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Count Nouns

By now, we have come across multiple types of nouns and pronouns in our everyday language. You might also va...

coupled with, as well as, along with, together with, not to mention

Expressions such as coupled with, as well as, along with, together with, not to mention, and others do not act as ...

courage - correct spelling

courage noun
Example: The final-exam question was simply “Define courage.” After a minute, the student handed in his two-word answer: “This is.”...

courageous - correct spelling

courageous adjective
Example: His courageous actions on the battlefield earned him the Congressional Medal of Honor....

course - correct spelling

course noun and verb
Not coarse’s section on Problem Words discusses coarse and course. ...

Course vs. Coarse

Consider the sentence written below:...

Coursework Writing Mistakes and Tips to Avoid them

This article has the goal to show students the most widespread mistakes they often make while writing their coursework
. These mistakes are main reasons why yo...

courteous - correct spelling

courteous adjective
Example: The courteous waiter received a huge tip from the generous diners....

courtesy - correct spelling

courtesy noun
Example: We offer this service as a courtesy to our customers....

COVID-19 Capitalization

The word "coronavirus" is not a proper noun, and is not the name of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Therefore, "CoronaVirus", "Coronavirus", and "Corona Virus" are invalid. Adding a space, like in "corona virus", is also invalid.You can't sa...

Creak vs. Creek

The words creak, creek sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Consider the sentences below: ...

credence - vocabulary

credence - noun
Acceptance as true or valid; belief. A letter found in 1991 by State Archivist David Olson lends credence to another more direct theory [on the origin of “...

Credible vs. Creditable

Talk about words that can be confused easily … creditable and credible are a prime example.  While they sound alike, and their meanings come close, they are two completely sepa...

credible, credulous - vocabulary

credible, credulous - adjective
Credible: capable of being believed; worthy of belief, as in a credible witness.Credulous: willing...

crimson vs. scarlet

Crimson denotes a deep shade of red. Scarlet denotes a bright shade of red....

Criteria vs. Criterion

Criteria” and “criterion” might be a pair of words that you rarely hear of, mainly because one is barely used, whereas the other is frequently used wrongly. If you believe that these words are synonyms, paronyms or different spellings of the same con...

criterion - vocabulary

criterion - noun
A standard, rule, or principle by which to determine the correctness of a judgment or conclusion.Note:  The word criterion is singular. Though criterions is an a...

criterion, criteria

Criterion is a singular noun that means the “standard” or “rule” used to make a judgment or decision.Criteria is the...

criticism - correct spelling

criticism noun
Example: He does not respond well to criticism, no matter how justified....

criticize - correct spelling

criticize verb
Example: The teacher will criticize your work and suggest ways to improve....


Until the middle of the 1900s, the word critique served as a noun
. But as the verb criticize began to have negative connotations, the word ...

crystal - correct spelling

crystal noun and adjective
Example: He served the pinot noir in his finest crystal. noun...

Cue vs. Queue

Cue” and “queue” are one of the problematic English words, especially for inexperienced users. The confusion is owed, obviously, to the amazing similarity between their pronunciation. If you don’t see these words written, you can hear “cue” and “queu...

culpable - vocabulary

culpable - adjective
Guilty, deserving blame or censure, blameworthy. "You were a full participant, and you were at least equally culpable with every other man sentenced in this case,...

curiosity - correct spelling

curiosity noun
Example: Curiosity killed the cat....

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