language. We firmly believe that improving your writing nec...

Conclusion to the Section on Grammatical Mistakes

We hope you have enjoyed, and profited from, this discussion on common grammatical mistakes. If you have, we hope you’ll tell your friends about can download this entire discussion as the eBook ...

Conclusion to the Section on Punctuation

We hope you have enjoyed, and profited from, this discussion on the rules of punctuation. If you have, we hope you’ll tell your friends about hope you’ll use o...

Concrete Noun vs. Abstract Noun

A noun can be divided into two categories:...

condemn - correct spelling

Example: The judge will condemn the defendant to life in prison.Example: The government will ...

condescend - correct spelling

Example: He refused to condescend to the uninformed views of the board....

condescend - vocabulary

condescend -verb
Three meanings:1. To behave as if conscious of descending from a superior position, rank, or dignity, as in The wealthy art patron, seemingly put upon, condescended...

condition - correct spelling

conditionnoun and verb
Example: The contract contained a condition allowing us to escape liability. noun...

Conditional Sentences

If you are paving your path to learn better English or trying to improve your grammar you must have come acr...

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