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email, e-mail, E-mail

Here’s a usage note from
: The transition from World Wide Web site to Web site to website as a single uncapitalized word mirrors the dev...

emanate - vocabulary

To flow out of, to proceed, as from a source, as in The light emanated from the lamp. As the struggle proceeded for making the ruling power emanate from the periodical choice o...

embarrass - correct spelling

embarrass verb
Spell with two "r's" and two "s's."Example: He tried to embarrass her in front of her coworkers....

embarrassment - correct spelling

embarrassment noun
Example: His offensive behavior was an embarrassment to the hosts....

Embed vs. Imbed

Embed vs. Imbed: Navigating Variations in Terminology Understanding the differences between "embed" and "imbed" involves recognizing variations in spelling and usage. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between "embed" and "imbe...

embezzle - correct spelling

embezzle verb
Example: He tried to embezzle funds from the charity....

embezzler - correct spelling

embezzler noun
Example: The embezzler skipped town with $100,000 of the charity’s money. ...

emergency - correct spelling

emergency noun
Example: The governor declared a state of emergency....

emigrate, immigrate - vocabulary

Emigrate: to move out of a country.Immigrate: to come into a country.noun
Emigration: th...

Eminent vs. Imminent

Probably seeing them in their written form, “eminent” and “imminent” aren’t very confusing; but once you hear them in conversations, you’ll realize that these words are more similar than you expected. Sounding almost identical, “eminent” and “imminen...

eminent, imminent

Eminent means “prominent” or “great.”Something is imminent if it is “impending” or “about to occur.”Example: The spectators rose to their feet as the eminent...

eminent, imminent - vocabulary

Eminent: high in station or rank, prominent, distinguished; prominent; conspicuous. To show the highest in stature, use preeminent (no hyphen).In law, the power of ...

Empathic vs. Empathetic

Empathic vs. Empathetic: Navigating Variations in Empathy Understanding the differences between "empathic" and "empathetic" involves recognizing variations in usage and preference. This article aims to clarify the distinctions between "em...

empathy, sympathy

To feel empathy means "to understand another’s feelings or situation." When you feel empathy for others, you “stand in their shoes” and feel what they’re feeling.If you show symp...

emperor - correct spelling

emperor noun
Example: Julius Caesar was emperor of Rome and died on March 15 in 44 B.C. when he was murdered by a group led by Cassius and Brutus....

emphasis - correct spelling

emphasis noun
Example: His emphasis on perfection motivated his staff....

Emphasise vs. Emphasize

Emphasise” and “emphasize” are causing quite a lot of controversial opinions and discussions. Some claim that “emphasise” is the misspelling of “emphasize”, others say it’s vice versa, and other believe both forms are correct. So, who’s right? How ar...

emphasize - correct spelling

emphasize verb
Example: We should emphasize the importance of this project....

Emphasize vs. Emphasise

Emphasis" is a usual noun, commonly chosen to express the particular meaning or importance of something. But what is the verb for this word? Is it "to emphasize" or "to emphasise"?You might think that one of them is misspelled and the other i...

Employ vs. Deploy

Employ Employ is a verb that comes from the middle English imploy and means to give work to someone and pay for it. For exam...

Emu vs. Emulsion

Introduction The words 'Emu' and 'Emulsion' may appear similar at first glance due to their shared letter sequence 'em,' but they refer to entirely different concepts in the English language. In this article, we will explore their differe...

emulate - vocabulary

To imitate with the intent to equal or surpass. Gentlemen, I had hoped you might emulate your Saxon forefathers, who thought it not creditable to be unprepared for anything....

En and Em Dashes

Types of DashesThere are several kinds of dashes, differing from one another in length. There are en dashes (short), em dashes (medium), and 2‑ and 3‑em dashes (long). The term em dash is a printer's term meaning the...

Encase vs. Incase

The doubts created by the pair of words “encase” and “incase” are a normal effect of their similarity in pronunciation and writing. Words that are spelled almost identically often create confusions and are used wrongly, maybe inappropriately repla...

enclosed please find, please find enclosed, enclosed herewith

Boot out all these expressions from your language. In the words of Bryan Garner, they are “archaic deadwood.” Garner, Oxford, p. 124.Instead, try these on for size: Here are the reports you wanted. I enclose ...

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