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committee - correct spelling

Example: He detested the interminable meetings of the committee....

Common Dissertation Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Your dissertation sure is important! It can make or break your time at university. The thing is, as you’ve never written anything this long before, writing a text like this can be quite overwhelming and there are a lot of opportu...

Common Grammatical Mistakes

We have broken some of the longer topics into multiple pages. So watch for references to “Pages 1-2-3” at the bottom of the topic. Click the next page number to continue reading.Please note:You may download this entire se...

Common Traps to Avoid

The English language can lay many traps for unwary writers, who can embarrass themselves by using a plural verb with a singular subject (more common) or a singular verb with a plural subject (less common). Once you understand the most common traps, h...

Common Yiddish Idioms in English

Did you know that the word “bagel” is taken from Yiddish?How about the origin of the word “glitch”? Di...

Commonly Used Abbreviations in the English Language

In the vast landscape of language, abbreviations play a pivotal role in enhancing communication efficiency. They condense complex terms and phrases into shorter forms, facilitating rapid comprehension and transmission of information. Below, we del...

communicate - correct spelling

Example: We will communicate with you next week and close the deal then....

company - correct spelling

Example: She is always good company.Example: She started a successful ...

comparative - correct spelling

comparativeadjective and noun (grammatical term)Example: He has a comparative advantage because of his vast experi...

Comparative Adjective

The English we speak and write appears to be simple enough to be easily understandable by everyone. But when...

Comparative and Superlative forms of Adjectives and Adverbs

The English language uses adjectives and adverbs in a sentence to describe the quality of a noun or a verb. ...

comparative state

Modifiers—adjectives and adverbs
—attribute qualities to nouns and verbs. When the modifier shows a greater quality, it appears in the comparative state.Usually, for adjectives, you form ...

Compared To vs Compared With: What is the Difference?

The phrases “compared to” and “compared with” are used interchangeably and are usually assumed to have the same meaning. But do they?  ...

compel - correct spelling

The past tense and past participle are spelled compelled.Example: ...

competent - correct spelling

Example: He served as a competent administrator in the school system....

competition - correct spelling

Example: She relishes the competition of the other companies....

Complaisant vs. Complacent

John is a compla...


A complement is a word or group of words that completes the action or state of being expressed by the verb
. A subject complement typically follows the verb to be ...

complement - correct spelling

complementverb and noun
Not compliment’s section on Problem Words discusses complement...

complement verb

A complement verb, or phrasal verb, comprises a verb and a preposition. We have hundreds of them in the English language: dredge up, drop out, make up, mess up, screw up, and the list goes on and ...

complement, compliment - vocabulary

complement, compliment - verb
Complement: to complete, to add to something, to provide something felt to be lacking, as in The two books complemented each other and provided ...

Complementary or Antithetical Expressions

DefinedA complementary or antithetical expression requires a comma at its beginning and end. Perhaps I should define complementary or antithetical expressions. These are usually groups of words complementing or contr...

completely - correct spelling

completelyadverb's section on the Parts of Speech discusses the demise of -ly adverbs. Click here for ...

complex sentence

A complex sentence comprises one independent clause and at least one dependent clause
. The dependent clause, which cannot stand by itself as a sentence, performs some grammatical funct...

compliment - correct spelling

complimentverb and noun
Not complement’s section on Problem Words discusses complement...

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