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Adverb or Adjective

Fill in the correct form of the word as adjective or adverb

[delicious] That fruit cake looks
[pleasant] If you want tourists to visit your store, you must treat them
[perfect] Julia played the piano
[slow] Ruth opened the door
[Unfortunate] he didn’t pass the exam.
[neat] Sarah writes very
[quick] David speaks so that I can’t understand him.
[dangerous] Driving in the winter can be very
[clear] Try to speak if you are giving a speech.
[angry] Why are you so ?
[reckless] If he drives he could have an accident.
[loud] The baby screams so
[loud] I heard a noise last night.
[good/well] The author writes
[beautiful] She sings
[beautiful] She looks
[good/well] You have done this work
[late] He finished
[hard] He is very dedicated and works
[low] The plane came in very
[fast] The sprinter ran

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    Choose the sentence with correct use of the indefinite pronoun:
    A Few have completed the task.
    B Each of the students is presenting their project.
    C Everybody is welcome to the party.
    D Someone are playing in the park.