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Fill in the correct word in the banks

They only passports as valid identification here!
He hit a in one.
There is a world waiting for his talent!
It’s late for excuses. Get out.
To friendly is important if you work with customers.
Is there anyone here you can talk to ?
Please don’t on me!
They say she can be difficult to handle.
I’ll you at the bus stop.
I don’t eat .
They should go to the museum, !
bigger than their house, isn’t it?
thinking of selling the property.
The seems to be improving.
car did you leave the bag in?
cat is this anyway?
The shooting had a strange on the whole town.
They all finished, Willy.
You know, been a really great experience for me to come here.
I think that you will this bet.
Can you another kite for me?
Who did you make this song ?
you there when they made him jump?
Can you tell me in charge here?
job is this anyway?
You are a bit of a cannon, you know!
I don’t want to you.

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    Identify the sentence with correct use of the past perfect continuous tense:
    A He had been working on the project for several months before it was completed.
    B We have seen the movie when it was released.
    C She had finished her homework yesterday.
    D I will have been waiting for you for an hour.