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New vs. Knew

If two or more words sound the same when spoken out loud, but have different meanings, they are called homop...

newspaper - correct spelling

newspaper - noun
Example: The newspaper arrived in a plastic bag, but it was still all wet....

newsstand - correct spelling

newsstand - noun
Example: He bought the daily newspaper at the newsstand....

nickel - correct spelling

nickel - noun
Example: In the 1940s, the elderly lady paid a nickel for a cup of coffee....

niece - correct spelling

niece - noun
Example: My niece lives in California....

night - correct spelling

night - noun
Example: It was a dark and stormy night. ** From wikipedia:"It was a dark and stormy night" is an infamou...

Night vs. Knight

Night vs. Knight: Navigating Homophones in Language Homophones, words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings, can lead to confusion. "Night" and "knight" are classic examples. This article aims to clarify the distin...

nihilism, nihilist - vocabulary

Nihilism: the total rejection of laws and institutions; nihilism is marked by terrorism, anarchy, and other revolutionary activity. In philosophy, nihilism is an extreme form...

ninety - correct spelling

ninety - noun and adjective
Example: He lived to the ripe old age of ninety. noun...

Ninety vs. Ninty

Ninety vs. Ninty: Unraveling the Distinctions Within the numerical realm, the terms "ninety" and "ninty" appear similar at first glance, yet a closer inspection reveals subtle differences in their usage and application. This article aims ...

ninth - correct spelling

ninth - adjective, noun, and adverb (also ninthly)  Example: He was the ninth person t...

No Later Than vs. No Later Then

No Later Than vs. No Later Then: A Clarification Within the realm of deadlines and time-related expressions, the terms "no later than" and "no later then" may seem interchangeable, but a closer examination reveals crucial distinctions. Th...

no one - correct spelling

no one - pronoun
Not noone.Example: He apparently likes no one, and no one...

No One vs. Nobody

In today’s world, with a rise in feminism, the application of basic masculine pronouns makes it difficult for writers to write without receiving criticism. That leads to the writers switching to the use of nobody and no one in their writings. ...

No One vs. Noone

Have you ever wondered why some pairs of words are shortened into a single word, but not other pairs? To mak...

no-action verb

All main verbs divide into two broad categories: action verbs (transitive and intransitive
) and no-action verbs (the ...

No-Action Verbs

Recall that we’ve divided all verbs into two groups—action verbs and no-action verbs. The action verbs consist of two kinds: transitive and intransitive. Transitive verbs have direct objects. Intransitive verbs don’t.The no-action category al...

noisome, noisy

The human ear can detect only one of these words, that is, noisy. The other, noisome, is better associated with the nose. Noisy means “loud.” Noisome ...

noisome, noisy - vocabulary

Noisome: very offensive, particularly to the sense of smell, as in noisome fumes.Noisy: loud.Note: The human ear c...

nominal clause

A nominal clause is a group of words with a conjugated verb in it that acts as a noun
. Also called a noun clause, this structure can fulfill virtually all functions of a noun. A nominal clause s...

Nominative Case


Non-Profit vs. Not For Profit

At a first sight, "non-profit" and "not for profit" seem to mean the same. But these terms are used most commonly in economic contexts, where accuracy is essential. So if you have to choose the right spelling to include into your writing, especially ...

nondefining clause

The great grammarian Henry Fowler coined this term to refer to a nonrestrictive clause. A nondefining clause looks to the noun modified and adds information about it. It does not single it out among others that could exist in the ...

none, singular or plural

This indefinite pronoun may take either a singular or a plural verb
. Don’t pa...

nonparallel construction

When you write a series of elements in a sentence, each element must (1) appear in the same grammatical form and (2) perform the same grammatical function. This is the rule of parallel construction
. If any element...

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